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Shows To Binge-Watch While You’re Social Distancing

While we’re all stuck at home for an indefinite amount of time, our streaming services have become our best friends. It’s important to get up and move your body every day, and also just as important not to get caught up in 10 hour binge marathons of your favorite Netflix show. However, in times of extreme stress and anxiety, it’s just as important to make sure we’re doing things everyday  to enjoy ourselves and just disconnect from this scary world. Here are a few shows to start streaming now to get your mind off of this pandemic for a little while:

“The Office”: At this point, if you haven’t seen The Office and are too embarrassed to say anything, now would be the perfect time to binge all 9 seasons. The mockumentary style show follows the workers at a mundane paper selling company as they deal with the trials and tribulations of adulthood in Scranton. Currently the series is available on Netflix.

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“The Great British Bake Off” or “The Great British Baking Show”: This Netflix show is the perfect blend of reality competition, and food network entertainment provided by light-hearted British bakers with a desire to win. 

“Queer Eye”: In this Netflix resurgence of the early 2000’s show “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy,” five gay men travel around Georgia, Atlanta, and now Japan, to help individuals who are lacking confidence and need a bit of a “life makeover.” Each guy has a specific field of expertise – cooking, fashion, interior design, haircare/beauty, and culture – and they use their vast knowledge to teach their “heros” how to implement better lifestyle habits into their everyday routine to lead to a happier and healthier state of being. 

“Modern Family”: This critically acclaimed ABC comedy is officially ending this year, but before it does, go back and fall in love with all of the characters all over again by watching on Hulu or with your cable subscription. 

“Gentefield”: This dramedy is available on Netflix, and follows a multi-generational family working hard to rebrand their Boyle Heights Taco Shop. The show discusses themes of gentrification and cultural identity based on one’s environment. 

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“RuPaul’s Drag Race”: This extremely popular reality competition series follows a dozen drag queens as they race to compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. Each week, the queens face new challenges that test their skills in acting, singing, dancing, and whatever else it takes to be a drag queen. Certain seasons of the series are available on Hulu and Amazon Prime, and you can catch up with the current season, currently streaming on VH1, using your cable subscription.

“Love Island (UK)”: Another widely popular reality television series, Love Island UK puts a bunch of young singles in a dream vacation home for eight weeks with the hope that they might just find love. The series, currently streaming on Hulu, sprinkles in elements of physical challenges, trivia, and of course, good old fashioned drama. 

“Dr.K’s Exotic Animal ER”: This National Geographic series, available on Disney Plus, is like a real life Grey’s Anatomy except the patients are exotic animals and the doctors actually get along with one another. Doctor Kelleher’s wide range of patients include rabbits, lizards, pigs, goats, birds, and even monkeys!

Regardless of what you decide to watch during your time in quarantine, make sure you are finding the time to do other things and disengage from any sort of screen time at least once a day. It’s important that we keep our minds occupied with positive thinking, so while Netflix can be a great distraction from all things Covid-19, take a minute to be with yourself, and relax.