Walmart Shooter Purchased Gun Just Hours Before Killing, Authorities Say

The gunman who shot and killed six co-workers at a Walmart in Chesapeake, VA, earlier this week legally purchased the gun hours before the massacre. He also left what he titled a “death note” on his phone detailing grievances with various people in his life.


School’s Find National Test Scores Take A Plunge As A Result Of The Pandemic

Due to the lack of in classroom learning and having to switch to online teaching, most elementary schools are finding that because of the pandemic that math and reading scores have plummeted to its lowest level in over a decade.

boston police

Once Wrongly Beaten, A Former Officer Will Now Lead Boston’s Police Department

27 years after he was mistakenly beaten by his colleagues, former police officer Brian Cox has been named Boston’s newest police commissioner. Cox hopes his tenure will result in greater community trust and more thorough policing.

Alyce Knaflich Aura Home Women Vets

A Look Into One Woman Veteran’s Efforts To Give Housing And Support To Homeless Veterans | Alyce Knaflich

Despite their valiant efforts serving, many veterans come home to more struggles in the form of financial insecurities, culture shock, and homelessness. Wanting to help her fellow women service members recover, retired Army Staff Sergeant Alyce Knaflich has created the resources necessary in order to provide that stability so desperately needed.

Green The Rooted Bridge

How A Social Worker Has Helped To Bring Awareness And Accessibility To Maternal Mental Health | Amy Green

Pregnancy and postpartum can be wonderful experiences, but they can also have a significant impact on the birthing person. Depression and anxiety could strain the new parent, leaving them lost and afraid. That potential outcome is why NCCC founder Amy Green has strived to provide birthing parents support and education to help them overcome mental health struggles.


Why You Can’t Always Trust Your Intuition About Love And Career Choices | Dr. LeslieBeth Wish

We’ve always been taught that in tough decisions, we need to trust our gut. But, as psychotherapist Dr. LeslieBeth Wish explains, letting your emotions hinder the correct decision could cause unintended distress in a multitude of areas in your life.

With Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Confirmation Comes New Firsts And Perspectives

With the confirmation of the newest Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, the court now has its first black female member. That kind of groundbreaking inclusion could help to bring new perspectives and results to an ever-changing America.

Taking On The Nation’s Educational System To Benefit Children With Special Needs: The Jonathan Foundation’s Inspiring Story

Raja Marhaba has two children with learning disabilities, and spent the entirety of their youth fighting the school system to get her kids the help they needed to thrive. After fighting for over two decades and being taken all the way to federal court to get her kids help, Marhaba is using all that she’s learned to benefit other families in similar situations through The Jonathan Foundation for Children With Learning Disabilities (and beyond).

Once Lost And Broken, A Social Worker Now Helps Struggling Addicts To Find The Path To Recovery | Rachel Ann Pezzuto

Addiction can be a harrowing and destruction experience on lives. Just ask social worker Rachel Ann Pezzuto. After traumatic experiences and mental disorders which led to addiction, Pezzuto was able to turn her life around. Now, with Recovery Journey, she’s helping others do the same and find a brighter future.

‘Tell Your Story’: One Veteran’s Journey To Creating A Space To Give A Voice To Our Nation’s Unsung Hero’s | Dean Markuson

First Sergeant Dean Markuson is a US veteran who made it his personal mission to serve those who have served like him when it comes to finding those resources. One of the biggest things Markuson advocates for is allowing our veterans to tell their stories, so we can better understand what they need.