Why Athletes Are Using CBD Instead Of Advil

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been rising in popularity within the past few years. CBD is found in marijuana plants, however, doesn’t get you high, and is totally legal to sell anywhere, it’s basically like any other herb but with so many more benefits. CBD is constantly being researched and has proven to help individuals with soreness, stress, anxiety, and has been known to improve rest and relaxation. So it’s no wonder the product of a plant otherwise made illegal for athletes to ingest, is their newest secret to improving their overall health. 

CBD has become more trendy due to the diversity it holds. You can take it as a pill, rub it on as a lotion, drink it in an iced tea, eat it as a gummy, and more! More times than not individuals begin taking CBD for one particular reason, and begin to notice a ton of other benefits. Athletes are starting to realize the benefits of CBD lotion that helps with muscle soreness and overall physical relaxation. They also are noticing that when they have a really grueling day of physical training, CBD helps maintain focus and strength to finish the work out for the best results. 

Normally athletes reach for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDs for improvement to muscle function and soreness, however, many hate how the drugs hinder their overall performance, and post-workout recovery. Many also report having gut and digestive issues as a result of taking the NSAIDs that continue even if they stop taking them. Luckily, athletes who have had this issue and switched to CBD have noticed their bodies systems beginning to stabilize. That’s because CBD has been known to act as a reset button for some individuals as it’s helped balance out any abnormalities within the bodies physical systems. 

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Athletes also know that a good night’s rest is essential for them to perform to the best of their ability. CBD has helped athletes not only fall asleep easier and for longer, but also leaves them feeling more refreshed and energized in the morning. The cannabidiol stabilizes and regenerates with your body through its natural sleep cycle, guaranteeing you won’t feel fatigued and foggy in the morning. 

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Emotional fatigue is also a major roadblock for athletes. Stress and emotions alike cause athletes to perform at a lower caliber, and also makes them more prone to injury due to an overall lack of focus. CBD is also known to work with emotional/mental health by providing a natural caffeine-esque focus and relaxation, thus increasing focus. In addition any muscle soreness, or discomfort can improve monumentally when you add a CBD topical lotion to the area as you go through any standard athletic muscle relief tricks such as stretching, massage, yoga, etc. 

Sports doctors have recommended starting small when an athlete decides to try CBD for relief. While it’s not a drug like THC (its chemical counterpart in marijuana that does cause a “high” to occur), CBD like any medication, natural or not, reacts differently with everybody. Topical lotions are more of an immediate and direct solution, whereas a digested option will take longer and react at the same rate in your body as an ibuprofen would. 

According to Gear Junkie Magazine, an online athletic publication about the best products for athletes/gym bodies alike, most athletes are recommended to start with a CBD infused bath bomb. These baths are meant to give you the same result that you’d get from taking an ice bath, but without all the discomfort of being engulfed in a tub full of ice chunks. The bath bomb’s are said to help with muscle soreness and relaxation, and are said to be a very calming and centering experience. “Athletes trust and rely on cbdMD, which stands out as a premium CBD company” according to Gear Junkie, so make sure to check out their website of products to make sure you’re getting the highest quality product with a 100% guarantee that the product won’t contain any traces of the banned chemical THC.