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Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

There may be a multitude of reasons why a couple decides to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, and why not? A romantic evening at home can be incredibly special, relaxing and personal. Many may have to spend Valentine’s at home this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and safety restrictions that warrants. Others may be on a budget or simply want to keep things small. Whatever your reasons, your perfect Valentines can definitely be spent at home. 

The Meal

Many people’s idea of a Valentines date is going out to a nice meal and spending time with your significant other eating good food over candlelight. So why not do just that? Cook a beautiful meal at home, grab some candles, put on some music and have the most intimate meal of your life at the most exclusive restaurant in town – your place! If you want to spend more time together, why not prepare your favorite meal together. You could be adventurous and try something new – find a sushi making kit and try your hand. It could be tons of fun for you and your partner. If the evening meal doesn’t tickle your fancy why not have breakfast in bed? Or set up a picnic area in the house or outside, complete with cushions and fairy lights for the ultimate romantic experience? Or it may suit you to opt out of a fancy meal completely and treat yourselves by ordering in, or even stock up on snack foods for a cinema date night in.

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Go to the Movies 

Yes, you may have spent much of the last year stretched out in front of the TV, so much so that a movie night doesn’t seem special any more. However, you can still make it special by changing things up a little. Transform your living room into a den (go on, you know you want to), add some mood lighting (yes, fairy lights) and cushions, rent a new movie or an old favorite and throw in some of your favorite snacks and candy. If you have a garden and a projector, set up an outdoor cinema experience, complete with blankets and if you are lucky enough to have one, a crackling fire. What is more romantic than cuddling up to your loved one under the stars?

Game Night 

You may spend a lot of time with your significant other, binging television series, running errands, chatting over dinner, but when was the last time you sat down and played games together? This can be anything you like, whether you are board game nuts, or even would rather play video games – figure out what works for both of you. Or even take turns to decide. If you fancy a valentine’s day theme, there are plenty of couple games available (many of which can be found on the internet) including question games which let you find out just how much you know (or don’t) about your significant other. If you aren’t the board game type, why not try a new project together, get crafty, learn a dance or even invent a game together. There may even be some online classes you can sign up to together, whether cocktail making, drawing classes and so on. 

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An ideal Valentines for you and your loved one may simply be slowing down and relaxing together, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stick on some music, turn the lights down, grab some wine and spend the evening in each other’s arms sharing favorite songs, stories and anecdotes. Light some candles and pamper each other by getting some massage oils and giving each other relaxing massages at your very own at home spa. Or you can take a nice long walk in your area, exploring the countryside or city together, playing tourist in your own home – relaxing in the fresh air and gaining new experiences. 

First Date or Family Date

If you have been with your partner a long time, a really special idea could be to recreate your first date at home. This may be a challenge if you went out somewhere, but with the right amount of imagination – it can be recreated. Recall as much as you want to – even (if you can) the outfits you wore. Or you could even add another ‘segment’ to the night, to keep your love story going on. If you have a family now, which may make a couples only valentine’s day at home a little tricky, why not include the kids in your day? Cook dinner together, watch movies, play games or crafts and when the children go to bed, spend some time just you and your loved one. 

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