Late-Night Hosts Discuss House Impeachment Proceedings And Trump’s Final Week In Office

Late-night television hosts spoke on Trump’s refusal to pay lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his second house impeachment.

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This week late-night commentators and television hosts have spent their evenings discussing Donald Trump’s final week in office. Seth Meyers opened up his Thursday night show last week by condemning the Republicans who have continued to back Trump and his baseless claims of a fraudulent election. He then took some time to discuss the House approved impeachment proceedings.

Meyers joked that Florida’s Matt Gatz’s comparison of the Capitol riot to the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests this summer made him sound like “an angry frat dude telling the dean why it was actually Sigma Chi’s fault that the Greek row burned down.” He then discussed how his “favorite example of GOP psychosis” was Marjorie Taylor Greene’s claims that there was an Islamic invasion of the government, as well as her refusal to certify Biden’s electoral victory even after the Capitol riot that left 5 dead. 

Meyers then took some time to point out the irony of Greene wearing a mask that said “censored” as she literally spoke in front of the entire House of Representatives: “Do you know how dumb you look? You’re speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives and being broadcast on national television. It’s like LeBron James wearing a shirt that says ‘play me, coach!’”

“These people will stop at nothing to make themselves feel like victims. They have no policies or principles, they just spin wild fantasies of persecution.”

Stephen Colbert also discussed Trump and his supporters on last Thursday’s broadcast of the Late Show, expressing his concern for the future of America. “I’m deeply worried about the disease sweeping this country: fascism, and Covid, but one plague at a time, please. As for the first plague, the House did their part to inoculate democracy on Wednesday by impeaching Donald Trump for a second time.”

“Trump is mentally unstable, a habitual liar, prone to fits of rage, and has assembled a private army of violent followers who will do everything he commands, Colbert said, adding that with only a few days left leading up to Biden taking office, “this years inauguration is less of a democratic celebration and more of a military occupation.” 

Due to the riot at the Capitol the other week, the National Mall will be closed for inauguration day and the ceremony itself will be protected by over 20,000 national guardsmen. “Now, if you have trouble telling your rioters in camo from the good guys in camo, the national guard will be the ones with the Confederate flags,” Colbert joked.

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“Trump’s supporters working in our government devoted themselves to the Trump cult, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that no matter how much loyalty you show, he’s never, ever, ever going to repay it.”

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On the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon delivered a eulogy for the dissolving relationship between Trump and Giuliani, who have reportedly had a major falling out over certain legal fees that Trump is refusing to pay. “These two were inseparable, and now it’s come to this? It feels like Dr.Frankenstein breaking up with Igor.”

According to reports Giuliani was blindsided by Trump’s decision to cut ties with him. Trump has now hired aides to route all payment requests that come from Giuliani; who reportedly charged $20,000 a day for his legal services in addition to covering his travel expenses. Fallon then poked fun at the fact that Trump is cutting ties with his most delusional and loyal supporters: “Trump can’t even go to the bathroom without getting depressed, his hair dye reminds him of Rudy Giuliani, his Q-Tips remind him of Mike Pence, and his toilet reminds him of Twitter.” 

Jimmy Kimmel also took some time to mourn the loss of the Rudy-Trump relationship. “Imagine he turns on Rudy? Working for Trump and expecting to get paid is like having dinner with Chris Christie and expecting a doggy bag. The president has also reportedly refused to take Giuliani’s calls, now the only way for Rudy to get through is if someone says his name three times in a mirror.”

“Even if you don’t jump ship, sooner or later Trump will throw you off it. Giuliani went from being America’s mayor to the parking lot of a dildo store trying to dig up dirt for Trump. The only dirt he could find was coming out of his hair, but what does he get for his troubles? Not paid for the work he did.” Trump will not be attending Biden’s inauguration this week as well, and only time will tell what further relationships Trump will cut as his presidency comes to an official end.