Banksy Confirms Tree Mural In North London Is His Work 

A mural that appeared overnight on a residential building in the Finsbury Park area of northern London is confirmed to be a work by Banksy. The anonymous street artist confirmed that it was his work on his Instagram this past Monday after onlookers speculated the whole morning about how the artwork got there. 

The mural is located on Hornsey Road in Finsbury Park, and is painted on a wall that sits directly behind a tree when the viewer is looking down Hornsey Road itself, according to the Guardian

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The artwork features a lifesize depiction of a woman holding a pressure washer that makes it seem as though she’s spraying green paint on the side of the building. When you view the tree in front of the mural straight on and centered, the green paint also looks like foliage coming out of the plant. 

Hornsey Road residents and other onlookers continuously gathered on Monday to look at the artwork, expressing their excitement to local news outlets. 

“We’re so proud and delighted that Banksy chose our road and chose Finsbury Park for his work,” said Hornsey Road resident Wanja Sellers to the PA Media news agency. 

Other residents like Lidia Guerra praised the work while also offering a potential meaning behind it, as Banksy is known for his art pieces to have some kind of underlying larger message. 

“The way it’s been done, with the paint spraying down, reminds me of a weeping willow, so there’s perhaps a message about the struggle of nature with the dead tree in front. It’s just great – when we read about it last night, we knew we had to come and see it as soon as possible. We feel so proud to think he chose our street,” Guerra stated

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Resident Chris Beskin said:  “I’m absolutely delighted to see this on our street – I think it’s great and sends a strong message. I’d like to see more of it, to be honest, the more the merrier. I think it’s probably one of his biggest pieces in a while – and the fact he’s done it on the wall means it can’t just be stolen or easily removed.”

Other residents were happy that the mural gave the community the chance to come together and revel in their home’s beauty. 

The cherry tree, which works as a centerpiece for the artwork, is said to be around 40 to 50-years-old, and is unfortunately in declining health. Local reports state that the council’s tree service has been attempting to prolong its lifespan by taking care of the tree as much as possible. 

Creator of the BBC Radio series, ‘The Banksy Show,’ James Peak, spoke on the messaging behind this newest installation from Banksy. 

“The message is clear: Nature’s struggling and it is up to us to help it grow back.” 

“[The scene is] a very busy, urban, built-up environment, with the tree sitting in the gardens of some social housing. The figure of the woman is a classic Banksy-style stencil. The shade of green used to represent the foliage is exactly the same sort of virulent shade of green that Islington uses for its social housing signs,” he described

“So, when you step back, it looks like the tree has burst into life, but in a noticeably fake and synthetic way. And it’s pretty subtle for a massive tree, I’d say. It’s spring now, and this tree should be bursting forth with leaves, but Banksy must have cycled past and thought how miserable it looks,” he said.