How Trump And His Administration Are Handling His Final Month In Office

After the Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden as the 46th President-elect, Trump and his team have been praising all the ‘hard work’ he’s done within the past four years.

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President Donald Trump and his administration are spending their final month in office praising the current standing president for his slew of what they consider accomplishments. The final statements from every member are mixed with the sense that they now have accepted that Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th president of the United States, despite weeks of baseless claims that he rigged the election. 

Trump himself has still been tweeting from the Oval Office that he believes this was of the most “corrupt elections in US history” that was “clearly rigged,” however, his tweets are now filled with a tone of defeat. While Trump and his team have spent the past month attempting to contest the election, America has been dealing with the worst wave of Covid-19 yet, breaking daily records consistently for new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. 

Ever since the Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden’s victory, Trump has remained relatively out of sight, but has reportedly been working late hours in the Oval Office to avoid interaction with any media. While the current president himself has yet to make any public appearances since the news, prominent members of his administration have acknowledged the loss and have attempted to do so in the gentlest way possible. Attorney General William Barr, for example, offered his resignation last Monday after weeks of tension with Trump. According to media reports, despite being one of his most loyal members, Barr has been combating Trump during the entire election process.

“Barr in recent weeks and months had drawn Trump’s wrath for not supporting the president’s baseless claims of election fraud or for not publicly pursuing an investigation into Biden’s son Hunter.”

Barr’s letter of resignation, however, was professional, and praised Trump for the past four years of his presidency: “Your record is all the more historic because you accomplished it in the face of relentless, implacable resistance.” Trump immediately tweeted out the letter of resignation once it was submitted, adding in his own words of praise for himself and Barr. 

Within the past six weeks of Trump’s initial defeat, the current standing president has never been more disconnected from the position, and it couldn’t have come at a worst time considering the Covid-19 pandemic has now killed over 300,000 Americans; claiming over 3,000 lives a day. However, Trump has barely said one word about the unfathomable amount of death that the nation is currently enduring. 

Instead, Trump has spent the past month tweeting baseless conspiracy theories regarding election fraud; all of which are almost immediately flagged by Twitter for spreading misinformation. At first most Republicans went along with these claims, as many GOP members were looking at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for how they should handle this contentious election. However, this past week even McConnell acknowledged that the Electoral College “had spoken” and Biden was indeed the next president of the United States. 

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“McConnell’s acknowledgement that Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had won came only after a long public recap of Trump’s accomplishments on the Senate floor.”

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According to media recap reports of McConnell’s speech, he spoke about Trump and his accolades for nine minutes, stating that he was “hoping that the presidential election would yield a different result,” he then discussed Biden for one minute. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also subtly acknowledged Trump’s loss by stating that he was in a strong position for a possible 2024 campaign; insinuating he won’t be president for the next four years. 

Even Trump’s family has begun saying their goodbyes to the past four years in office with their father. Daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump began tweeting out photos of moments throughout the past four years while his son, Eric Trump, and family posed outside the White House for some final family portraits. West Wing staffers also recently posted photos on Instagram of White House Christmas parties from the past four years as well. 

Vice President Mike Pence has been continuing his role as Donald Trump’s number one supporter and partner as their time in the White House comes to a close. With Trump for the most part hiding away in the Oval Office, Pence has had to take over the public appearances since the official news dropped from the Electoral College. 

He recently claimed that his job as vice president was the “greatest privilege of [his] life.” Last Wednesday Trump held his 25th, and likely final, Cabinet meeting in which several top officials were not present, including Barr who’s resignation was already pending at that point. Trump has still yet to make a large public acknowledgement that Biden won, however, in the meantime Americans are hoping he spends his last month in office doing some real good by helping curb the spread of this virus.