With Rising Prices, Here Are Some Ways To Save For Easter Activities

Due to rising inflation and the Ukraine conflict, prices on goods across the board have taken a hit, and with Easter coming up, you may feel it in your pocketbook more than ever. The New York Post reported that the average cost of an Easter basket has skyrocketed to $61.83, up from $50.46 — or 22.5% — in the spring of 2019.

Individual candies like Hershey’s and Kit Kats have risen 99 cents to $1.25, while a classic 6-oz chocolate bunny has jumped a dollar to $5.99. Classic Easter meals like lamb and ham have also seen a surge in cost as well, with the USDA reporting all foods to rise 4.5% to 5.5% this year.

Those drastic changes can certainly put a damper on a holiday that saw people spend a combined $21.7 billion last year. While you might feel like hopping away and hiding in a hole, you shouldn’t fret. There are plenty of ways to avoid spending a big paycheck while still ensuring your activities and plans are top of the line.

When it comes to shopping, coupons are an absolute must for navigating your way towards the best prices. Looking through papers and physically cutting them out or using apps such as Ibotta are both excellent options that won’t just benefit you through Easter, but the rest of the year.

Shopping in bulk can also help cut down on the price per unit of a good, both at big-box retail stores like Costco and BJ’s, or online stores like Just Candy, which currently is having a 30% off sale on all bulk candy, along with 40% on select bulk candy.

Even discount retailers like the Dollar Tree and Dollar General haven’t been immune to rising prices, with Dollar Tree raising most prices to $1.25. Still, that extra change shouldn’t deter you from finding bargain deals on decorations, supplies, and candy. Even better, Dollar Tree’s loss is Dollar General’s gain, with the latter leaning more into the “$1 dollar” selling point. That should give you all the more flexibility on where to shop.

Speaking of decorations, Easter represents an amazing time to make your own. Country Living highlighted a number of fun and innovative ideas, from shaping napkins into bunny ears to making an egg carton wreath out of old egg cartons.

The key here is to recycle and transform common objects around your house, whether that’s pom poms or coffee filters. You’ll not only be saving money by not having buying decor at a store (which can range anywhere from $20 to $50 and above depending where you shop), your imagination won’t be limited either. While this method might take more time, you can easily make it into a fun family activity that your children will love, killing two birds with one stone.

That DIY attitude can also apply to making your own easter baskets instead of buying pre-made ones, which will allow you to control how much they end up costing. Don’t feel like you have to stick to candy, either – small toys and trinkets make great goodies as well, and add some variety!

Of course, with easter baskets comes egg hunts, the glorious main event in the eyes of a child. If you’re looking to spice up the hunt without spending more cash on candy, The Budget Mom suggests ideas like transforming it into a nighttime hunt with flashlights or replacing the treats with custom rewards like a family movie night or an extra hour before bed.

If you’re more focused on having a grand dinner, perhaps considering making it potluck and BYOB style if a larger amount of guests or relatives are coming over. You would focus on the main dish, while your attendees can help to contribute by offering a diverse group of appetizers and sides. If you still feel like dictating what meals you’d prefer serve, you can also request guests to bring specific dishes as well.

While you might have had the idea that in order to create the perfect Easter, going over budget would be a necessity, taking the time to find the best savings and letting your creative juices flow can prove to result in an even better celebration with friends and family.