Three-Time Super Bowl Champion, Rob Gronkowski, Considering Joining WWE

Rob Gronkowski, more popularly known by fans as Gronk, is a former New England Patriot, three-time Super Bowl Champion, and now, WWE superstar? The 30-year-old who recently retired after his third Super Bowl win with the Patriots, has always been a huge fan of wrestling, and now he may get the opportunity to step into the ring himself. 

Gronk made his initial WWE debut back in 2017 when he appeared at WrestleMania 33 as part of a storyline involving wrestler Mojo Rawley, a long-time friend of Gronk outside of both their given arenas. 

Gronk has widely been considered one of the greatest tight ends in the history of the NFL. Back in 2011 he famously scored 17 touchdowns, the most from any tight end in a single season in NFL history. His unapologetic “meathead” persona made him one of the most lovable athletes to hit the field. He was initially undermined constantly for his less than intelligent mannerisms and goofball personality, however, when it came time to actually perform, Gronk was one of the greatest. 

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Despite missing a total of 29 games throughout his entire career due to a multitude of injuries, Gronk still managed to hold the record for most touchdowns of any NFL player within the past decade; 73 touchdowns in 115 games played. However, it would be his enormous frame and nimble feet that helped him accomplish this goal, that would also lead to the downfall of his football career. 

From 2009 to 2018 Gronk was seriously injured over 15 times. His injuries included a torn ACL, bruised lung, vertebral fracture, multiple concussions, and a herniated disc, and that’s just scratching the surface. During his last season with the Patriots in 2019, his team tried to precariously place him in games less frequently to avoid any further injury. To their surprise Gronk was still able to set up the game winning touchdown at the 2019 Super Bowl, giving the Patriots their sixth win, and a truly proper send off for the future NFL Hall of Famer. 

With all those injuries in mind, it makes sense that Gronk claimed that he would love to be a member of the WWE Universe, however, it would likely be more of a one-time event, rather than a full-time career. 

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“With wrestling, I don’t feel like I would be a full-time wrestler, but there is one thing I’m down for, and that’s to do one crazy match. Practice it for a little bit, go out there – like in a Royal Rumble – go out there, I got my friend in WWE [Rawley], practice it and do a full-on WWE match. I’m not saying when, maybe five years. I got the rest of my life to do that. I’ve always dreamed about doing that, just one time, going in there and going full-out. That may be a possibility, one time, down the road,” Gronkowski said to ESPN. 

Gronk is only 30, so he definitely has plenty of time to make his in-ring debut. Mojo Rawley has made multiple public statements claiming he would be more than enthusiastic if his friend Gronk joined him in the ring for what he would consider to be the ultimate tag-team. WWE executives Triple H and Stephanie McMahon also recently attended Gronk’s 2020 Super Bowl party, where they also expressed their enthusiasm for a possible WWE Gronk debut. 

“Thanks for the invite to the Beach Party @RobGronkowski … maybe you should come to our party in Boston … heard it’s the biggest of the summer,” Triple H tweeted referring to WWE pay-per-view Summerslam.

Since his retirement from the NFL, Gronk has been working with FOX’s NFL Sunday broadcasts, the same studio that also televises some WWE shows. While Gronk is definitely excited for this potential opportunity, it might be some time before we see him actually in the ring, as he knows how much physical and mental effort pro-sports requires, so for now, he’s going to enjoy his three Super Bowl victories and wait for his time in the WWE spotlight.