‘Jesus And The Disciples Journey’ Pastor Revella Pugh’s New Book Offers Hope And Lessons In Faith | Pastor Revella Pugh

Pastor Revella Pugh is a shepherd of her ministry God’s Anointed House. She spends everyday helping others to find their purpose and maintain hope through their faith. More recently, she published her book Jesus And The Disciples Journey, which follows the Disciples journey as individuals, with Jesus Christ, and after His ascension into heaven. Beyond the lessons of the Bible, Pastor Pugh’s book offers the same thing her ministry does, a sense of strength, community, and confidence in their faith.

Dr. Ralph Mosgrove Pastor Author Musician

‘Love Is An Active Word’ Leading A Fulfilled Life Through The Power Of Faith | Dr. Ralph Mosgrove

Life can be challenging. It’s complicated, full of change, and uncertainty. During hard times, it can seem like no one is on our side, regardless of how big of a support system we have. The mind is a powerful thing that can overwhelm us to feel hopeless. There have been studies, however, that show that positive experiences within one’s faith and religious experiences can ground us and create a more positive attitude about the unpredictability of life. 

Lecia Duke Lone Star Chocolatier

Lone Star Chocolatiér: A Journey Through Spiritual Awakening | Lecia Duke

In her memoir, Lone Star Chocolatiér, Lecia Duke weaves a narrative that spans the depths of personal struggle and the peaks of spiritual enlightenment. As a chocolatier and a lightworker, she explores the rich tapestry of human emotions and the mystical journey toward self-realization. Her book invites readers to traverse their own landscapes of the soul, uncovering the divine connection that lies within. Lecia’s story is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of spirituality and the enduring hope it brings, even amidst life’s most significant challenges.

Nations Around The World Trying To Reach Agreement To Reduce Plastic Waste 

According to an official from the United Nations, 170 countries are currently negotiating a deal for a global treaty that would cut plastic waste, while environmentalists are weary of the plastic industry’s ability to change for the health of our planet.


Junior Doctors In South Korea Risking Medical License Suspension And Prosecution Due To Walkouts

Around 9,000 medical interns and junior doctors in South Korea have walked out of their jobs last week to protest a new government plan that would increase medical school admissions by around 65%. The government has now responded and given the walkout participants four days to return to work or they will potentially face consequences.


European Union Leaders Pushing For Palestinian Statehood To Bring Peace To Middle East 

European Union foreign ministers have made the argument this week that the creation and implementation of a statehood for Palestine could be the “only credible way to achieve peace in the Middle East,” according to reports.

global warming

Scientists Warn Of Multiple Tipping Points In Climate Change

A new scientific report has warned that the continued warming of the planet could trigger not only the collapse of the Greenland ice sheet, the single largest contributor to global sea levels rising, but also multiple environmental “tipping points” that will be irreversible.

Aid Groups In Afghanistan Struggle With Recovery Efforts After Massive Earthquake Kills More Than 2,000

International aid groups in Afghanistan are struggling to allocate resources and recovery efforts after the nation was hit with a massive earthquake that has left more than 2,000 people dead and many more injured.


France Is Banning Students From Wearing Abayas In Schools

The French government announced this week that the nation’s schoolchildren will be banned from wearing abayas, a long robe-like garment often worn by Muslim women, to class, sparking major pushback and conversations regarding Islamophobia.

Amid Multiple Protests, Israeli Lawmakers Move To Vote On Weakening Supreme Court

Israeli lawmakers are gearing up to vote on the government’s overall plan to weaken the nation’s court system, despite nearly six months of protests from citizens, and waves of urgent warnings from the White House.