‘She Is Miley Cyrus’

In regards to her next era, Cyrus says “She Is Coming”

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Miley Cyrus has been a powerhouse in the industry since her iconic Hannah Montana television debut back when she was just 13 years old. Ever since then Cyrus has been one of the most talked about pop stars/singers, and has never known a life outside of the spotlight. As she grew up and developed into her own independence, she was the poster child of a Disney Star trying to break away from that mold through excessive reckless behaviour, and the media had a field day. Cyrus was constantly ostrasized for oversexualizing herself, her lyrics were criticized for sending the wrong message, but the reality was, no one knew how to separate her from the Hannah Montana character. After her “Bangerz” album and era full of partying, she transitioned into a more mellow, country sound with her most recent album “Younger Now.” Now, Cyrus is feeling the most like herself, and is ready to prove it to the world through a new era of music. She’s recently divorced, been through two relationships, and has dropped three singles and one EP to let fans know, she is coming. 

She Is Coming…That’s how the new Miley Cyrus era is truly kicking off. The six song EP was released on May 31st 2019, and featured artists Ghostface Killah and RuPaul. Originally Cyrus announced that “She Is Coming” was the first of three EP’s she would be releasing. The second was to be titled “She Is Here” followed by “She Is Everything”, and all three of the EP’s were then going to combine to create the full length album, “She Is Miley Cyrus.” However, in a recent Instagram live session, Cyrus gave fans a tour of her Los Angeles home, in which at one point she flashed to a white board filled with a list of the 13 songs, four of which have already been released, causing fans to believe that these will be the tracks to Miley’s next album, and she’s just skipping the next two EP’s. This will be Cyrus’ first full length project since her 2017 pop-country album “Younger Now.”

“My record is called She Is Miley Cyrus. ‘She’ does not represent a gender. She is not just a woman. She is a force of nature. She is power. She can be anything you want to be, therefore, she is everything” (Elle Magazine).

Cyrus first dipped her toe back into new music in 2018 with the Mark Ronson collaboration “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart.” When the track was originally announced, Miley deleted all posts on her Instagram and just filled her feed with cryptic pieces of what appeared to be a broken heart shaped disco ball, this would later become the artwork for the track. The track ranked number 43 on the US billboard charts and was set to be the true beginning of Miley’s return to fun pop music that tells a real life message. Since that single and the EP dropping, Cyrus announced on social media that her and 9 year on again, off again then husband, were getting a divorce. Shortly after that announcement, Miley dropped the single “Slide Away” (which was featured on the whiteboard in the Instagram Live) which has a slowed down soultry sound, and is about letting go and sliding back into a relationship with yourself. 

Additionally, Miley recently collaborated with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey on the track “Don’t Call Me Angel” for the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels” reboot. The song is the leading track and theme song for the movie, and all three artists wrote their portions of the song. The single was number 13 on the Billboard top 100, which was Miley’s most well received Billboard ranking since her 2017 hit single, “Malibu”, which peaked at number 10.

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Cyrus hinted at a new track from the album titled, “Bad Karma” during the live stream. Singing a cappella, Cyrus belted, “They say it’s bad karma being such a heartbreaker / I’ve always picked a giver ’cause I’ve always been a taker.”

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Overall, the 13 song tracklist includes already released tracks, “Mother’s Daughter,” “Party Up The Street,” “Slide Away,” and “Cattitude” featuring RuPaul. Fans looked closely and deeply analyzed the live video footage, and speculate that they read the track “Naked” features rapper Cardi B, and track “Playing With Fire” will feature Shawn Mendes.  The remaining tracks are titled “Sagitarius,” “American Dream,” “Golden G String,” “Mary Jane,” “Victoria,” “Bad Karma” and “Coldblood.” The board also featured the date November 23rd, which happens to be Cyrus’ birthday, and fans are speculating that this will also be the album release date, or the date that another single will be dropping, however, they’re hoping for the first option. 

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Cyrus opened up about the entirety of her personal life, and how discovering who she is will be the main influence behind this new era of music. She wants to be as genuine as she feels. 

“I guess that’s what I’m still doing—trying on identities and seeing what fits. The fires forced me out of my comfort zone, to find a new place to call home, to say, ‘Listen, I have collected all this sh**, all these years, but that doesn’t make me who I am. That doesn’t amount to me’” (Elle Magazine).