One Attorney’s Commitment To Making Change In His Community, And Beyond | Adalberto Ruiz

Finding an attorney that’s dedicated to helping your cause while offering their availability at a moment’s notice is rare. Adalberto Ruiz of Ruiz Law Firm has dedicated his life to bettering the world through his advocacy work and social justice initiatives. Now, as an attorney, he’s made it his mission to provide the highest quality services to achieve the outcomes that his clients deserve. 

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Adalberto Ruiz Ruiz Law Firm

Adalberto Ruiz is the epitome of what an attorney should be for their clients. Reliable, creative, and arguably most importantly, someone who will listen. 

As someone who grew up advocating for multiple social justice initiatives, it seemed natural that his life’s path would guide him to become an attorney to serve his community and make the world a better place, one client at a time. 

At Ruiz Law Firm, attorney Ruiz takes a direct and personal approach when it comes to client interaction, ensuring he prioritizes communication and making both him and his staff available to their clients at a moments notice. His past experiences traveling the world, working in politics, and advocating for community issues and social justice only further aided him as he came into his career.

“I’ve traveled extensively to different parts of the world, particularly in Latin America, so I have a very first-hand understanding of what the experience is like for the clients that I represent. My secular understanding of my client’s experiences is very unique.”

Ruiz’s past is what truly gives others a real insight into how he became the dedicated attorney he is today. 

“I’ve been working with disadvantaged communities and social justice initiatives since I was around 15-years-old in Washington DC. That grew into some recognition when I got into the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and I began fighting to keep my University open. 

At the time the city was considering moving UDC district from its very prestigious location to a location that was in a worse part of town. A group of students protested and we ended up convincing the City Council to reject the measure.

Through that work I became recognized within the community and DC council member Adrian Fenty, where I began working more with social justice initiatives with the Latino community in particular.

Adalberto Ruiz Ruiz Law Firm

“Those experiences and others evolved over time, along with my passion to help people who didn’t have the same resources and/or access to justice as others in my community. My parents are both well educated and have always worked in the education field, from a young age they taught me to have a passion for justice and to always help those in need.” 

Adalberto Ruiz Ruiz Law Firm

That ultimately led me to working with a lawyer in Dallas named Domingo Garcia,  he hired me to advocate for immigrant rights. We were able to get a street named after American civil rights leader Cesar Chavez and made a lot of strides to help immigrants and disadvantaged minorities in general.” 

All of these experiences catapulted Ruiz into law school. He graduated from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, today, as an attorney, he’s humbled to be able to help people from all walks of life with their legal issues.

The Ruiz Law Firm has a robust team of lawyers and paralegals who focus on personal injury, auto and work accidents, auto accidents, while also covering criminal and immigration law cases at his office in Pearland, Texas. 

“The reason my office covers the mix of those areas is because, for one, I’m a bilingual attorney, I myself am bilingual and from my understanding maybe 1% of all lawyers in Texas are truly bilingual themselves. Many have bilingual secretaries or other workers within the office who can speak another language, but very few attorneys themselves are fluent in Spanish at the level that I am. 

I started my law career covering mainly personal injury cases, but overtime I realized that people needed more than just an accident attorney. At the time, I would try to give my best recommendations for attorneys that would cover other areas of the law that I thought would be a good fit for my clients wishes, however, many of them would come back to me and complain that no one would return their calls and never even got the chance to meet with another attorney. 

In contrast, my office provides a very direct link to me and my clients. Most of my clients have my cell phone number, and I demand that my staff return phone calls as quickly as possible while remaining educated on the particular client, their family, and the cases that they’re involved in.

“I don’t look kindly on the profit model of attorneys that involves processing as many cases as possible to reach a certain quota or profit margin. My firm doesn’t focus on gaining as many clients as possible through aggressive marketing campaigns because that’s not how I see the world of law. My clients deserve the level and quality of communication that I provide, so I try to create content that expresses my personal commitment to getting the best results for our client’s and that’s one of the biggest things that separates us from other attorneys.”

Another aspect of the Ruiz Law firm that sets them apart from others in the same field is Ruiz’s creativity. Besides being an amazing attorney, Ruiz is also an author. He described how his first passion was always writing, and he’s even published books to maintain that passion as he grew older. 

“Having a passion for writing as an attorney is very important. Being able to write descriptively and clearly aids you when presenting the intricacies of a client’s case and their experience. I always analyze the details of my cases so that I can explain them effectively. Although a lot of attorneys are good writers, the creative aspect of writing is what helps me emphasize the pieces of a case necessary to be successful in court.”

Ruiz’s social media presence as well as his firm’s website reflect his creativity as well, and assist him when it comes to marketing the services they provide. His ability to be multifaceted in his skills allows him to utilize the pieces of his creativity for the gain of his clients. 

“In my previous professional life, I was aiming to be a politician. I’ve even worked on numerous campaigns throughout the state of Texas and have personally registered about 10,000 voters. Those experiences meshed with my work with social justice and advocacy have made me a better listener and given me the opportunity to grow as an individual, and in return, as an attorney as well.”

Adalberto Ruiz Ruiz Law Firm

Ruiz is regarded as an attorney who takes the time to really listen to his clients entire story while working with them to plan the most feasible and successful strategies to meet their goals. 

Making change is not only a big piece of Ruiz’s role as an attorney, but in life. His dedication to advocating for his clients while navigating the inner workings of the law has allowed him to be the voice his clients need, and a voice those around him have learned to value.  

“I’m not trying to change the world, I’m trying to help my clients on an individual level have the best outcome to the challenges they’re facing. 

The most important impact I can make is on the lives of the clients that I’ve worked with and the stories I’ve been able to help them tell. Helping individuals fight for their rights in any situation and watching them go from depressed and confused to excited and liberated, is one of the most rewarding benefits of being an attorney. 

Throughout the pandemic our firm constantly answered the phones to help clients navigate through that uncertain and anxious time. That’s important because if something like a global pandemic didn’t stop us from helping our clients, nothing will. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality legal services and to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients,” Ruiz concluded. 

To learn more about the amazing work Ruiz does at Ruiz Law Firm, check out their website by clicking here!