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Re-Vamping Your Home To Boost Your Mood (Especially After The 2020 Pandemic)

Have you ever looked around your home and found it to be stressful in some way? Whether that be because it is unorganized, messy or simply not in line with your ideal vision or so forth. After such as year as 2020, where many of us have spent a significantly larger portion of time inside our homes and are dealing with added anxieties and stressors, these issues may have become significantly more apparent. Or we may have simply noticed areas that we may want to change or improve upon. Our home should ideally be a calming, safe, comforting, inspiring, happy (and so forth) environment and due to restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic, the relationship with your home may have shifted. Whether you have more time on your hands to take on a new decoration project, or you are finding it frustrating to be ‘trapped’ inside your house for such a long period of time; designing your home in such a way that boost your mood, may be exactly what you need to see out the remainder of this tumultuous period.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Niki Schafer an interior designer said, “a home provides security and an escape – and, when well-designed, can be beneficial to our well-being. However, if it’s just the same old space and you’re used to having a much wider selection of environments from which to access different feelings, then the closed-in feelings can set in.”

It may therefore be necessary to adapt to the new needs of your home. If you are now having to work from home regularly, you may need to set up a ‘permanent’ office space, rather than the disorganized temporary one that always seems to be in the way and a drag on your mood.

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Make Some Changes
Let’s face it, many of us have been roaming the inside of the same four walls for months and are pretty sick of our homes. So, one way to offset this it by making some small changes that can actually make a huge impact. If you were planning to make some bigger changes, by redecorating a room, it may be a good time to do so.

You do not necessarily need to go out and by a host of new furniture, curtains, paint and give your house a full makeover, small changes can work a treat. This can be effectively done by rearranging your furniture and changing the layout of a room. This may work well If you are having to adapt to lockdown conditions and make space for a home office, or a larger area for exercise or kid’s activities etc.

In Huffington Post, Niki Schafer also stated that small changes can provide a mental boost: “these needn’t be expensive or complex… How does it feel to change the bed and tidy up the bedroom? Isn’t it better to see a fresh seasonal plant at the front door? Doesn’t it feel good to know the attic is tidy or the space under the bed isn’t jammed full of useless stuff? Changing cushions, adding a new throw, buying new bedlinen or moving furniture around can make us smile. The new view can make us appreciate our entire environment. You may not even need to see the result, just knowing the fridge is clean and the cutlery drawers are organized will give you a sense of satisfaction.”

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Tidy and Organize
One of the reasons why your home may not be working for you is simply that it is unorganized. Especially if you have been spending longer periods at home and those frantic searches for a pen whilst you are on the phone to your boss are becoming tiresome. You may also feel that there is a severe lack of space now you are spending more time indoors. Both of these stresses can be alleviated by organizing, tidying and decluttering your home. Take the time to make space by getting rid of things you no longer need or use, move the lesser used items into storage places such as the attic, basement or simply higher shelves. Organize your things in such a way that better works for you – you may just find that you have tons more space in your home than you think, and simply organizing that space can make a big difference to your mood.

Think Color and Light
You know what best suits your vision so work to that. You may be a minimalist and prefer wide open spaces, or you may be someone that loves to show off their trinkets in a homely and cozy manner. Either way, a lick of new paint to bring a breath of fresh air or welcoming warmth to your home, could be a simple way to give a room a completely new feel without breaking the bank. Further color has a huge impact on our mood, color theory posits that different colors can impact our wellbeing making us feel happier, calmer, inspired and so forth.

Light is also a big mood improver and can change a room drastically. Look to rearranging the spaces that you spend longer periods of time in, around a light source – such as a window. Ensure your curtains open up fully to let in maximum light. Natural light and fresh air are often best, but adding lamps and light fixtures will also boost a rooms comfort.

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