How The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Date | Open Bed

In a world where dating has become completely digitized, Open Bed aims to promote individuality and self-expression with their online dating playground.

Open Bed Online Dating

Within the past decade, dating culture has taken on a completely new identity. As the internet and technology in general continued to advance, so did the way that we go about meeting one another. Using online platforms to find potential relationship matches is nothing new, however, now that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic that forces everyone to stay home and remain distant from the rest of the world, using the internet to find love has shifted into something completely different than simply swiping and messaging people you find attractive. 

According to a study by Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences, 39% of heterosexual couples reported that they met online back in 2017; this is a 16% increase when compared to 2009 when online dating platforms really first started rising in popularity. For same-sex couples that percentage is even higher, with 60% of all couples reporting that they met online in 2017. Now that stay-at-home orders are appearing all throughout the world, these platforms have been thriving on an astronomical level. 

Market reports showed that popular dating website OKCupid has seen a 700% increase in the amount of users using the “virtual date” feature on the site. Hornet is a popular dating app for gay men that has reported a 30% increase in engagement since March, and Tinder reported that it saw more engagement on March 29th than any other day of the apps existence; for reference Tinder has over 3 billion users worldwide. 

After the initial match is made through these services, users are now finding new ways to get to know each other intimately on a digital level. Besides the fact that most traditional dating spots are closed indefinitely due to the pandemic – restaurants, bars, the movies, etc. – people also are conscious of the global health crisis and keeping themselves safe, however, that doesn’t mean that love has to wait. 

“People still want to find each other and we want them to come together and create these bonds without having to worry about what’s happening outside.” is a new dating service that launched on December 1st, and their goal was to create something completely unique and different from the traditional swiping and dating website questionnaires that online users have grown tired of. The site’s slogan is “Your Sexual Truth Awaits” and it advertises itself as the “newest and hottest online adult dating playground.” The site has a unique algorithm that gets very specific in terms of preferences, health status, and location so that users can meet individuals who really have the same interests as them. 

When users go to sign up, they fill out a registration form with sections for general personal information, dating preferences, past relationships (to emphasize who you are in a relationship/what you look for), and a friendship questionnaire, which asks questions about who you are in terms of your existing personal relationships. 

The website also isn’t focused on simply matching one user to another and hoping a connection is made, but instead offers a wide variety of features that cater to singles, couples, or even groups who are looking to digitally explore a “new advanced sexual lifestyle and respective relationship.” 

Once the pandemic hit the online dating market became one of the only economic sectors showing an increase in engagement, which is what gave the final push to bring this online adult playground to life. For reference the website’s initial business plan was created back in 2016, but other projects took priority due to a lack of specificities. That delay, however, benefited the company in ensuring that the site has something to offer for everyone now. 

“One person may be the type looking to naturally fall in love or get married, but in contrast to that, another person may be the type who regularly seeks out something casual, fun, easy, less commitment, less regulated, and surprisingly, this is who they end up falling in love with. Restraints aren’t sought after,” said a company spokesperson, who went on to discuss how these combating relationship goals never had one platform that they could come together on, until this point. There is no singular goal for users on, instead they should enter into the experience with an open mind and heart, and just aim to have a fun time with people who like the same things they do.

“We made a website that gives users the opportunity to explore themselves in a way that’s very different to standard online dating. Once they log in, they won’t want to log out.” 

Open Bed Dating Website

Beyond just meeting people, Open Bed offers a lot of one-of-a-kind features that you wouldn’t find on traditional dating websites. There’s a multitude of ways to chat with other users, such as group video chats, private chats, and even games that can be played among multiple people at once. The site also features amazing incentives and cash prizes for its users through monthly competitions. 

The spokesperson claimed that prizes can range from gift certificates for hot dating spots in your area (for when the pandemic is over), to $5,000 in cash. These monthly contests will also be hosted by a multitude of adult film star influencers that the website hired to host competitions, private showrooms, and more fun digital experiences for curious users. The site will also have podcasts featuring these influencers who will use their expertise from the industry to help give users tips and tricks on advancing their personal sex lives. 

Speaking of adult films, the website will also have a special section titled  “Open Bed Theatre” for individuals who may be feeling a little shy about immediately video chatting with others. This cinema experience lets patrons stream a wide variety of “classic adult movies,” but beyond that, users can also watch Live Streams of the influencers, and other site users who opt to host their own shows. Whichever viewing experience one chooses, they will be able to chat directly with other people watching the same movie or stream as them. The website even has its own Gift Shop where you can purchase the newest sex toys on the market and official memorabilia as well. 

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the way we date and interact with each other upside down. 69% of singles said that they would be open to chatting over video chat with someone they met on a dating app while 22% said they’d be willing to start a new relationship with someone they’ve only met digitally. The rule book is clearly out the window when it comes to online dating and wanted to exemplify that by delivering their all-inclusive “adult dating playground” free of judgement, and full of possibility. If you’re curious, visit their website and simply look around, but be warned, you may never want to log out afterwards.