World Cup Champion Argentina Returns Home To Massive Celebration

The World Cup winning team of Argentina arrived home to a major celebration of fans in Buenos Aires. Millions of people took to the streets to celebrate the champions’ return. 

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This Tuesday morning Argentina’s World Cup winning team returned to Buenos Aires where they were greeted by millions of fans ready to celebrate the champions recent victory. 

Team Captain Lionel Messi was the first to step off the plane holding the gold trophy with his team following right behind him, where they walked the red carpet and absorbed their praise for their recent championship victory at the World Cup. 

The second the team bus left the airport fans swarmed the vehicle sporting the national colors of blue and white. Videos of the fanfare showed the bus slowly inching through the crowd with a police escort as tens of thousands of fans waved the Argentinian flag and set off fireworks in celebration. Télam, the state’s media agency reported on the celebratory parade of fans following the bus.

“Some 4 million people came out to see the victory parade in the capital. Tuesday has been declared a national holiday following Argentina’s victory over France in Qatar on Sunday.” 

According to the president of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Tapia, the bus carrying the team was initially meant to travel to Obelisk, a historic monument directly in the center of Buenos Aires, but the swarming crowds made it impossible to progress to the destination. 

“They won’t let us go to greet all the people who were at the Obelisk, the same security agencies that escorted us, won’t allow us to move forward. A thousand apologies on behalf of all the champion players,” Tapia stated. 

Police stated on Tuesday that Messi, fellow teammate Rodrigo De Paul and coach Lionel Scaloni flew over the crowds via helicopter before being flown back to Ezeiza, where the football’s association’s training site is located. The team also spent the night in the facility. 

Scaloni also spoke to the press regarding Argentina’s championship and how proud he was of the team as a collective.

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“I cannot believe that we have suffered so much in a perfect game. Unbelievable, but this team responds to everything. I am proud of the work they did. I want to tell people to enjoy the moment, it’s a historic moment for our country.”

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Photos showed fans camping out at the training site as well on Monday in anticipation of the team’s arrival. The team’s return marks a historic moment during what’s expected to be several days of nonstop celebration across the country, as well as fans overseas following Argentina’s win. 

After the initial World Cup win on Sunday, fans immediately took to the streets of Buenos Aires to celebrate the team. Social media and local press photos showed hundreds of thousands of fans climbing on street poles and waving Argentinian flags as crowds danced and sang in celebration. 

This year’s win for Argentina marks the third time the team has secured a World Cup win, and its first since 1986. With this win, Messi has also secured an all-star all-time soccer great status among fans all over the world.