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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Discusses Record Breaking Covid-19 Numbers In Florida

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez claims the city is breaking record after record of Covid-19 reports as Florida passes 200,000 cases.

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FBI To Potentially Open Civil Rights Investigation Over Elijah McClain’s Death

Nearly one year later, Elijah McClain’s story has not only begun circulating social media, but gathered enough attention to get the investigation formerly reopened and reviewed. In fact, the FBI and US Justice Department recently made a statement in which they claimed that they’ve been reviewing the circumstances surrounding McClain’s death since 2019. 

The review so far has mainly focused on determining whether or not a federal civil rights investigation is warranted based on the initial evidence. The statement claimed that the matter was “ongoing” as they’re in the process of gathering additional pieces of information such as testimonials and other evidence that could be useful. According to the FBI, the Aurora Police Department and other parties working within the city have been cooperating through it all. 

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McClain’s family reacted to the news recently with their own statement in which they expressed their shock, but relief, that the investigation will continue to be reviewed. 

“I am both surprised and pleased to hear that a civil rights investigation is being considered. The Aurora Police Department has a long and sordid history of both brutality and racism, and a comprehensive civil rights investigation is long overdue.”

Mari Newman went on to invite the federal agencies to reach out to the family whenever needed, as they will “happily provide information to assist in this critically important investigation.” 

McClain’s death is a story that’s become all too familiar in America, and is the reason we’re currently seeing a nationwide demand for social justice and racial equality for black individuals. McClain was 23-years-old when he was walking home from the store late at night. McClain had anemia, which caused his body to become cold very easily, so he walked home in full sweats and a ski mask to remain warm. Someone noticed McClain and reported a “suspicious looking man” to the police. 

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McClain was then stopped by three white police officers and when he resisted initial contact with one officer, an aggressive struggle was brought on by the police and they put him in a carotid hold; more commonly referred to as a choke-hold. They held him in the choke-hold for 15 minutes while he pleaded that he “couldn’t breathe,” vomited, and briefly lost consciousness. When paramedics arrived at the scene they injected him with a dose of ketamine to sedate him. McClain then suffered a heart attack on the way to the hospital, and was declared brain dead three years later. 

As of right now all three officers involved still have their jobs but have been reassigned to “non-enforcement duties.” The main reasoning for this reassignment was to keep the “officers safety as priority,” sparking massive new waves of anger and protests. More than 2 million people have now signed a petition demanding that justice be served for these men who murdered 23-year-old McClain. 

As the investigation got brought into the mainstream, multiple Aurora officers have been placed on administrative leave after new images surfaced of them near the scene where McClain was murdered. The investigation into all parties involved is still pending according to the Aurora police chief. 

“This investigation will be publicly released in its entirety promptly upon its conclusion. This will include reports, photographic evidence obtained, officer’s names, and my final determination which can rise to the level of termination.”

The FBI and Justice Department said that they’re aware of all media reports surrounding the case and photographs that have already been made public before the investigation could conclude, however, they claim to not have any further comments until that conclusion is actually met.

Signing Petition

2 Million People Sign Petition Demanding ‘Justice For Elijah McClain’ A Year After His Death

Nearly 2 million people have now signed a petition demanding that the investigation of the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain be reopened. McClain suffered a heart attack after Aurora police officers forcefully held him on the ground for 15 minutes and paramedics gave him a dosage of ketamine as sedative. 

The petition itself calls on the city of Aurora, Colorado – specifically Adams County- and law enforcement agencies to not only fire the officers who held McClain in a choke-hold, but conduct a much more in-depth investigation that would lead to proper charges being met for the individuals responsible in McClain’s murder. 

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Sheneen McClain, Elijah McClain’s mother, provides photos of Elijah while testifying before a House Finance committee in support of SB-217 regarding police reform at the State Capitol June 10, 2020

On August 24th, 2019, McClain was walking home at night and wearing a ski mask due to his anemia; the ski mask would help him remain warm since anemia can slow down blood flow, especially in cooler night temperatures.  Someone called the police and reported seeing a “suspicious looking man” walking around. Police arrived, told McClain to stop and after he refused the officers resorted to physical means of stopping him; which resulted in a 15 minute choke-hold and the ignoring of McClain’s pleas that he was in pain and couldn’t breathe properly. 

Aurora paramedics arrived at the scene and injected McClain with ketamine, he then went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital where he fell into a coma and later died. According to Mari Newman, McClain’s family’s lawyer, the 23-year-old was vomiting while being restrained by the police and clearly saying that he “couldn’t breathe.” Newman also claims that an officer threatened to call in “a dog to bite” McClain if he continued to struggle; despite his pleas. 

The Aurora Police Department announced that they would be banning cartid pressure holds, and creating a duty for officers to intervene if they believe colleagues are violating department policy. The department has also changed their stance on reports of “suspicious individuals” claiming that officers will not be required to make contact with anyone reported as suspicious, but rather observe them from a distance. 

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Demonstrators gathered to honor the life of Elijah McClain in Aurora, Colorado on June 6, 2020

“The department recognizes that Black people are reported as suspicious at higher rates than other races. No one should ever be considered suspicious based on the color of their skin,” said Aurora Police Department Interim Chief Vanessa Wilson.

Protesters are more than unsatisfied with the Aurora police department’s response to McClain’s murder, claiming that policy changes within the system often don’t do anything to create real systemic change in the way that white police officers treat black individuals. McClain’s autopsy also revealed inconclusive results in regard to his cause of death, leading to all officers present at the scene remaining uncharged. 

McClain’s family launched a fundraiser to help pay for his memorial and legal fees, as they believe that if McClain’s autopsy results were “inconclusive” then that should be even more motivation to investigate the death further. Loved ones have also flooded social media with positive memories and images of McClain, remembering him as a beautiful and quirky young man who used to play violin for stray cats at animal shelters in his spare time. He also worked as a massage therapist in Aurora, where all of his clients regarded him as a positive individual who always made people smile. 

If you want to help contribute to Elijah McClain’s family, legal fund, or petition to reopen his investigation, click here.

Statue of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Statue To Be Removed From The Museum Of Natural History Steps In NYC

The statue of President Theodore Roosevelt that’s currently erected in front of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City will be removed, according to a statement from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office.

The request to remove the statue actually came from the Museum of Natural History themselves, as the statue features America’s 26th president on a horse while a Native American and Black man stand on each side of the horse itself. The removal is also a general response to the multitude of confederate statues that are either being removed by protesters or requested to be removed by local officials in light of the current social justice issues America is enduring.

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“The American Museum of Natural History has asked to remove the Theodore Roosevelt statue because it explicitly depicts Black and Indigenous people as subjugated and racially inferior. The city supports the museum’s request. It is the right decision and the right time to remove this problematic statue,” de Blasio’s office said.

Executives working for the Museum of Natural History also released a statement on their website, claiming that while the statue was originally placed in front of the museum as a means of celebrating Roosevelt as “devoted naturalist” and American historian, the message behind the statue also “communicates a racial hierarchy that the museum and members of the public have long found disturbing.”

No specific date of removal has been set yet, but the museum is currently working with NYC officials on the proper protocol for removing and storing a historical statue that’s been a part of the museum’s property for so many years. The statue itself is titled the “Equestrian Statue of Theodore Roosevelt” and was initially commissioned to be made for the museum in 1925. It made its debut in 1940 as a part of New York’s larger memorial to Roosevelt, according to the museum.

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“To understand the statue, we must recognize our country’s enduring legacy of racial discrimination — as well as Roosevelt’s troubling views on race. We must also acknowledge the museum’s own imperfect history. Such an effort does not excuse the past but it can create a foundation for honest, respectful, open dialogue,” the museum continued in their statement.

As previously stated the museum’s decision was also inspired by the many historically confederate and racist statues currently being removed from parks and other state establishments in America. Just last week New Jersey’s Monmouth University voted to remove President Woodrow Wilson’s name from the campus’s Great Hall.

The University’s decision, like the museums, is a result of Wilson’s controversial reign as a politician. Wilson famously viewed racial segregation as a “benefit” to the country and its power structure. He also defended the enslavement of Black people by claiming that slaves in general were “happy and well-cared for.”

The protests and demand for true systemic change has been a fight since the dawn of the civil rights movement. Protesters want US officials to think about what we choose to memorialize and turn into monuments. When we honor things like the Vietnam War or 9/11, we often honor the victims of those tragic events in American history, so why aren’t there more monuments for the millions of slaves that were forced into this country? The Museum of Natural History agreed with this sentiment,and is hoping other historical institutions follow suit.

Protest Black Lives Matter

Multiple Black Men Found Hanging From Trees Sparks Demand For Lynching Investigations

The bodies of four black men have been discovered hanging from trees in various parts of the country, and while police officers are ruling each incident as a suicide, the public isn’t as convinced, especially in light of all the Black Lives Matter protests that have been occurring everyday for the past few weeks in response to the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other innocent black lives at the hands of the police. 

Lynching may seem like an outdated crime, but the reality is the politics behind lynching are still very much relevant. In fact, the federal government just deemed lynching to be a federal crime this year, nearly 65 years after the case of Emmett Till rocked the nation. 

Now, tensions in America are running high, as we’re currently battling two deadly pandemics; the coronavirus and systemic racism. So when the bodies of four black men hanging from trees made headlines within the past month, individuals were convinced some sort of foul play must have been involved; especially considering the fact that members of the KKK have made appearances at some of the black lives matter protests within the past week.

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On June 9th the body of Dominique Alexander, 27, was found hanging from a tree with a rope around his neck in Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan. The next day the body of 24-year-old Robert Fuller was found hanging in a tree with a rope around his neck in Palmdale, California. Two weeks prior to both of these incidents, the body of 38-year-old Malcolm Harsch was found hanging from a tree in Victorville, California, which is about an hour away from Palmdale. On Wednesday June 17th, the body of a black male teenager was found hanging from a tree on the property of Ehrhardt Elementary School in Houston, Texas. 

All four of these deaths, except for Robert Fullers, have been ruled a suicide by local police forces. After a petition demanding LA county open a homicide investigation on Fuller’s death gained over 240,000 signatures, the County Sheriff said the death will be “probed as a homicide.” Regardless, the fact that all four of these deaths by hanging happened during such a tumultuous time politically, and within the same month as each other, has the public convinced that they were planned attacks. 

Fuller’s family specifically has been very vocal about the fact that they do not believe Fuller was depressed or suicidal in the slightest. The family of Malcolm Harsch has had the same attitude and is also demanding an independent investigation be opened up for his death. 

“The explanation of suicide does not seem plausible. There are many ways to die but considering the current racial tension, a black man hanging himself from a tree definitely doesn’t sit well with us right now. We want justice not comfortable excuses,”  Harsch’s family said to the media.

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The racial tensions in America currently are mirroring that of the 1960’s, hence the major concern over these four incidents of black men dying in a way that mimics how white individuals used to murder black people in this country for sport. The conversation surrounding lynching has also been circulating through these protests even before these deaths. After video footage was released of Ahmaud Arbery being chased and killed by two white supremacists, many people took to Twitter to state that the world just witnessed a black man get lynched on camera. 

People around the nation, and the world, are continuing to march everyday until some sort of resolution is met. The goal from these protestors is a complete overhaul of the police system and the way our government splits up funding. Considering the fact that we’re currently enduring the worst public health crisis in decades, healthcare providers are especially angry at their complete lack of resources, but the overwhelming amount of riot/protective gear the police have access too with their much higher budget. 

Regardless of if these deaths were suicides or not, the fact that America has now seen four black men “hang themselves” by a rope from a tree within the same month, during a time where racial tensions have heightened greatly, is definitely reason enough to open an intense investigation. 

Suicide and mental health within the black community is also a major issue. Within the past few years suicide has been on the rise among black teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, studies suggest a major contributing factor to this rise is the systemic racism that shows itself in America’s schooling system, police force, physical/mental health care facilities, workforce, etc. This is why the movement has such an intense momentum behind it.

If you want to know more about the Black Lives Matter movement and how you can directly help from home, click here for access to dozens of petitions, donation pages, and fundraising efforts specifically for those fighting for racial equality right now.

Voting in Election

Multiple States Report Long Lines And Polling Issues For 2020 Primary Elections

This past Tuesday Georgia held its primary elections which gave America an unfortunate look at the possible mess the presidential election in November could become if this pandemic doesn’t begin to ease up. Voters in Georgia claim that they were standing in lines for up to four hours and that they never even received a mail-in ballot, forcing them to go to the actual polls and wait. Local officials and poll workers were unable to manage the major influx of voters as well. 

Poll worker shortages are also a major problem amid Covid-19, as many are either sick, or don’t want to risk their health to go work in a community space. Since March local officials have been prioritizing easy and safe means of voting during a worldwide health crisis, however, as many states are seeing now, not a lot of work was actually done. 

“We’re just going to have a catastrophe in November. We’ve already passed the point of catastrophic failure. It doesn’t get any better if we have two to three times the number of people who are trying to vote in these polling locations,” said Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida who studies elections. 

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Voters in Nevada also waited for hours in line for their primaries this past Tuesday, despite having a majority of the state choose to mail-in their ballots. Election officials in Pennsylvania and Washington DC also claim that they struggled to provide acceptance to all of the absentee ballot requests before the elections, even if they were sent in on time. Voters in those states also claim to have been waiting on line for multiple hours. 

Maryland and Wisconsin also had reports of long lines and a struggle to receive mail-in ballots, more specifically, it was reported in Milwaukee that they had to reduce their normal 180 polling locations to just five for everyone in the city. The biggest problem, however, is the issue of communities of color receiving an even greater amount of election failures. 

“Black voters are especially hard-hit, in some parts of the country, it feels like officials are making reckless decisions that are a recipe for disaster. It took me three hours to vote in my majority African American precinct in Atlanta, but I saw no line at a polling place in a predominantly white area later in the day,” LaTosha Brown, a co-founder of Black Voters Matter, told Politico.

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Activists have been very vocal about their concern over mass polling closures amid the pandemic, mainly because politicians have a valid reason for these closings, but not a valid reason as to why they haven’t come up with an easier solution to vote in these massively important upcoming elections. 

Many states who haven’t had their primary elections yet are calling for an extension as to when citizens are able to send in applications for absentee ballots. In Wisconsin, Democrats were able to secure a court order that demanded all mail-in ballots be counted as long as the postage was marked six days before the election; and is received by the election date of course. 

Wisconsin has been acting as the inspiration for voter activists in many states, as after they had a similar disastrous primary election to Georgia, they released a detailed analysis as to what went wrong and an extensive plan to send absentee ballots to every single registered voter, regardless of if they requested one or not. California and Michigan followed suit and said that they would also be sending ballots to every registered voter in the state. 

Right now, all of the states are in a league of their own in terms of how they handle voting in the primaries during two major worldwide pandemics. Some things you can do for yourself in terms of voting is ensuring that you are registered in your proper county, check if your state is offering absentee ballots and request one if you still have time. This is the easiest way to ensure that your vote/voice is still heard, and will hold the least amount of risk in terms of contracting the virus.

Protestors in the City

‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Seen In All 50 States Following The Death Of George Floyd

Peaceful protests within all 50 states of America have been defying curfews and marching well into the night this week to protest the murder of George Floyd and all other black people who have died at the hands of the police. On the eighth night of protests (last night), protesters experienced less violence due to a decrease in police presence, which also led to fewer interactions with protesters and police in general. 

The violence, riots, and looting aspect of these protests are more times than not brought on by the police themselves, or outside parties not actually involved in the peaceful protests, and instead want to instigate the crowd to start acting violent. The majority of those who are actually fighting for justice reform and Black Lives Matter, however, have remained completely peaceful unless instigated by an aggressive outside presence.

The initial protests began last Monday after George Floyd was murdered by ex-officer Derek Chauvin who kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes while he cried out that he couldn’t breathe multiple times; three officers also stood over Floyd and the officer for the nine minutes, watching Chauvin kill Floyd and not doing anything about it. 

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Protests initially began in Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta but within the past week alone peaceful protests have been occurring in major metropolitan’s in all 50 states! One of the first times in US history that all of the states were protesting for the same thing simultaneously. 

However, due to the instigated violence and rioting behaviors that are being brought on by the police force, and now national guard, these metropolitan’s leaders are instilling curfews and strict protesting measures. LA and NY especially have been emphasizing their curfews; which has caused all major political parties to receive major backlash, especially considering the individuals who were protesting the pandemic and the right to go to work two weeks ago who were allowed to do so without any police presence whatsoever, and a majority of those protesters were yielding assault weapons; they were also all mainly white. 

“He will never see her grow up, graduate. He will never walk her down the aisle. If there is a problem she’s having and she needs her daddy, she does not have that anymore. I am here for my baby, and I’m here for George because I want justice for him.” Roxie Washington, the mother of Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter, said. 

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Actor John Boyega speaks to the crowd during a Black Lives Matter protest

In regards to George Floyd’s case, Derek Chauvin has since been fired, arrested, and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter; it’s important to note that the arrest wasn’t made until the protests actually began and the video went viral. The other three officers have also been fired, but remain uncharged; although Floyd’s family attorney, Ben Crump, believes that they will also receive justice for their crimes. 

“We think all of them should be charged with some type of felony murder for participating in the horrific killing of George Floyd. An independent autopsy found that the knee on Floyd’s neck as well as two other officers’ knees holding him down contributed to his death,” Crump said.

The Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, is now leading the prosecution of the case and has vowed to “hold everyone accountable who is legally culpable.” He went on to explain that he would be going through everything with a fine tooth comb to ensure that every single aspect of this case is clear when presented to a court. 

Anyone with social media has seen the extreme violence that’s been brought on by the police with some of these larger protests in cities like LA and NYC especially. Thousands have been arrested throughout the country, hundreds have been injured, and some have been killed. It’s even more essential that those out there peacefully protesting are protected and able to express their first amendment rights as Americans. 

Protests are projected to continue and grow larger until the case of George Floyd is brought to the courtroom and justice is served for all four officers involved. Black Lives Matter as an organization has made it very clear that Floyd’s murder just scratches the surface of what they’re fighting for in terms of racial equality and justice for all black people who have been killed unjustly by the police. 

If you want to know more about the Black Lives Matter movement and how you can directly help from home, click here for access to dozens of petitions, donation pages, and fundraising efforts specifically for those fighting for racial equality right now.


Barack Obama Praises Protests And Condemns Violence In New Statement

Millions of people all across America are uniting and taking to the streets to peacefully protest the unjust murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. The protests in general are meant to call massive attention to the centuries of racist treatment and lack of protection black people receive from the police; an organization that’s only purpose is to protect and serve ALL people. 

Many individuals are tired, sad, and hopeless, as their president has only intensified matters by sending in massive groups of armed officers to break up the protests; something every American has the right to do peacefully. Instead, the police just show up, start shooting rubber bullets, tear gas, and arresting anyone they can get their hands on. Over 1,600 American citizens have been arrested for expressing their right as a member of this country and protesting for the protections of black lives. That’s 1,600 people currently in jail who were protesting for the arrest of just four men; the former officers present at Floyd’s murder. 

Former president Barack Obama has released his official statement on the state of America today, and expressed how he knows this new generation of activists are more than capable of shaping strategies to enforce their beliefs and make a real change. 

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He began his statement by recalling the decades of peaceful protests that black individuals in America have organized to protest the same exact issue that we are still dealing with today; over 50 years later (and that’s just in terms of police brutality and the civil rights movement specifically, as we all know, the fight for racial equality among black people in America has been a fight since slavery). 

He then went on to urge anyone going to these protests with the intention to cause violence, property damage, or steal should rethink their privilege and position in the matter. These protests are all being organized with peace in mind, no one has resorted to violence or “riot-like” behaviour unless instigated by the police, or if they just show up and start destroying property because they’re privileged enough to know they’ll get away with it.  

“The point of protest is to raise public awareness, to put a spotlight on injustice, and to make the powers that be uncomfortable; in fact, throughout American history, it’s often only been in response to protests and civil disobedience that the political system has even paid attention to marginalized communities. But eventually, aspirations have to be translated into specific laws and institutional practices — and in a democracy, that only happens when we elect government officials who are responsive to our demands. Moreover, it’s important for us to understand which levels of government have the biggest impact on our criminal justice system and police practices.”

Obama then went on to state that while the president and the federal government are definitely at fault for a lot of things, when it comes to real systematic change the people need to turn their attention specifically to the U.S. Justice System and Congress. Local government officials such as mayors, county executives, police chiefs, etc. are all just as important to the advancement of our democracy as well, so when we’re voting, remember that! Even if it is just a small-town local election make your voice HEARD.

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“So the bottom line is this: if we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both. We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform.”

To end his statement Obama wanted to emphasize that the more specific the people make demands for criminal justice reform, “the harder it will be for elected officials to just offer lip service to the cause and then fall back into business as usual once protests have gone away.” We’re all fighting the same battle, however, the systematic issues could vary based on your specific community. 

This is why it’s imperative to be specific when talking to your local government officials, don’t hold back and ask them why your community looks the way it does and how you can all change to better benefit the safety and lives of black people. 

“But as a starting point, here’s a report and toolkit developed by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and based on the work of the Task Force on 21st Century Policing that I formed when I was in the White House.”

These past few months have been extremely difficult and definitely disheartening but remember, the coverage of violence and anger that we see on social media constantly isn’t the only reality of America right now. Thousands of protests across the country have remained peaceful and many are breaking some ground within their own communities. So to end, as Obama did in his statement, there is plenty of change to be made and peace to be had, so “let’s get to work.” 

If you want to know more about the Black Lives Matter movement and how you can directly help from home, click here for access to dozens of petitions, donation pages, and fundraising efforts specifically for those fighting for racial equality right now.

Girl using Markers for Picture

This 10-Year-Old Started Her Own Charity To Help Kids In Foster Care Cope With The Pandemic

Chelsea Phaire is a 10-year-old girl from Danbury, Connecticut who’s using her time in quarantine to lift the spirits of other children who are stuck at home. Phaire has sent out more than 1,500 art kits to her local homeless shelters and foster care homes to give kids without a proper place to live a reason to smile, even if it’s just for a moment. 

The kits themselves include art supplies such as markers, crayons, paper, coloring books, colored pencils, and gel pens. Phaire and her parents have not only sent these kids to local shelters in Connecticut, but to dozens of other shelters all around the United States. 

Perhaps the best part of this entire story is that Chelsea and her parents have been able to send these kits through a very special charity called, Chelsea’s Charity. The charity was started by both Chelsea and her parents this year, and according to her parents, this has been a dream of their daughter since she was 7-years-old. 

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The charity was able to kick off this year with some special help from Chelsea’s friends, according to the website. “Chelsea’s Charity officially kicked off when Chelsea asked her guests at her 10th birthday party to bring art supplies as a donation in lieu of gifts for herself. Chelsea has a desire to support children and help them know that art is a start to healing, expression, communicating and so much more! Huge thank you to those who have contributed already; it means so much to Chelsea!  Keep us in prayer as we embark on this exciting journey!  #ChelseasCharity.”

According to her parents Chelsea would ask them “every couple of months” when they’d be able to start her charity. When she turned 10, as mentioned above, she asked all of her friends to bring art supplies to donate instead of birthday presents, leading to the massive influx in supplies. After her birthday party Chelsea and her parents were able to make and send 40 art kits to a homeless shelter in New York.

After the extremely positive feedback from Chelsea’s friends parents and the homeless shelter itself, her parents set up an Amazon Wishlist for the charity that’s full of art supplies that anyone can easily click on to donate. You can donate yourself by visiting the charity website or going to the wishlist directly, here.

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Every time the family hits their minimum number of supplies to start creating kits they immediately begin assembling and sending them out. Within the first five months of running Chelsea and her mom claim they sent out over 1,000 kits to kids all across America. They specifically look to donate to homeless shelters, foster care homes, women’s shelters, and schools that have been impacted by gun violence. The goal is simple, spread some colorful positivity during such a dark uncertain time.  

“I feel good inside knowing how happy they are when they get their art kits. I have definitely grown as a person because of this. Now my dream is to meet every kid in the entire world and give them art. Who knows, maybe if we do that and then our kids do that, we’ll have world peace!” Chelsea said in a recent interview.

Phaire’s mother is an early childhood education professor who has a lot of experience using art therapy to help children cope with mental health struggles and social/emotional deficiencies. She’s also seen first hand how much kids within the foster care system are denied access to any sort of resources to help improve their mental health, which is why she also has been so passionate about running this charity with her daughter. 

If you want to donate to Chelsea’s Charity and help brighten the lives of countless children who are struggling even more than normal thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, click here.

Mother & Daughter at home with masks

New Cases Of Coronavirus Down In 28 States, Health Officials Still Fear A Second-Wave

Johns Hopkins University has been recording data regarding all aspects of the coronavirus pandemic since cases initially started appearing in the United States. Recently, the Universities data showed that the number of new coronavirus cases in more than half of the states in the US are going down. These states are also mainly more rural areas with less densely populated metropolitans, such as Manhattan, however, this is still really positive news. 

So far 28 states in total have recorded a decline in new Covid-19 cases appearing in their hospitals. Several of these states were the ones who decided to reopen early as well, including Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Colorado, however, as we know this virus  is unpredictable, so no one is in the clear yet. 

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In addition, seven states are still experiencing an increase in new cases, and the remaining 15 have reported to be holding relatively steady in the middle. So far, 1.4 million Americans have tested positive for Covid-19, and more than 85,000 have died, so while these states are experiencing a decline in new case numbers, the universal opinion has been that the US need to increase it’s quarantine and lockdown policies exponentially if we want to see a real difference. 

One of the biggest concerns that the US has been coping with since the beginning of this pandemic has been getting access to proper testing for the virus. While not every person who contracts Covid-19 needs treatment, as many are asymptomatic, it’s still crucial to get tested so that healthcare professionals can warn you to quarantine away from your loved ones for at least 14 days to prevent the further spread of the disease. 

“Every case that’s out there could be the spark that starts another outbreak in your community that gets out of control. With the right measures, countries can suppress transmission and avoid bouncing back-and-forth between lockdown and lifting restrictions,” said Dr. Richard Besser, the former acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Some experts have speculated that the coronavirus could continue to spread for the next two years, or until about 70% of the world’s population has been infected. Obviously, finding a vaccine is a top priority for healthcare professionals. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has begun a new trial for those who have mild symptoms to see how effective/strong the drug treatments they’ve been experimenting with are working. 

“We will enroll 2,000 people infected with coronavirus to try the drug combination at home. Study participants must have a fever, cough and/or shortness of breath. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive short-term treatment with either hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin or matching placebos. People living with HIV and pregnant and breastfeeding women also are eligible to participate in the study,” according to the NIH. 

For now, the CDC, NIH, and any other healthcare professional worldwide would likely tell you to continue abiding by social distancing measures, and remaining indoors as much as possible. If you do need to leave the house, wear all the protective gear necessary and stay at least six feet apart from everyone.