US Experiences Record Breaking Cold Temperatures From Intense Snow And Ice Storms

An intense arctic blast has brought heavy snowfall, wind, and ice storms to the US, threatening to bring record breaking low temperatures and dangerous conditions, especially in the South, this week.

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An arctic blast has been causing intense snowfall, wind, and icy conditions throughout the US, threatening multiple record-breaking cold temperatures in multiple states, especially in the South as the new week begins. 

According to reports from CNN, 79% of the US is expected to experience below freezing temperatures, and over 140 daily cold temperature records could be broken on Monday and Tuesday in states spanning from Oregon to Mississippi. Temperatures in Memphis, Dallas, and Nashville specifically are expected to stay below freezing for at least 72 hours. 

Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana have already declared states of emergency as snow and ice storms sweep across the nation threatening frigid cold temperatures. Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, issued a state of emergency on Sunday to prepare and get ahead of response and recovery efforts, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

“All Mississippians in the impacted areas are encouraged to take precautions over the next few days. Prepare your homes now for below-freezing temperatures, bring pets inside, and check in with your loved ones who are most susceptible during this frigid weather.”

The National Weather Service released a statement for states like Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee and other southern states regarding residents’ work commutes and the dangers of slick icy conditions. “Have a cold survival kit if you must travel,” the service said. 

CNN reported that 100 million people in the US are under a wind chill alert due to “sub-zero wind chills” that are making their way to the South. Wind speeds are reaching up to 25 mph which could cause life-threatening chills to occur. 

In the Northeast, states are gearing up for possible snow squalls in the coming days, as New York experienced serious lake-effect snow and strong winds. ERCOT, the company that manages 90% of Texas’ electric load, has asked Texas residents to conserve electricity. The National Weather Service continued their warnings for states like Arkansas so residents can prepare as much as possible for the potential storms this week.

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“The prolonged nature of this event could result in moderate to major potential winter storm impacts over parts of Arkansas, northwest Mississippi and western Tennessee.”

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Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky declared a state of emergency of the state on Sunday night as a major winter storm began to hit.

“We continue to ask Kentuckians to stay weather-aware as snow accumulation and below-freezing temperatures continue to sweep through the commonwealth,” Beshear said in a news release.

There are currently around 60 million people under winter storm alerts. There’s expected to be 2 to 6 inches of snow from Oklahoma to Virginia. Heavy snow is also expected to hit the Central Rockies into Monday night

“The prolonged nature of this event could result in moderate to major potential winter storm impacts over parts of Arkansas, northwest Mississippi and western Tennessee,” the Weather Prediction Center said.