What Tech Experts Are Expecting From Apple’s Upcoming Announced Fall Event

Apple normally hosts a keynote event every fall where they announce the newest iPhone, however, this year the focus might be shifted.

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The tech giant officially announced this week that they would be hosting a major event on September 15th, however, they have yet to reveal any details as to what consumers can expect to be revealed. Mid-September typically marks the time of year when Apple announces their latest upgrade to their iconic line of iPhones, however, Mark Gunman – a technology reporter who is no stranger to covering Apple’s annual events – recently wrote a piece where he claimed the September 15th event will be more focused on the Apple Watch and iPad. 

It’s already been predicted that there would be delays with the iPhone 12 launch due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, Apple themselves released a statement a few weeks ago that said they would be releasing their new line of phones a few weeks later than the usual September timeline. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive production delays for all tech companies that outsource the making of their devices from international factories. 

The iPhone 12 in particular is one of Apple’s most heavily anticipated upgrades, as it’s expected to be the first iPhone to implement 5G capabilities. When Apple announced this year’s September event, the invitation read “Time Flies,” implying a major upgrade to their line of Apple Watches. According to Gunman, the company is preparing new high and lower end Apple Watches along with a slew of other more low key upgrades.

“The company is preparing a redesigned iPad Air with an edge-to-edge screen. It’s also working on a smaller HomePod and the first pair of Apple-branded over ear headphones for release as early as later this year.”

When it comes to the next generation of Apple Watches, which experts are referring to as the Apple Watch Series 6, there’s not a lot of information out there as to what’s expected from the company in terms of upgrades from Series 5. There haven’t been many leaks of product dimensions or other physical features that may differ from the previous series.

So far the only real predictions are an upgrade to the blood oxygen sensor on the watch, which will give users a better understanding of how much oxygen is in their blood, which is helpful for tracking sleep patterns. The company is also expected to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 model that currently is priced at $199, and will replace it with a new “entry-level” Apple Watch model; similar to their release of the iPhone SE, which sticks to a more traditional interface/physical design. 

The Apple Watch has truly become one of the companies most popular devices in recent years. It’s been listed as the world’s “best selling smartwatch,” and has created an even larger group of consumers who are loyal to the brand. Accessories like Airpods or the Apple Watch are created with the intention that users already own other Apple products, as they need them in order to actually use the wearable devices. By constantly upgrading these accessories, Apple is ensuring their customers continue to purchase their other, more expensive, products to work alongside them. Speaking of, it’s also been predicted that the September 15th event will reveal upgrades to some of Apple’s larger products as well.  

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“The September 15 event is expected to feature a new iPad Air complete with an edge-to-edge screen similar to what Apple offers with the iPad Pro.”

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It’s predicted that the new iPad Air upgrade will also feature a Touch ID fingerprint reader, but instead of placing it on the home button, it would be embedded into the power button. The Touch ID reader has been removed from previous iPad models because the company removed the home button all together, much like with the newer iPhones. 

When it comes to the iPhone 12, it’s predicted that Apple won’t even mention the device at the September 15th event, but rather wait until the beginning of October, closer to when they’ll actually be able to ship them out to customers. Experts believe Apple will want to host a stand-alone digital event for the new iPhone, as it’s one of the most anticipated upgrades to come from Apple in a long time. 

There will supposedly be a major shift in pricing on iPhone models in the coming weeks, as Apple normally drops the prices of their older models around the same time they announce the newer ones. What will be interesting to see is if Apple decides to discontinue the development of any older models to make room for the newer ones.

Experts believe that Apple could have one of its most successful iPhone launch events to date if they play their cards right with the price changes for older models. In the middle of a global health crisis and economic recession, consumers are likely not going to want to drop hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a new phone, but would maybe be more willing to upgrade to a device that only costs a couple hundred dollars. For now, only time will tell when Apple will make all these announcements and what new features will actually come to fruition for all of these devices.