Paint Color Trends For 2021 Revealed

Despite all the doom and gloom that 2020 has delivered, we are now approaching that time of year where we can’t help but get excited about what lies ahead. Although it is clear that the Coronavirus pandemic is far from over, there is something uplifting about the starting of a new year. It gives us the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and set ourselves new resolutions. It also encourages us to look back on what we’ve achieved in the past year and what we’d like to achieve by this time next year. 

One of the few aspects of lockdown and the ongoing pandemic that could be considered ‘positive’ is the ability to spend time on home improvements. Whether it’s been a simple lick of paint to freshen up a room or a total top to toe house makeover, DIY has been a common pastime for people who have found themselves spending more time at home than ever before. It has also inspired people to take on more ambitious and longer term projects which may take months or even years to complete. And with holidays cancelled and limited opportunities for social activities, there’s more spare cash available to spend on little luxuries in the home too. 

There are many aspects of life that the pandemic can’t stop and one is the annual announcement of upcoming trends and colors for the year ahead; paint is no exception. If you are keen to find out the hottest shades and tones for 2021, keep reading!

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Aquamarine & Teal

A truly vibrant hue, this blue-green shade is best described as an ‘accent’ color. It would be well suited to a statement wall or injected across a room in smaller segments or shapes. Glidden has chosen this to be their 2021 color prediction, with the reference name  Aqua Fiesta PPG1147-4. It’s quite unusual for them to choose an accent color as their hero shade for the year and they have encouraged pairing it with neutral colors such as gray or cream. Offsetting such a bright color with neutral accessories and fabrics is an excellent way to soften the look and prevent it from becoming too overpowering. A suggested use for this color is in the bathroom, where it could be utilized to create a home spa atmosphere.

Providing a more subtle take on the blue-green look, Benjamin Moore has also opted to select this color to feature in their yearly accolade. In this case, the color in question is Aegean Teal 2136-40 which is said to combine the tranquil nature of blue with the wellness of green. It also includes an undertone of gray which is bang on trend and helps to keep the look stylish, modern and classy. Interestingly Benjamin Moore has incorporated 11 other shades into their 2021 color trends palette including yellows, creams and browns, all of which complement teal exceptionally well. 

Chocolate Brown & Red

Farrow & Ball is long known for emanating style and quality in their paint shades, making them a much sought after addition to many interior design projects. So it’s no surprise that their collection of 2021 color trends includes positively dream rich natural shades and appears to move away from the blues and greens selected by other brands in favour of warmer, organic colors. Aptly named the ‘Rich and Warm Collection’, you can find a selection of delightful chocolate browns and red undertones including Deep Reddish Brown, Tanner’s Brown, and Preference Red. These colors would add a touch of warmth to a snug or den and could be partnered with textured fabrics and wooden furniture. Farrow & Ball have in fact unveiled several other separate collections too, including ‘Clean & Timesles Blues’ and ‘Natural Greens’. 

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Pastel Tones

What we are certainly in need of in 2021 is calmness and that’s exactly what Valspar is hoping to achieve with their collection of 12 shades. Described as ‘cozy’ and ‘muted’, the collection includes Gallery Grey, Granite Dust, Maple Leaf, Soft Candlelight, Unforgettable, Arizona Dust, Cherry Taupe, and Dusty Lavender, Academy Gray, Blissful Blue, Garden Flower, and Lucy Blue. Even the names themselves provide an indication of the calming, mindful tones that would be ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. In a press release announcing the collection, Valspar’s marketing manager Sue Kim explained that ‘this year’s selection aims to turn home improvement into self-improvement.

What is clear from the revelations above is that comfort plays a key role in the color choices for the coming year. Feelings of warmth and calm are prominent in the collections and perhaps have been inspired by the chaos and turbulence of 2020. There’s certainly something for everyone in the color selections above, so if you are looking to embark on a new home decor project, it’s well worth giving these color suggestions a closer look.

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