Treasure The Stunning State of Montana

With travel restrictions continuing to increase around the world there is no better time to get reacquainted with our beautiful country and discover areas that we may not have visited before.

The northwestern state of Montana is home to some of the most stunning scenery and wildlife, which often attracts thousands of visitors each year. However with social distancing still being encouraged now is the perfect time to visit the state and spoil yourself with some of the amazing views and vistas that the ‘Big Sky Country’ has to offer.

And with fall well and truly underway the sights are even more spectacular than you would have previously imagined.

With average temperatures of around 53 degrees in the northwest of the state to 60 degrees in the east, October can be a bit cold so make sure you pack layers in case the temperatures dip!

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in Montana is the Glacier National Park. Full of natural wonders including waterfalls, forests and alpine meadows there are also 200 lakes to visit as well as around 50 glaciers.

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The 1,600 square miles of landscape has very few roads meaning that the views are unspoiled for miles around.

To discover the true beauty of the park we recommend that you book one of the many tours that are available and explore trails including the Highline Trail. Starting at the Logan Pass on the Going-to-the-Sun Road head out along the road that is carved into the cliff – there is a cable to hold onto if you need it – and discover creaks, streams and avalanche chutes. The wildlife and animals in the area are also worth looking out for as you look out across the Logan and McDonald Creek valleys to the Livingstone Range.

If the idea of miles of walking leaves you feeling less than impressed why not take a drive. Montana has many routes that open up some of the amazing views, and in fall the colors of scenery can leave you feeling in awe.

Whether you head along the popular Highway 93 or prefer to visit the Lochsa River there are so many different drives you could take.

The Lost Trail Pass will take you through the rocky peaks of the Bitterroot Mountains, which are situated on the border between Montana and Idaho, but thanks to the steep roads this may not be for the fainthearted!

The Eastside Highway is one of the best drives to take, as it is less popular within the state. Taking roughly 45 minutes to travel from the beginning in Florence to the end in Hamilton, there are several towns and attractions along the way, such as the Teller Wildlife Refuge or Daly Mansion. Situated just outside Hamilton, this home – complete with 42 rooms – is the perfect place to spend time on a colder fall afternoon.

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If a skiing holiday is more your thing then head over to Whitefish Mountain Resort. Originally named Big Mountain when opened in 1948 the resort has over 4,000 acres of terrain that has been converted into slopes for everyone from beginners to experts and even has some powder fields. It is worth noting that Whitefish Mountain Resort does not actually open until December 10 however it is best to make your booking soon.

If you are staying near the Glacier National Park you have to visit Blackfeet Nation, an Indian Reservation area that covered nearly the entire northern half of Montana in 1855.

Nowadays it spans 1.5 million acres of land and is one of the largest reservation areas in America.

If you are a nature lover this is definitely a trip for you. The area is rich in history and is home to 180 bodies of water and over 518 miles of streams. The Badger-Two Medicine region is an area of mountains, river valleys, wetlands and mountains alongside the Montana Rocky Mountain Front and is a rarity in the fact there are virtually no roads.

The area is so vast it is recommended you book a tour to ensure you stay respectful to the land.

There are many other areas that are beautiful to visit however it is worth checking for opening times as some close during the colder months.

The Hiawatha Trail is the perfect place to visit for cycling tours while the Clearwater Canoe Trail, only a few miles north of Seeley Lake, is the ideal place to spot fall foliage. And as the weather is a bit cooler there are even less people about, making fall the perfect time to head out and see those breath-taking views.

As with everywhere in America at the moment, restrictions are in place due to coronavirus so it is important to do your research before you leave to make sure you comply with any new rules or regulations in the area you are visiting.

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