California Governor Prepares For Second Statewide Lockdown Amid Spikes In Covid-19 Cases

California Governor Gavin Newsom claims that the state is setting daily records this week for new cases of Covid-19.

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The most populous state in the US is now likely to be the first to implement another statewide lockdown to combat these new outbreaks. Newsom attributes these rises in case numbers to an increase in private home gatherings, as more young people are testing positive compared to California’s stats in March/April. 

There are many counties in California that aren’t actively enforcing the health orders that are specifically made to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Newsom is responding by threatening to withhold funding for certain counties if they don’t begin at least urging their residents to wear face coverings and social distance at all times when in public.

California, however, is not alone in these massive daily record-breaking numbers of new cases, in fact, several of the states that prematurely reopened within the past month are all seeing a rise in infections. California saw 7,000 new cases this Tuesday alone, breaking Monday’s record of 5,000 new cases for the state.

“California has a responsibility and obligation legally and otherwise to enforce those laws. The state may utilize the power of the purse to do so. That will be an exception and we hope we never have to trigger that,” Newsom claimed.

The state’s increase in testing facilities has also led to an increase in positive case numbers; meaning that throughout the entire country there’s likely a lot more cases than what’s being recorded, however, it would be impossible to know based on the lack of testing resources. The governor also claimed that hospitalizations have gone up 30% within the past two weeks. 

Newsom also called on residents who were hosting private party events at their homes to immediately reconsider how they choose to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and even play dates among their kids.  

“Many of us understandably developed a little cabin fever. Some of us, I would argue, developed a little amnesia. Others have just frankly taken down their guard,” the governor said Wednesday, however, he continued to claim that these individuals are the ones who are “increasing the spread of the virus.” This same argument has been made throughout the entire state of California within the past month, as many local politicians have been actively urging their residents to take this pandemic as seriously as it actually is.

For example, the Shasta County Health and Human Services, located in Northern California, recently reported that several individuals contracted Covid-19 directly after attending a graduation party. Earlier this month, the same county also reported 20 people who were forced to quarantine themselves after one of them tested positive after a large family gathering. 

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“Even if younger people may not show as many symptoms, they are still spreaders of the virus, and they can spread it to people that simply cannot handle the virus as younger healthier people can,” Newsom said.

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The entire US has been echoing the same message to its younger generation who’s not been actively social distancing. It’s understandable that young adults who were pulled out of college and taken away from their active/social lifestyles would want to continue to live out the year like nothings wrong, however, it’s quite literally killing people. 

However, young people are not to blame when it comes to the fact that many of these states seeing spikes in cases are the ones that reopened their restaurants, bars, and clubs to the public. If the government tells its residents that it’s safe enough to open a bar, people will go to the bar. The real major issue here is a lack of action from all government bodies; local, state, and federal. 

Many have also been looking at the daily protests that have been occurring throughout the US in support of the Black Lives Matter movement for a possible reason behind these excessive increase in Covid-19 case numbers, however, the data on that has remained inconclusive, as many of the protests have remained peaceful and safe in regards to participants wearing masks, gloves, and sanitizing. 

One of the biggest concerns, according to Newsom, is the amount of prisons that are in California. In one prison, San Quentin State Prison, more than 450 inmates have tested positive, and about 42% of all individuals who are either in prison themselves or working within a prison are medically vulnerable to infection. 

The governor recently submitted a plan to the court of California that would have a number of inmates released early as a means of protecting them from possible infection. That process will likely begin in July. For now though, we must continue to listen to our health care professionals more than anything, as they’re battling this virus on the front lines and know more than anyone just how deadly it can be.