America Surpasses 1,000 Daily Covid-19 Deaths As Second Wave Fears Grow

The US reported more than 1,100 new Covid-19 deaths this Wednesday marking the highest daily death toll recorded in over a month.

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The newest data regarding the daily death tolls is just a part of the ongoing trends occurring in America that is leading experts to believe a massive second wave is still to come with the virus. Climbing cases and hospitalizations throughout the country are leading doctors to believe America hasn’t even seen it’s worst surge of new cases yet.

31 states are currently reporting more new coronavirus cases than the previous week. As of right now Hawaii is the only state that is seeing more improvement in terms of containment of the virus. Hospitalizations are also on the rise which is causing a lot of state hospital systems to become overwhelmed with the random influx in new cases. 

At the rate America is currently going experts are predicting more than 2,300 American citizens will be dying every day due to the coronavirus by early January. These predictions were made based on a model created by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. Dr. Peter Hotez is the dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, who recently spoke with the media about the “horrible winter” America should be bracing themselves for.

“America never got down to a low daily case baseline before entering the colder seasons, meaning new infections will be building on an already rampant spread of the virus. As gatherings move indoors, the virus is more likely to spread.”

The surges also are a result of schools and universities reopening all across the nation despite multiple healthcare industry workers warnings against doing such. The upcoming holiday season is also a major cause for concern for public health officials who know young students will be returning home to their older family members who may be more susceptible to infection. 

Beyond just college students, the holiday season will also prompt a lot of domestic travel as indoor gatherings start to take place more and more. Obviously, regardless of the holiday season everyone should still remain in their own spaces to reduce the risk of transmission, however, based on the trends we’ve seen it’s unlikely Americans will stick to those rules. 

As the country’s cases continue to climb upwards more states are reporting record-breaking stats in terms of new Covid-19 cases. Ohio, for example. Reported more than 2,300 new infections this past Wednesday while New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy claims his state has added more than 1,000 daily infections. Murphy also said that the state is currently seeing the most hospitalizations in three months. North Dakota is currently seeing an average of more than 101 new cases per 100,000 people every day, which would be equivalent to California averaging about 40,000 new cases every day.

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“The key point for people to remember that there is no safe period of time to be with somebody who’s not part of your bubble if both of you are not wearing masks.”

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Updated guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have emphasized how important facial coverings really are to curbing the rates of new Covid-19 infections. Public health officials are still adamant about how America still has time to turn things around if everyone just commits to wearing a mask when in a public setting and practicing social distancing as well. 

The CDC defines close contact with a Covid-19 patient as exposure that lasts up to 15 minutes within a space that’s less than six feet of distance between the patient and individual. Previously they defined exposure as 15 minutes of continuous exposure to one infected individual, however, after a corrections officer in Vermont was infected after several very brief interactions with positive inmates – none of which lasted 15 minutes – they knew they would have to tweak the specifics of the definition. 

Dr. Ashish Jha is a public health expert who recently spoke with the press about how important facial coverings are to preventing the spread of this virus. “It’s really critical that people wear masks if you’re going to be with somebody for any extended period of time, even if it’s less than 15 minutes.”

As cases begin to spike throughout the country individuals should be prepared to have testing facilities and other available resources appearing in their areas if they see an increase in cases. For now, look up where the closest places to be tested are in your community just in case, but more importantly, continue to listen to the nation’s healthcare workers and always wear a facial covering when out in public, maintain at least 6 feet of distance, and remain indoors unless absolutely necessary.