Atlanta Remaining Under State Of Emergency Amid Water Service Troubles

Atlanta, Georgia is currently under a state of emergency as it continues to combat major disruptions to its water services, according to reports. Residents are currently being advised to boil their water before using/consuming it. 

“To the people of Atlanta, I do want to apologize that this has frustrated you and frustrated me this weekend. This is not the way the city nor the visitors, residents intended to spend our weekend, having to boil water and deal with low pressure or water outages in certain areas,” Mayor Andre Dickens said on “CNN News Central” on Monday morning.

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Ever since Friday, the city has been impacted by water service issues. That day, the first two of a series of water main breaks occurred along two pipes. One was a 36-inch pipe and the other was a 48-inch pipe. Dickens stated that these were about a century old, and one of the failed pipes was installed in 1910, with the other being installed in 1930. 

One of the pipes was repaired on Saturday night, just hours before Dickens would declare an official state of emergency. Repairs for the other initial break are still not completed. Around 1 a.m. this Monday, workers turned off water for several blocks in the area of the breakage, which led to a geyser to erupt from the pipe’s break. 

The geyser eventually stopped flowing, and officials are currently “pleased with the direction that the repairs are going now,” said Al Wiggins Jr., the director of the city’s Department of Watershed Management. 

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“Right now, most Atlantans have water, it’s just we want to make sure that they boil it out of a precautionary measure,” Dickens told CNN.

“I’m very hopeful that in the next hour or so that we can lift (the advisory),” Dickens said.

“As of Monday morning, officials did not have a reason to believe the water main breaks were connected,” Wiggins said.

Fire and police officials stated that they were distributing water in the areas where water had been turned off, and they emphasized that first-responder services are still active and have not been impacted by the breaks. 

Parts of the city are currently without water and/or are under boil water advisories. Tourist attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola are currently shut down, and two big events, including two Meg Thee Stallion concerts, have been canceled. 

“I know it has been a tough and frustrating day for many of you. We all take this matter very seriously,” Dickens said.