Tiger Woods Currently Recovering From High-Speed Car Crash 

Tiger Woods is “awake, responsive, and recovering” in the hospital after receiving major surgery following a high-speed rollover car crash near Los Angeles, according to a statement released on his Twitter account.

The golfing legend was driving in Rancho Palos Verdes around 7 a.m. PT when his SUV crossed a median and veered across two lanes of the road before hitting a curb, then a tree, and finally landing on its side in some brush, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. 

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Woods luckily remained conscious and calm as first responders got him out of the car, however, he sustained a serious leg injury. He underwent a lengthy emergency surgery on his lower right leg and ankle at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. 

“The leg fractures were comminuted, meaning the bone was broken into more than two parts, and open, meaning the broken bone was exposed to open air, creating risk of an infection. Orthopedic trauma specialists inserted a rod into his tibia to stabilize both the tibia and fibula bones, stabilized the foot and ankle bones with a combination of screws and pins, and relieved pressure to the muscle and soft-tissue of his leg by surgically releasing the covering of the muscle,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anish Mahajan said in a statement.

Villanueva claimed that it was “nothing short of a miracle” that Woods was alive after witnessing the damage at the crash site. In fact, he told the media that they’ve seen accidents with “far less obvious damage that ended up being fatal crashes.” 

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Woods was hoping to return to golfing within the coming weeks after having his fifth back surgery last month, however, this accident will obviously pose as another setback for the icon. Authorities claim that the 15-time major champion was likely driving his SUV at a high speed before the crash, as there were no signs of skid marks or other indications of braking. 

Villanueva claimed that him and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who responded to the crash initially, have responded to multiple accidents in the area where Woods crashed due to a section of road that moves downhill on a curve. 

“Woods didn’t seem concerned with his injuries at the time, he was calm but potentially in shock. I do think the fact that he was wearing a seat belt and that the vehicle safety features worked as designed by the manufacturer likely resulted in either reducing his injury or saving his life,” Gonzalez claimed. 

To free Woods from his vehicle firefighters had to break the windshield with an ax and use a pry bar to move the seats and metal from around Woods legs to ensure no further damage was done before extracting him from the vehicle. He went to the hospital in serious, yet stable, condition. 

Female Tennis Player

Serena Williams To Face Naomi Osaka In Australian Open Semi-Finals 

Serena Williams produced a stellar performance at the Australian Open semi-final against Simona Halep this past week, granting her the opportunity to face Naomi Osaka in Thursday’s semi-final. Williams’ intense ball-striking ability and movement throughout the court gave her the edge she needed to carry out a win. 

Williams’ career has been heavily analyzed after the birth of her daughter due to inconsistencies in her performances, however, there’s no denying that Williams is still one of the greatest athletes of all time, and her past games have proven that. When she was facing Halep she began the game with some relatively poor serves, however, by the middle of the game it was clear she got her groove back and was able to win the match with all of her other amazing skills. 

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Williams was able to retrieve more balls and force errors from Halep, proving she was still comfortable on the court. Her strategy was slow, yet steady, as she calmly waited for the right shot to attack her opponent and guarantee herself the win. 

“If there was any criticism of Halep, who committed just four unforced errors in the opening set, it was of her poor serving when she took the lead in the second set. It was her biggest opportunity to cause havoc and she simply offered Williams too many second serves, who immediately broke back from 1-3 to 3-3,” according to sports journalist Tumaini Carayol. 

Carayol explained that “while Halep took control of the points, desperately trying to keep hold of her serve, Williams was reduced to scrambling far being the baseline, living off defensive forehand slices and lunging for every ball. Williams clinched the definitive break not with a nuclear forehand, but after consecutive, breathless 20- and 16-stroke rallies.”

Williams was interviewed after the game and claimed that “movement has always been one of my strengths, and so it’s actually more natural for me to move than for me not. So it was just kind of, like: ‘Oh, that’s how I used to move,’ so it’s pretty good.”

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“I think I was more focused on other things and not focused on something that is actually a strength of mine, has always been a strength of mine, and I had to refocus on that.”

Williams has now reached her 40th grand slam semi-final, and now that she has won six of her last eight games against top 10 opponents, she’s projected for even more success. The fact that she has shown clear improvement in the parts of her game that were lacking this time last year, no ones underestimating the power behind Williams. 

Osaka’s recent 6-2, 6-2 win over Hsieh Su-wei that came after an intense 66-minute match has also made her another competitor to watch closely throughout the rest of these games. 

“It makes me a bit more calm, just knowing that even though my back was severely against the wall I still had opportunities. Even today when I had two match points and she saved them both, normally I feel like I would have panicked but today I was pretty calm,” Osaka explained. Osaka and Williams will be facing off this Thursday at the Australian Open semi-final.

Football Stadium Field

Super Bowl LV Most Streamed Game In NFL History

In general, this was the least-watched Super Bowl in recent history, but it was the most streamed game in NFL history, likely due to the multitude of platforms that now exist and offer live television for its users.

Basketball on Court

LeBron James Thinks Having NBA All-Star Game Is ‘A Slap In The Face’ To Players 

The NBA’s decision to host a one-off All-Star Game spectacle – in which fans will vote to select the league’s best players to compete – has caused them to receive a bunch of backlash, mainly from people actually working/playing for the NBA. 

Specifically, Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James called the announcement of the game a “slap in the face” for himself and all his fellow competitors. He recently spoke with the media about his dissatisfaction with the NBA’s decision to continue with the All-Star game this year.

“I have zero energy and zero excitement about an All-Star Game this year, I don’t even understand why we’re having it.”

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“Short offseason for myself and my teammates. It was 71 days. And then coming into this season, we were told that we were not having an All-Star Game, so we’d have a nice little break. Five days (in March) from the fifth through the 10th, an opportunity for me to kind of recalibrate for the second half of the season — my teammates as well, some of the guys in the league. And then they throw an All-Star Game on us like this and just breaks that all the way up. So, um, pretty much kind of a slap in the face,” James explained. 

Historically the All-Star Game has been an Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference event, however, in recent years the game has shifted to having the highest voted players selected as captains for two teams, and those two captains pick their teams in draft format. The league released the first round of early voting this past Thursday, with Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and James leading the way; Durant received 2,302,705 votes and James received 2,288,676.

James has played in an All-Star Game for 16 of the 17 seasons he’s played. He continued to tell the press that while physically he would be at the game if selected, mentally he won’t be committed. 

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“We’re also still dealing with a pandemic. We’re still dealing with everything that’s been going on, and we’re going to bring the whole league into one city that’s open?”

“Obviously, the pandemic has absolutely nothing to do with it at this point when it comes to that weekend,” James concluded, after making sports headlines this week when he surpassed NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain in rankings. Now only Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, the all-time leader, and Karl Malone rank above him. 

“That does something for me because I’m a guy who grew up reading about the game, studying the game, studying the players post, past and present,” he told the media afterwards. And I wanted to see who was dominant in their era or who laid the groundwork for young kids like myself who started to play the game when I was nine years old. And Wilt obviously was a big staple of that.”

As of right now the NBA’s All-Star Game will be taking place on Sunday, February 14th.

Olympic Rings

Florida Official Wants 2021 Olympics To Take Place In His State Amid Cancellation Rumors 

Jimmy Patronis is Florida’s chief financial officer who recently wrote the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in an effort to get them to move the upcoming summer Games to his state should they be canceled in Tokyo. 

Patronis wrote the IOC this Monday, requesting that they relocate the 2021 Games to Florida should they be canceled or postponed again; the Summer Games were initially meant to happen in Summer 2020 but obviously the Covid-19 pandemic postponed that. 

In his letter he cited a recent report from Japanese officials that apparently already decided they would be canceling the Games this year completely due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The IOC adamantly denied the legitimacy of that report, however, and claimed that the government in Japan has made no such announcement yet. 

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“There is still time to deploy a site selection team to Florida to meet with statewide and local officials holding the Olympics in the Sunshine State.”

Patronis continued on to claim that he would greatly “welcome the opportunity to pitch Florida and help the IOC make the right contacts to get this done.” He argues that Florida’s “ample hotel capacity and well-maintained transportation network” would allow it to successfully hold the Games and that the “12 major universities that have existing sports facilities” could be used as well. 

“I think most importantly, we have a state with leaders who are willing to get this done,” Patronis claimed. Unfortunately for him, it’s going to be pretty much impossible for the 2021 Games to be held in the Sunshine State. The IOC has not only already committed to holding the Games in Tokyo, but with only six months until the projected start of the Games, there’s literally no way for the committee to start from scratch and plan a worldwide event during a global pandemic. 

IOC has also made it very clear that there is no “Plan B” in place in regards to a new location to hold the Games, and even if they were interested in moving them to Florida, it would take the entire support of the federal governments from both Japan and the US to get behind it. This would also never happen as both government bodies are currently busy dealing with a global health crisis. 

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Victor Matheson is an economist who is considered an expert in Olympic economic impacts for local communities. Matheson recently spoke with the press about Patronis’ suggestion, calling the plan “batsh*t insane.”

“The idea that just because Florida has a lot of hotels that they could organize an entire Olympics event within six months is absolutely crazy.”

The coronavirus also is obviously a major reason why the Games would never come to Florida of all places. Within the US Florida is number 3 in terms of states with the most Covid-19 cases. The state has been a hotspot for the virus on multiple occasions, and the state government has pretty much ignored every social distance rule, mask mandate, and any other health and safety policy meant to curb the spread of Covid-19; you can currently go out to clubs and bars in Florida without a mask. 

Regardless of any further efforts from Florida officials to try to get the Games to move locations, the IOC will continue to move forward with having the Olympics in Tokyo. The Games could potentially be postponed or cancelled all together this summer again pending how much worse or better the pandemic gets. 77% of Japanese citizens are in favor of canceling or postponing the Games again, so only time will tell if the world will see and Olympics this year or not.

Baseball and Glove

Remembering Hall Of Fame Pitcher Don Sutton

Don Sutton, longtime Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander who won over 300 games in his legendary Hall of Fame career, has passed away. His son Daron announced on social media that his father died this Monday night in his home in Rancho Mirage, California from cancer, he was 75-years-old. 

“Saddened to share that my dad passed away in his sleep last night. He worked as hard as anyone I’ve ever known and he treated those he encountered with great respect…and he took me to work a lot. For all these things, I am very grateful. Rest In Peace.”

Sutton’s career famously began and ended with the Dodgers. Of the 23 seasons that he played 16 were with the Dodgers; initially from 1966 to 1980, and then returning for his final tour in 1988. He was a four-time All-Star with a career 324-256 mark and a 3.26 ERA. His 324 wins rank 14th in major league history, according to reports from ESPN.

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Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten released a statement as well, remembering the legend as a “great ballplayer, great broadcaster, and, most importantly, a great person.”  

“Don left an indelible mark on the Dodger franchise during his 16 seasons in Los Angeles and many of his records continue to stand to this day. I was privileged to have worked with Don in both Atlanta and Washington, and will always cherish our time spent together.”

Sutton also pitched for the Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland Athletics, and Los Angeles Angels. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame back in 1998. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred called Sutton a “model of durability on the mount,” in a tribute he posted this week. 

“Don Sutton was one of our game’s most consistent winning pitchers across his decorated 23-year career. Throughout his career, Don represented our game with great class, and many will remember his excitement during his trips to Cooperstown. On behalf of Major League Baseball, I extend my deepest condolences to Don’s family, friends and the many fans he earned throughout a memorable life in our National Pastime,” Manfred continued. 

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Sutton is right behind other baseball legends Cy Young and Nolan Ryan in terms of the amount of starts he accomplished throughout his career. According to data reports Sutton recorded just one 20-win season, but managed to earn 10 or more wins in every season he played; except for 1983 and 1988. 

“Sutton ranks third all-time in games started and seventh in innings pitched (5,282⅓). He worked at least 200 innings in 20 of his first 21 seasons, with only the shortened 1981 season interrupting his streak,” according to ESPN. 

Sutton was born in Clio, Alabama in 1945. His family moved to Florida when he was a little older and in high school he became extremely dedicated to playing baseball. In junior college he played before getting signed to the Dodgers as a free agent back in 1964. He made his big league debut on April 14th 1966 when he helped his team defend their World Series championship, and earned his first victory four days later. After his playing career, Sutton still knew he wanted to keep professional baseball in his life, so he became an analyst for the Atlanta Braves for 28 seasons, where he would call games on both radio and television. The Braves recently released a statement remembering all the amazing times they had with Sutton over the years:

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend, Don Sutton. A generation of Braves fans came to know his voice. … Don was as feared on the mound as he was beloved in the booth. A 300-game winner who was a four-time All-Star, Don brought an unmatched knowledge of the game and his sharp wit to his calls. But despite all the success, Don never lost his generous character or humble personality.”

The Capitol Building

US Olympic Champion Swimmer Klete Keller Identified At Capitol Riot

Klete Keller, the American Olympic swimmer who one two gold medals as a relay teammate of Michael Phelps, was identified as one of the Trump supporters who was inside the Capitol last week during the riot that occurred during the Electoral College vote proceedings. 

Popular swimming news website SwimSwam posted a report this week that alleged at least a dozen professional swimmers identified Keller due to the fact that he was wearing his US Olympic team jacket. The swimmers identified him after being sent a multitude of screenshots and videos from the riot.

Official USA Swimming did not respond when they were asked to confirm if the images from inside the Capitol were in fact Keller, but the images seemed relatively clear. Keller himself was recently reached out too by the press in order to get a confirmation or denial from the Olympic athlete but he has still yet to respond.

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Keller currently works at a Colorado and Ohio-based real estate agency that was recently also contacted for a comment, however, the woman who answered the phone claimed that they “are not commenting on anything right now,” before hanging up. 

One of the videos circulating online, that was taken by a conservative news reporter, shows the man who has been identified as Keller in a crowd of individuals that police officers were attempting to push towards any of the Capitol exits. 

Keller has previously made headlines for more Olympic related reasons; such as when he held off Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe on the anchor leg of the 4×200 meter freestyle relay at the 2004 Athens Games, securing him and the US with a gold medal. He’s a five-time Olympic medalist in general and at the height of his career was one of the swimmers to watch at the Games. 

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SwimmingWorld is another professional swimmer news site that confirmed with sources that Keller was seen inside the US Capitol during the riot last week. The sources also claim that the videos where Keller is seen don’t show him acting violently in any way, however, the fact that he was present among a crowd of domestic terrorists who stormed one of the most historic government buildings in the US is incredibly disheartening for Olympic fans who believe that these athletes are meant to be upholding the sanctity of the US and its democracy, not actively trying to destroy it. 

According to the New York Times Keller has deleted all of his social media accounts following the riot last week and the exposure of his involvement. In recent years Keller’s social media has apparently been saturated with pro-Trump rhetoric as well. 

As most Americans have already seen last week Trump exhorted thousands of his supporters who were at the Capitol, not wearing masks or socially distancing, which prompted them to erupt in a riot of violence, vandalism, and domestic terror. Five people, including a Capitol police officer, died as a result of the rampage, and the FBI and Department of Justice is currently investigating and making dozens of arrests in relation to last weeks dark day.

Football on Field

Alabama’s DeVonta Smith Wins Heisman Trophy 

DeVonta Smith had a killer season playing as wide receiver for Alabama’s Crimson Tide, so much so that he has been rewarded with this year’s Heisman Trophy. Up against fellow teammate Mac Jones, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, and Florida’s Kyle Trask – all phenomenal players who had amazing seasons even though they had to endure playing a season in the middle of a global pandemic – Smith’s win of the trophy was thought to be a relatively unanimous, and unexpected,  decision. 

Smith received a total of 1,856 points, giving him a comfortable lead over Lawrence, who won second place with 1,187 points; Jones received 1,130 points and Trask 737. After Smith was announced the winner he spoke with some press to thank his teammates and praise them for helping him have such a successful season. He also wanted to offer some inspiration for any young football fans who may be watching at home:

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“To all the young kids out there that’s not the biggest, not the strongest: just keep pushing because I’m not the biggest. I’ve been doubted a lot just because of my size. And really it just comes down to if you put your mind to it then you can do it.”

Smith’s win is actually quite unexpected in the realm of college football. Before this season Smith was always a good player, but never one that really stood out when compared to his fellow teammates. The last time he made college football headlines was his freshman year when he caught a pass from Tua Tagovailoa during overtime, securing Alabama with a national title win against Georgia for the 2017 season. 

Even at the beginning of his senior year season, Smith was initially overshadowed by teammates Jones, running back Najee Harris and fellow receiver Jaylen Waddle. However, when Waddle was injured back in October during a game, Smith had to take on the role of being the go-to receiver for his team. Within the three games that followed Waddle’s injury Smith caught 27 passes for 518 yards and eight touchdowns. 

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However it was the way that Smith carried this success streak into the end of the season that secured him with the Heisman Trophy. In the game against LSU Smith carried out 231 yards and three touchdowns, and when he gave his team two touchdowns in the SEC title game against Florida, securing their unbeaten streak, voters knew that Smith was the one who should receive the trophy this year. 

In total, Smith had 1,511 receiving yards by the end of the season and 17 touchdown catches in the regular season. He’s only the seventh player in history to receive the award without primarily playing the season as the quarterback or running back; he’s the first receiver this century to receive the trophy as well. 

Overall, Smith played an amazing season as Alabama’s wide receiver, but he remained humble when accepting the trophy and praised his teammates for remaining so strong within his four years at Alabama: “I thank my teammates, with team success comes individual success so without you all, I wouldn’t be where I am today, winning this award.”

Female Tennis Player

Sofia Kenin Had A Trailblazing Year In 2020, And The Best Is Yet To Come

This year, Kenin had to truly cement herself as a tennis professional, especially considering she is one of eight players that are aged 22 or younger and finishing 2020 in the top 25 this year.

Coronavirus Vaccine in Doctors Hands

NBA Commissioner Claims League Won’t ‘Jump The Line’ For Covid-19 Vaccines 

NBA commissioner Adam Silver claimed this Monday that players and staff members of the league won’t be “jumping the line” to get Covid-19 vaccines ahead of the individuals that are set to receive them first. Silver was speaking with ESPN on a conference call when he made the statement, stating that players in the league, and any sports league, are pretty low priority in terms of individuals who should be vaccinated within the first rounds of distribution. 

“For the most part, because our players are so young and healthy without some sort of comorbidity, they will not be a high priority for vaccinations. There are some other members of the NBA community working on court who are older and will have a higher priority to get the vaccine,” Silver explained, adding that instead the NBA will spend their time urging individuals who can get vaccinated to do so as soon as possible.

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“We will likely be part of some public service campaigns, we already talked to the CDC about that, encouraging people to get vaccinated when it is appropriate. But up until then, we will just be watching and waiting.”

The NBA is still set to kick off the 2020-21 season this Tuesday and will conduct the scheduled 72-game regular season as planned. The Covid-19 pandemic is still raging out of control in America, and without the same bubble method that the league used for the playoffs, however, there’s no telling how long the season will actually last in a normal context. More than 50 players for the NBA have already tested positive throughout their training camps during preseason. 

The Food and Drug Administration has now approved of two different vaccines for the fight against Covid-19. Both vaccines have begun distribution throughout the nation; President-Elect Joe Biden received his vaccine publicly on Monday morning. 

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Silver went on to explain how even if they wanted to, the league has no power in terms of enforcing their players to get vaccinated. Still, he doesn’t believe that will be a major point of contention, as most players are ready to get back into jam-packed arenas and are willing to get vaccinated whenever they can. 

“As time goes on, I think more people will recognize the importance of getting vaccinated and, again, not just for themselves, this is a conversation we’ve already begun with some members of the NBA community.” 

“I think part of it will be a public information campaign, and I’m also hoping that as more people get vaccinated it increases the public’s confidence in the vaccine and the testing protocols they’ve undergone thus far in order for the government to in essence verify it is safe. But for young, healthy people, while it’s still an incredibly serious disease, they tend to do better than older people, or people with underlying conditions. So, for our players, the reason to get vaccinated may not be to protect themselves. It may be to protect their parents, their grandparents and other members of the community,” Silver continued.” 

For now, only time will tell when major sports leagues in America will be able to return to a full sense of normalcy; just like the rest of the world. Players and staffers in the meantime will be using their platforms to encourage fans to follow all proper health and safety procedures, as well as get vaccinated when the time allows so we all can join together and enjoy basketball once again when the time comes.