Singapore To Repeal Law Banning Gay Sex, ‘A Win For Humanity’

Singapore will repeal a law that bans gay sex in the city-state, effectively making it legal to be homosexual, which activists are calling a “win for humanity.”

Gloria Vanwoerkom Cosmetologist

For Clients Looking For Self-Esteem Boosts Or A New Look, A Caring Cosmetologist And Her Wigs Has Them Covered | Gloria VanWoerkom

If you ask cosmetologist Gloria VanWoerkom why wigs are amazing, she could give you a million reasons. From helping people achieve new looks to gaining their confidence back, VanWoerkom’s Jean Paree continues to see clients have their fashion and emotional needs fulfilled.

Mikaya Heart Holistic Healer

How Expanding Our Consciousness Helps Us To Overcome Fears And Develop Compassion | Mikaya Heart

We are frequently held back from realizing our full potential by fear and other negative emotions. According to holistic healer Mikaya Heart, these limiting factors can be overcome if we gather our courage and commit to the process of dealing with them.


Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Party Gains Election Victory Days After His Tragic Assassination

Days after the tragic assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, citizens went out and voted to keep Japan’s ruling coalition, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), in power.


How Mitigation Banking Has Helped To Protect Crucial Wetlands While Promoting Environmental Sustainability | Donna Collier

Throughout the country, wetlands have seen their productivity and acreage heavily reduced, despite the benefits and beauty they offer to all lifeforms. Taking a stand against this neglect, Donna Collier and other developers have worked to help build up the mitigation banking system, which offers a bright present and future in environmental preservation.

Bonnye Matthews Author

Alaskan Author of Multiple Genres Firmly Believes Superiority is an Undesirable, Unattainable Human Construct | Bonnye Matthews

For author Bonnye Matthews, the prehistoric times of the Arctic provide plenty of intrigue. How did dinosaurs survive the freezing cold temperatures, snow, and blistering winds? She answers these questions in her book, “Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska,” which will provide a thrilling and educational tale for young readers.

MeToo Movement

Viral Footage Of Women Being Attacked In China Revives #MeToo Movement For The Nation

Security footage shared online showed a violent attack on female diners at a restaurant in China, sparking outrage online and a call to revive the #MeToo movement against gender inequality, something President Xi Jinping has tried to suppress.

Gloria Bieber

Using Aura Photography, A Psychic Is Able To Help Clients Learn About And Balance Their Energies | Gloria Bieber

Through years of training, visions, and challenges, psychic Gloria Bieber has been able to help clients see their strengths and weaknesses by identifying their physical auras through aura photography.

Celebrity Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen Destroyed By Russian Missile In Ukraine

The World Central Kitchen location providing aid in Ukraine was destroyed by Russian missiles, which hit central Kharkiv, killing two people and injuring 18, many of which were workers for the non-profit.

How A Blood Donor Continues To Give During A National Crisis While Encouraging And Teaching Others | Arjun Mainali

Blood donations are an invaluable resources for helping millions suffering slowly recover. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted donations, with the Red Cross declaring a national blood shortage. For frequent donator Arjun Mainali, now’s the time to not only contribute, but to encourage and inform others.