Transforming Lives Through Positive Psychology | Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Mental health has become a cornerstone of well-being in today’s fast-paced world. It’s not just about managing life’s obstacles; it’s about finding purpose, embracing happiness, and thriving despite challenges. Positive psychology is a field of study that focuses on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, a true luminary in this holistic approach, has left an indelible mark on the field. Her accomplishments as an author, filmmaker, and psychologist are a testament to her unwavering dedication to helping others find true happiness.

Dr. Ralph Mosgrove Pastor Author Musician

‘Love Is An Active Word’ Leading A Fulfilled Life Through The Power Of Faith | Dr. Ralph Mosgrove

Life can be challenging. It’s complicated, full of change, and uncertainty. During hard times, it can seem like no one is on our side, regardless of how big of a support system we have. The mind is a powerful thing that can overwhelm us to feel hopeless. There have been studies, however, that show that positive experiences within one’s faith and religious experiences can ground us and create a more positive attitude about the unpredictability of life. 

Yvonne Conti O'Brien Red Rooster Cookie Jar

Have A Sweet From The Red Rooster Cookie Jar | Yvonne Conti-O’Brien, Red Rooster Cookie Jar

In life, the little things that make us happy are the key. The warmth and feeling of joy we all get when biting into a homemade cookie made from scratch, with love, is a timeless comfort that has brought smiles to the world for centuries. Yvonne Conti-O’Brien brings that exact comfort to the nation everyday with her amazing and decadent creations at the Red Rooster Cookie Jar Bakery.

Christine LePosa Clinical Counselor

Transforming Trauma: The Importance Of Mental Health Counseling | Christine LePosa, MA, LPCC-S

Christine LePosa is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who works with children, adolescents, and family systems to help heal traumas from the early developmental stages of life. Her work not only helps families navigate difficult situations, but destigmatizes mental health treatment and linear ideas of what it truly means to heal.

Charleen Kavleski Conceptual Artist

A Legacy Of Creativity, Conceptual Art, And Leadership | Charleen Verena Kavleski 

Charleen Kavleski is a conceptual artist and art educator who has decades of experience with both creating, and inspiring. As a successful creative force, Charleen has dedicated her life to harmonizing systematic, random, and palpable conceptual art utilizing her family history and upbringing of mason work and quilt making, all while teaching children how to get in touch with their creativity.

Dr. Jeong EJ Cancer Pharma

The Ultimate Cure For Cancer | Dr. Eue-Jin Jeong, PhD, EJ Cancer Pharma 

Dr. Eue-Jin Jeong, PhD, has had a long and successful career in theoretical and experimental physics. After being impacted by cancer personally, Dr. Jeong put all his focus in finding a solution, and through that journey has found a remedy that has relieved cancer symptoms, and even eradicated it completely in some cases. With his business EJ Cancer Pharma, he’s been able to share his genius with the world and help numerous cancer patients find some relief.

Mary Ann Stiles

How One Woman’s Passion For Law Broke Barriers Within The Industry And Helped Improve Workers Rights | Mary Ann Stiles

There’s been a major call to action lately for employers in America to provide improved benefits for their workers. Mary Ann Stiles is a practicing attorney and law professional who’s worn many hats in her life, all of which have benefited others; specifically when it comes to workers compensation issues.

Sally Riggs Polyvagal Strategies for COVID Long Haulers

Giving Hope, Knowledge, And Recovery To Covid Long Haulers | Dr. Sally Riggs 

Dr. Sally Riggs is a psychologist who had her own experience with Long Covid that left her feeling hopeless and isolated. Through her recovery journey, she became an expert and advocate for Covid long haulers, and dedicated her work to coaching, educating, and providing as much information as possible to anyone else going through the same struggles. 

Gretchen Samuels SammyBaby Fur Babies Transportation

Transforming Pet Care with Heart and Innovation | Gretchen Samuels

In the heart of a community where pets are not just animals but family members, Gretchen Samuels stands out as an innovator in pet care, transforming the very nature of how we interact with and care for our animal companions through her unique and comprehensive range of services. Gretchen’s business, Sammybaby Fur Babies Transportation, is not just another pet care service; it’s a one-stop solution for every imaginable pet need, infused with love and personal touch.

Dr. Tara Scott Hormone Guru

Advocating For Your Health, And The Importance Of Learning About Your Hormones | Dr. Tara Scott MD

Hormones are the building blocks of our entire body. When something happens with our health, if we look deeply most of our ailments can be rooted back to some sort of imbalance or issue with our hormones. Dr. Tara Scott is an expert on integrative functional medicine, hormone disorders and imbalances, and is a certified OB GYN. She’s dedicated her career to helping as many individuals as possible learn about their bodies, the important role hormone’s play when it comes to our health, and advocate for themselves.