Trump Returns To A Coronavirus-Filled White House Despite Expert Concern

President Donald Trump eagerly returned to the White House this Monday after spending three nights in the Walter Reed Medical Center fighting Covid-19.

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The West Wing of the White House has become a bit of a breeding ground for Covid-19 as Donald Trump makes his return after spending three nights in the hospital for the coronavirus. At least 11 of the president’s aides or allies have either contracted the virus themselves, including his wife Melania, or are working from home indefinitely due to the close contact they’ve had with the president within the past few weeks. 

Many of the aides working under the Trump administration are beginning to question whether or not they had been put in harm’s way over the past week, as it seems as though there were multiple people within the president’s circle, including Trump, who knew about his diagnosis before he began abiding by proper quarantining procedures. 

An absence of contacting tracing efforts within the White House has caused White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, to receive a lot of accusations of mismanagement and endangerment. However, Covid-19 concerns seemed like the last thing on Trump’s mind when he made his return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as the first thing he did as he walked up the South Portico steps was rip his mask off and stuff it in his pocket, despite still being infected with the coronavirus. A video-taped version of his return was then posted on his social media along with some confident words from the Commander in Chief. 

“We’re going back to work, we’re gonna be out front. As your leader I had to do that. I knew there’s a danger to it but I had to do it. Now I’m better and maybe I’m immune? I don’t know. But don’t let it dominate your lives.”

Trump released this footage four hours after his doctors confided that Trump wasn’t “out of the woods” in his fight against the coronavirus. Now that both the president and first lady are residing in the White House – both of which have Covid-19 – the amount of staff has slimmed down monumentally. At least one military personnel who was working with the president has already tested positive for the virus. 

Trump and his administration has also received major backlash for the surplus in resources the president has access to in his fight against Covid-19 while millions of Americans have suffered without proper medical technology and health and safety procedures put in place to keep them safe. The president has access to an endless supply of medical gowns, goggles, and respiratory devices. The backlash is also fueled by the fact that Trump has spent months downplaying the virus but the second he got infected he was rushed to the finest and most expensive medical facilities in the US, for a virus he didn’t even think was that serious to begin with. 

Trump has let his public presence remain positive and healthy despite his own doctors negating everything he says regarding his own health status. His doctors have described his symptoms as “worrying,” which has led to him receiving a wide-variety of experimental treatments that have been unavailable to nearly anyone else, however, his condition still remains unclear. 

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“Trump is still in uncharted territory after receiving an onslaught of experimental treatments and therapies. A large corps of both political and residence staffers now must contend with a contagious commander in chief who is eager to demonstrate his ability to lead.”

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For now, Trump won’t be returning to the West Wing of the White House. Within Trump’s personal residence space physician and medical supplies have been set up in office spaces. The medical office spaces are designed like mini urgent care facilities for staffers to receive first-aid and over-the-counter medications, and are even equipped to handle emergency surgery. 

Trump has blatantly disregarded all health and safety procedures put in place by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as his own administration. He’s held multiple political rallies in the middle of the pandemic that has attendances in the thousands where social distancing was not enforced and mask wearing was just “strongly encouraged but not mandatory.” Even within his personal fight against the virus, he disregarded his doctors and went on a ride in a black SUV outside of the facility to greet supporters. 

According to individuals working close with him, Trump has been eager to get back to work, likely in an attempt to show Americans that he’s still equipped to handle the position of president with the election coming up in a month. The White House is currently refusing to say how many staffers are currently isolating after having close contact with the president. However, staffers have begun complaining about how in the dark they’ve been kept in terms of how the administration plans to deal with this outbreak. Staff have received no new guidelines about workplace practices, and until he was diagnosed with Covid, Trump and his main team of people were often seen without masks and he would mock others for wearing them. 

The lack of clarity coming from the president of the United States’ team of staffers is a reflection of how Trump has been handling the virus in the US in general. The main criticism is being aimed at the deputy chief of staff of operations at the White House, Tony Ornatio, who according to staffers, “will never tell the president no, that’s why the president loves him.” 

Americans will have to just wait and see how much the president and his team actually shift the way they run their election operations now that so many individuals in power are contracting the virus. Like the rest of the country though, it seems as though the White House is just as confused about what’s to come in the next few weeks as the rest of us.