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Travelers Reveal Mental Health Cost Of Work Trips

New research shows that a third of people in the UK say their mental health has suffered and they have felt ill or experienced a lack of sleep as a result of business travel.

The figure comes from a survey carried out by Capita Travel and Events in support of its latest report – “Unnoticed Impact of Business Travel” – which explores the general perception of business travel and the impact of travelling more than 100 miles frequently for work.

Nearly a quarter of respondents (24 per cent) said early starts and late finishes have resulted in an argument with their partner, while 41 per cent reported working beyond their core hours when travelling for work. Trips also appear to affect employees’ physical health, with 47 per cent saying they get takeaway meals on the way home from a business trip.

Worryingly, 27 per cent of those polled said they had arrived at a meeting to find out it wasn’t necessary for them to attend.

One in six agreed that travelling to and from meetings affects their mental health.

Jonti Dalal-Small, a behavioural psychologist at Capita Travel and Events, commented: “For many, business travel used to be thrilling – but for most people it’s now a real chore. Rather than being an adventure, it causes dread, uncertainty and all sorts of problems.

“Whether you enjoy travel is linked to whether you have a sense of purpose about your job. Our survey highlights how many people travel to meetings without understanding why the meeting has been called or why they are needed.”


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