Larry and Corine Farguson Jacob Transitional Safe House

Jacob Transitional Safe House Is Changing Lives And Opening Doors For Those Who Need It | Corine and Larry Farguson

“At the Jacob Transitional Safe House, our mission statement has, and will always be, to Empower Individuals on becoming conscientious, responsible, positive goal-oriented contributors of society.


Eurovision Chief Stands Behind Ongoing Russia Ban From International Song Contest

Eurovision’s executive supervisor Martin Österdahl, stated on a recent radio interview that while Russia’s ban from the international song contest has been difficult, it’s necessary as the event should “stand for the basic and ultimate values of democracy.”


School Book Bans Are Rising at an Unprecedented Rate

According to a report by PEN America, 50 conservative advocacy groups moved to ban more than 1648 books in 32 states within the last school year. The report speaks to a growing push for censorship in public schools nationwide.


The New “A League of Their Own” Remake TV Show Doesn’t Shy Away From Strong Reputation

The recent Amazon Prime remake “A League of Their Own” demonstrated the highs and lows of what life was like in the 1940s as being a Black transgender man.

pop culture

UK’s First Major Exhibition Of Korean Culture To Open At London’s V&A Museum

The term “hallyu,” meaning Korean Wave, entered mainstream culture in the 1990s. It refers to the prominence of Korean culture in things like movies, theater, music, and fandoms. Now, the London V&A is gearing up to host its first exhibition of Korean culture in the modern world.

Toya Vickers Author

Thanks To Her Skill and Selflessness, A Writer Has Shown Women How to Achieve Resilience and Empowerment | Toya Raylonn Vickers

Oftentimes, we may find that our hobbies and professions can serve much more than simple pastimes and careers. They can be tools of comfort, learning, and most importantly, resilience. Faced with a mountain of challenges, author and writer Toya Raylonn Vickers has used her writing skills not only to empower herself, but women going through the same struggles she once did.

Disney Refusing To Cut LGBTQ Scene In Doctor Strange 2 For Saudi Arabia

An official from Saudi Arabia has said that while the nation is not planning on banning Doctor Strange 2 for its inclusion of a 12-second scene referring to a lesbian character, they’re still trying to get Marvel to cut the scene.

How An Author And Reiki Master Is Giving Positivity And Empowerment To Those In Dark Places | Paula Vail

The phrase “happiness is fleeting” is one that has become more profound in recent times. In a world full of sadness and anger, Reiki Master and Wellness Inspired CEO Paula Vail is looking to switch up the mood by bringing fresh attitudes and a more positive outlook into those struggling with their inner turmoils.

How A Children’s Book Author Strives To Teach Conflict Resolution and Peace | Julie Penshorn

Current events around the world have made avoiding conflict impossible, which is why children’s book author Julie Penshorn strives to teach children the importance of handling difficult situations and the value of finding peace.

Healing Through Love And Communication: How Holistic Healing Is Advancing Healthcare For Everyone | Dr. Bonnie McLean

Back in the 1970’s, holistic and natural forms of healing were overlooked and underestimated as viable treatment options. Now, the field has grown monumentally, and is teaching individuals how to heal their mind, body, and spirit as one entity. Dr. Bonnie McLean has been in the holistic healing industry for nearly 40 years, and was a practicing nurse for 20 years before that, so she’s been able to combine her knowledge of both Chinese and Western Medicine, as well as counseling and ancient practices, to provide an integrative approach in her healing work.