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Cancer is something that impacts all of our lives in one way or another. Experiencing the loss of a loved one from a disease, or experiencing the disease ourselves, is a burden none of us should know, but far too many do. Dr. Eue-Jin Jeong, PhD, has had a long and successful career in theoretical and experimental physics. After being impacted by cancer personally, Dr. Jeong put all his focus in finding a solution, and through that journey has found a remedy that has relieved cancer symptoms, and eradicated it completely. With his business EJ Cancer Pharma, he’s been able to share his genius with the world and help numerous cancer patients find some relief.

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Dr. Jeong EJ Cancer Pharma

Cancer affects 1 in 3 people in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. Statistics aside, most of us unfortunately have experienced the reality of this disease either ourselves, or through our loved ones experiences. 

With a multitude of treatment options for patients with cancer, it can become an added stressor to navigate their recovery process while already dealing with one of life’s toughest battles. Dr. Eue-Jin Jeong, PhD, is a successful and experienced theoretical and experimental physicist who has unfortunately been impacted by cancer more than once throughout his life. 

After going through his own losses from cancer, Dr. Jeong would experience something he never thought would happen, getting the disease himself. 

That time in his life led him to utilizing all of his knowledge in science to find a treatment option that would not only combat his symptoms, but work to kill the cancer itself. He eventually made the discovery that cancer can be cured through a protocol that modifies the glucose cancer feeds on into sodium or potassium. 

With this discovery, he opened EJ Cancer Pharma to share his knowledge, and utilize any funds earned to donate to further cancer research and charities. So how did this story fully unfold for Dr. Jeong? 

EJ Cancer Pharma was founded based on Dr. Jeong’s 2011 discovery that cancer can be cured through a protocol that modifies glucose by replacing hydrogen in glucose molecules with sodium or potassium. He is presently preparing to launch his unique cancer supplement very soon and aims to donate his profits to support various non-profit cancer-related organizations.

Dr. Jeong’s scientific background is extensive. In 1995, during the early parts of his career, he conducted studies that led to the discovery of a strange phenomenon in dipole gravity. He disseminated his findings one year later in an article in Physica Scripta, which is an international scientific journal published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for theoretical and experimental physics. 

Dr. Jeong earned a Bachelor of Science in physics at Yon-Sei University in Seoul, South Korea, in 1980, a Master of Science in elementary particle physics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1983, and a Doctor of Philosophy in physics at the University of Texas in Austin in 1990. 

Education aside, Dr. Jeong’s first-hand experience with the disease of cancer occurred when he was a young child. He unfortunately lost his grandma to stomach cancer, and explained that being so young and not having a full grasp on the situation, frustrated him. 

Later in life, around 1995, his father also passed away from stomach cancer, and shortly after that, he experienced one of his closest friends losing his wife to cancer as well. Even with experiencing so much loss from a disease many of us are all too familiar with, he didn’t want to lead his life in fear. 

“I never thought that it could happen to me, but around 2011, I began to feel constantly tired. I wasn’t in pain, but the exhaustion had me feeling very off. I did my own research, and knew that it was a symptom of cancer based on what I’ve seen in my life with those who’ve had it. 

I came across someone online who created a home remedy that not only fights off cancer, but has shown to cure it. Basically mixing sugar, baking soda, and water and drinking it combats cancer growth, symptoms, and spreading. 

I’m a scientist, so in my mind when I came across this solution I didn’t think I had anything to lose,” Dr. Jeong stated. 

As someone with a widely comprehensive background in science, Dr. Jeong knew he had to start at a molecular level. He analyzed the molecular structure of sugar. Sugar, more specifically glucose, is one of the substances that cancer uses to grow at a rate faster than any other cell in the body. When Dr. Jeong looked at the molecular structure of sugar, he first noticed the amount of hydrogen attached at the head of the molecule. While carbon and oxygen are also present, the external atoms are covered in hydrogen. 

So what does this mean?

Dr. Jeong EJ Cancer Pharma

“When thinking about the initial home remedy, it dawned on me immediately that if the hydrogen were replaced with sodium in the sugars molecular makeup, it could potentially eat away at the cancer. Where do we find sodium? The atomic makeup of baking soda. If the hydrogen atoms on sugar were replaced with sodium, it could be a potent medicine for cancer, but only if the cancer cells cannot distinguish between regular sugar or modified sugar (with baking soda replacing some of the sugars hydrogen with sodium).”

Dr. Jeong EJ Cancer Pharma

“Hydrogen and sodium have the exact same chemical properties, they are one-to-one replaceable. A sugar molecule has 22 hydrogen atoms, so if you replace one to three of those with sodium, it makes sense that cancer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when absorbing it. 

Cancer doesn’t have eyes or taste, it consumes the structure of sugar and naturally takes it in. So if cancer takes in the sodium, it would be a disaster for those cells. Once sodium is digested it becomes NaOH, or sodium hydroxide, instead of water. Sodium hydroxide is very toxic and is very effective at dissolving grease, fats, and protein-based deposits, it’s a very strong detergent. 

Cancer cells love sugar, so when they devour this slightly modified sugar solution, they will dissolve. For the specific solution though, to get that chemical reaction you can’t just simply mix baking soda, sugar, and water together, you need to boil the solution itself. 

When you boil the solution, it allows for some of the hydrogen atoms on the sugar molecules to be replaced with the sodium atoms from the baking soda,” Dr. Jeong explained. 

According to Dr. Jeong’s company website, EJ Cancer Pharma, in order to properly and successfully make this solution you will need two teaspoons of baking soda, two teaspoons of maple syrup for the sugar, and 1 and 5/8th cups of purified water. Once you have the ingredients, you do the following steps:

Add and mix the ingredients well, and pour it into a small pot that can hold at least four cups of liquid. Boil the liquid in the pot for 15 to 18 minutes. Watch as the color of the liquid turns into a yellowish tint. 

Once the volume of the liquid drops to about 70% of what the original volume of the solution was, as a result of boiling, the medicine can be considered done. Now add purified water to fill up to the original level of the mixed liquid.”

Dr. Jeong made himself the guinea pig for his own cancer cure solution experimentation. 

“I noticed an immediate difference. All my negative health feelings disappeared, and I felt a real sense of normalcy for the first time. It was a miracle I think. I was able to go on a fishing trip later that week and felt brand new.”

Dr. Jeong experimented with the specific dosage and how often it should be taken to be successful. He took the solution once a day, and after a few days he couldn’t believe how he felt. 

Dr. Jeong utilized his online blog to publish his research and findings on this new at-home treatment option. “I immediately wanted people to know about this, even if one person could benefit at all from my findings, I would feel accomplished. 

One day months later, this young gentleman from New Zealand posted a response to my findings, basically describing his own experience and testimonial for the solution. He described how everyday he felt different, in a good way. As each day went on he felt more and more alleviation with his symptoms, and after taking the solution for one week, he said that 95% of his pain was gone; he had been suffering from his cancer symptoms for a decade before that point.”

Another testimonial listed on Dr. Jeong’s website is from a gentleman named Allan, who was suffering with extreme pain throughout his leg thought to be cancerous, he stated the following about his treatment: 

 “Seven glasses of medicine and 7 sleeps have produced a reduction in swelling. There would be approximately only 10% remaining. The original scar area has sunk 4mm but this could be more than 8mm altogether because the surrounding tissue is only slightly swollen now. Any pain is less than 1 out of 10, ten being the most,” the testimonial said. 

Dr. Jeong EJ Cancer Pharma

“The pain before the medicine was taken would have been stronger than a toothache that needed a trip to the dentist. There are sensations that indicate there is a reduction in volume of what was in my lower leg. Overall I don’t have any concerns that this approach is worse to my health than possibly losing my leg. In fact, it wouldn’t even come close. I’m very thankful for Dr. Eue-Jin Jeong.”

Dr. Jeong EJ-Cancer Pharma

“That’s really it, there’s no other explanation for it. The reason that this method is so effective is because in modern medicine, it can take weeks upon months to see real results from more traditional treatment options. The amazing thing about this solution is you can almost immediately feel a sense of relief in some way, and that will only continue to improve. 

As a physicist, I went into this journey with the intention of finding something that could really help people. It was never about finding a solution to profit off of. Which is why publishing it on my blog as quickly as possible was so important, I had to get the word out there.”

Beyond his blog, Dr. Jeong knew he wanted to reach as large of an audience as possible, so he ended up publishing a more extensive version of his research and findings regarding cancer and his solution in the book The Anatomy And The Ultimate Cure of Cancer: Trojan Horse-Alkali Element-Cancer Treatment Protocol.

According to the book’s description: “The Trojan Horse Alkali Element Protocol is unique in the sense that it does not ask how the normal cells have become cancerous. The protocol only asks if the particular cancer cells are growing out of control. If the answer is yes, then the protocol will work the best. The selectivity of the medicine is exactly the same as the property of the cancer cells that differentiate them from the normal cells. In that sense, Trojan Horse Alkali Element Protocol is the ultimate cure and treatment method of any type of cancer. The more advanced the stage of the cancer is, the faster the protocol works. There is no such thing as too late.”

One of the book’s Acknowledgements goes to Elena Malysheva, “who provided me with strong moral support and encouragement to publish this book. Without their support, inspiration and encouragement, this book could not have been written.”

Malysheva found Dr. Jeong’s research and applied it to cancer patients she knew/worked with and noticed the same successful results. Through that experience, the two of them became close friends, and she became one of the reasons that Dr. Jeong wrote this book to share with the world in the first place. 

Dr. Jeong wanted to make sure his work would be recognized by other doctors, scientists, and experts in the field so that other individuals who read it would trust it as much as he, and the patients he helped up until that point, did.  He published a scientific paper explaining in detail, at a molecular level, all of his findings. The paper was accepted and published in an official medical journal in 2022. 

EJ Cancer Pharma, as previously mentioned, is Dr. Jeong’s non-profit organization which was initially created in 2011, when his solution was discovered. 

“I established EJ Cancer Pharma as a non-profit specifically because trying to profit off of something that could benefit such a large population of people, for me, isn’t right. Especially considering the many different difficulties individuals with cancer endure. Information like this solution and anything else that could help patients who are suffering should always be free and accessible, so that’s what I aimed to do from the beginning. Now, the solution is available for anyone who wants to find it.”

“My goal remains what it’s always been. Make this solution as easy to access and create as possible. While the actual process of creating this solution is essentially just basic cooking, I know it can feel intimidating, especially if you’re sick. So the ultimate goal would be to somehow get the same effects of this solution in a pill or tablet form, to make it easy to have and take,” Dr. Jeong emphasized. 

EJ Cancer Pharma also offers a supplement that does exactly what Dr. Jeong was just describing. The supplement is known as Glucosodine, a name Dr. Jeong coined for the modified singular glucose molecule that forms when the solution is fully made. 

“The same reason you take medicine when you have a cold based on your symptoms is the reason I wanted to create this supplement. To give cancer patients an at-home option for them to have handy whenever they feel that they need it.

The medical industry has created a monster of fear so vicious that it’s as if they banned people from using the word ‘cure’ when discussing cancer. However, now may be the time to use it. By taking one dosage of the supplement, you can push the time of the development of the cancer back by weeks, months, even years. It’s essentially a game of time. The effect of this supplement works to eliminate the cancer cells quickly, and efficiently.”

In the future, Dr. Jeong hopes to continue reaching as many cancer patients as he possibly can to at least share his research and findings. He knows all he can do is try, and the media hasn’t helped, so for now he will continue to utilize the outlets he does have to help those willing to listen. 

“The only element that this supplement needs to deliver successful results is the cancer itself. People with cancer weaken from the nutrition and energy that cancer cells absorb within their body, when this solution is absorbed in the body, the cancer will do the same. Cancer can’t escape this supplement, which is why I say it’s the ultimate cure for cancer.”

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