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The Best Transparent Face Masks Currently On The Market 

Now that the world has been enduring the Covid-19 pandemic for six months, many of us have found ways of creating some normalcy within our new standards of living. Mask-wearing and facial coverings in general have become the biggest “new normal” we’ve all had to adjust to and many brands have taken it upon themselves to create as many types of masks as possible, so everyone can feel comfortable. 

Transparent masks have recently risen in popularity especially among individuals who may be hard of hearing or who rely on lip reading to communicate with one another. For a while, the only way to get a mask that would show your mouth and still offer the same level of protection as a standard face mask would be to make it. Now, plenty of brands have jumped on the opportunity to be more inclusive in their mask options. Here are some of the most popular transparent masks on the market today: 

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The EvaFAST 5-Piece Clear Window Mask: These “window masks” from EvaFast come in dozens of cool patterns, colors, and designs to fit anyone’s personal style. They come in packs of 5 for just $14, so you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from throughout the week. The masks themselves are made with a breathable material and adjustable ear straps that are soft for those with more sensitive skin. 

The Futomcop 5-Piece Clear Window Mask: Futomcop releases a line of minimalistic, colorful gingham transparent masks just in time for autumn. The masks themselves have a very large triangular clear panel to allow maximum lip-viewing. The wearer’s mouth will be visible regardless of if it’s open or closed, and the picnic-cloth patterns give off the perfect cottage core vibes for fall. These masks come in a pack of 4 for $15. 

Ellasbow See Through Mask: These masks are sold on Etsy for $12. The fabric of the masks are made with multiple layers to ensure it’s tightly adhered to your face. Reviewers claim the vinyl panel and elastic straps allow for ultimate comfort, and plenty of lip visibility. 

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Sachika Boutique Anti-Fog Clear Face Mask: This mask is a little more pricey at $17, however, it takes the idea of a transparent face mask to the next level. The entire mask is transparent, and once it’s secured on your face you’ll notice you have plenty of room within the mask so it doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating you. The vinyl is anti-fog, which works to keep the mask clear while also preventing any germs from entering. 

Geoaxaral Treasures Visual Face Mask With Eye Shield: This incredibly unique mask from Etsy retails for $15, and is one of the only face masks on the market that has a clear eye shield attached to it, allowing for ultimate face protection. 

Xiaojmake 5-piece Face Masks with Transparent Windows: This mask’s claim to fame is its extremely minimal design and simple color options. For those who don’t want to think so much about which patterned mask matches which outfit the most, Xiaojmake offers a line of solid colored clear face masks. They retail for $15 for a pack of 5. 

Baby Jack and Company Children’s Smile Window Mask: Finally, for the kids, Baby Jack has created a line of fun kid-themed  transparent masks for all of your little ones to enjoy. They’re one of the first companies to create masks for kids with “smile windows” to allow for ultimate lip reading. The masks come in a variety of designs and patterns that include jungle animals, unicorns, space, and more! They retail for $10.  

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