Residents Of The Bronx Claim Their ‘Childhood’s Are Being Erased’ With Only One Movie Theat...

Movie lovers throughout The Bronx, New York are disappointed with the fact that the borough now only has one remaining movie theater. Many residents are claiming that they’re sad to see a fun childhood staple being taken away from not only them, but the younger generation to experience.

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Going to the movies is an experience that we start in childhood and carry into our adulthood. Gathering with the community to watch the latest films to hit the silver screen has been a part of pop culture for decades. For residents in The Bronx, New York, however, that universal journey is becoming more difficult as the borough now only has one movie theater. 

Last week, the Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas located near Yankee Stadium closed down after three decades, making the AMC Bay Plaza Cinema 13 the only theater that the Bronx has. For a borough of more than 1.4 million people, that one theater is their last hope to continue enjoying one of the best parts entertainment culture. 

Residents are responding with anger, sadness, and disappointment. 

“It’s sad that movie theaters are slowly but surely disappearing, and everything is coming on the phone,” said Cindy Vilchez, 30, who spoke to the New York Post after seeing the new animated feature “IF” with her 7-year-old daughter. 

“It’s kind of like our childhood is being erased. I want my daughter to have a piece of my childhood with her, because the technology nowadays does not give them the childhood we went through.”

“In case movie theaters do go away as she gets older, at least she experienced them. So she can say, ‘Oh, I used to do that with my mom,’ like I did it with my mom. We just want to keep the tradition going,” Vilchez added

Another resident, Angie Corretjer, also spoke with The Post about her personal frustration when it comes to streaming culture and how it’s made going to the movie theater seem like an obsolete experience. 

“We like the movie theaters. We are old school. We go to the movies. People want that instant gratification all the time. As soon as a movie comes out, they wanna watch it —and then they watch it at home instead of going out,” Corretjer told The Post. 

The Concourse Plaza cinemas have been open for decades, and closed last week after the owners couldn’t come to a lease agreement with the property’s landlord. The Concourse posted on Facebook to say goodbye to their loyal customers. 

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“It has been our pleasure to serve the Bronx community with great movie-going for many years. We thank you for your patronage and hope you have made wonderful movie memories at our cinema.”

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The streaming era for movies and television shows have made movie theaters seem like an afterthought for many people. Between 2019 and 2022, 5% of America’s movie theaters closed down, according to the National Cinema Foundation. 

“This being the last movie theater makes it hard for people in the community. There are still movies out there we like to see — but imagine if you are not from this area. It’s difficult,” Lex, a 33-year-old entrepreneur, told The Post at AMC Bay. 

“Now they’re closing the movie theaters? I have to go to my movies on Tuesdays! I went there two weeks ago. I guess that was my last movie there. I feel sad,” said resident Cristal Rodriguez.

“Even with the Fire sticks and Netflix and all that, it doesn’t feel the same as going to see a movie,” Quinten Belts, 34, told The Post.