Gloria Bieber

Using Aura Photography, A Psychic Is Able To Help Clients Learn About And Balance Their Energies | Gloria Bieber

Through years of training, visions, and challenges, psychic Gloria Bieber has been able to help clients see their strengths and weaknesses by identifying their physical auras through aura photography.

Celebrity Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen Destroyed By Russian Missile In Ukraine

The World Central Kitchen location providing aid in Ukraine was destroyed by Russian missiles, which hit central Kharkiv, killing two people and injuring 18, many of which were workers for the non-profit.

How A Blood Donor Continues To Give During A National Crisis While Encouraging And Teaching Others | Arjun Mainali

Blood donations are an invaluable resources for helping millions suffering slowly recover. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted donations, with the Red Cross declaring a national blood shortage. For frequent donator Arjun Mainali, now’s the time to not only contribute, but to encourage and inform others.

The Power of Attitude: Making Positive Changes to Your Health Through Positive Energy | Nancy Lynne Harris

Healing can be an incredibly difficult and personal journey for one to endure, regardless of what you may be going through. Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A., is a shaman and spiritual teacher who uses her extensive knowledge to help people recover from medically incurable illnesses and addictions by teaching them how to shift their energy for healing.

Innovative Methods Could Be The Key To Finding Lost Alzheimer’s Patients | Gene Saunders

For those suffering from mental disorders, wandering is a frequent and dangerous situation. Thanks to Gene Saunders and state-of-the-art technology, however, lost patients are becoming found quicker than ever.

Gaining Personal And Professional Success With Self-Awareness And Confidence | Dr. Melinda Fouts

In order to achieve success, we first need to understand ourselves, and the ways in which we solve problems, communicate with others, and achieve our goals. Dr. Melinda Fouts is an experienced Jungian based psychotherapist who started Success Starts With You, where she offers executive coaching to elevate personal and professional significance with her clients using proven and effective strategies.

How A Restaurateur Channels Nature To Cook Up Nutritious, Eye-Catching Dishes | Vick Vannucci

In a dark time of her life, Vick Vannucci took a step back to see what the world and nature could truly offer. Armed with a new outlook, Vannucci has now used that connection with the Earth to bring healthy and innovative dishes to the dinner table.

This Author Draws From The Past To Compose Evocative Stories | Patricia Daly-Lipe

The sources where an author’s story comes from are endless. With humanity still a great distance from the invention of a time machine, author Patricia Daly-Lipe – known as the “Literary Lady” – has gone about exploring time periods in a different way – tracing back her roots and gaining insights in order to write fascinating stories about her bloodline and life.

How A ‘Healing Touch’ Is Changing The Energy Shifts Of Those Troubled | Gloria Craker Tate

Imagine having heightened senses, complete with a spiritual touch that could heal any problems, regardless of how incapacitating they are or how long they’ve lingered on for. While those kinds of incredible abilities might sound like a science fiction plot, for Reiki and Theta Healing master Gloria Tate, it’s a reality that has resulted in miraculous shifts in the energy of those suffering.

How The Power Of Our Words Can Lead To Planetary Peace, Power, And Prosperity | Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

‘Each individual is a vital part of creating, co-creating, and manifesting peace, power, and prosperity on the planet.’ Dr. Janet Smith Warfield lives her life understanding the value of our language and how we communicate with one other. This is why she created Word Sculptures, an art form used to promote positive, conscious, intentional, respectful conversation to better the world.