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Some Of The Best Smart Home Gadgets Revealed At CES 2021

CES is known as the biggest electronics show of the year. While the pandemic may have caused the conference to look a little different this year, tech giants still managed to stun smart technology lovers with a slew of new products that would be the perfect addition to anyone’s smart home. Here’s a list of some of the most talked-about gadgets that were released this year at CES 2021: 

Denon Home Sound Bar 550: This soundbar is the perfect addition to any entertainment system. It delivers lifelike audio that is meant to fill a space and “move” in all 360-degrees, to give you that genuine surround sound experience. 

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Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge: Smart refrigerator’s are relatively new to the smart home realm, however, Samsung has been a major trailblazer in these devices. This year, they’ve released an upgraded version of their Family Hub Smart Fridge which now has upgraded widgets to help you order groceries, find recipes, manage your other smart appliances, and so much more!

Samsung AI Robotic Vacuum: When one thinks about artificial intelligence, the last device you would think that it would be implemented into would be a vacuum. Samsung, however, feels the complete opposite, and has released a robotic vacuum that uses AI technology and special sensors to recognize specific objects on the floors and avoid all fragile pieces of furniture. It even has a built in camera so you can watch its route from anywhere. 

LOCKLY Duo Smart Lock: This electronic lock/deadbolt system for your door gives homeowners easy access to their space and a ton of security properties to keep you and your family safe. It’s equipped with dual-locking technology that allows you to lock and unlock the latch and deadbolt in one single motion. It also features voice assistant integration and worldwide monitoring so you’re able to be notified anytime your door is opened when you’re not home. 

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Nobi Smart Lamp For The Elderly: This smart lamp was designed with AI technology specifically to be used to detect falls. This way individuals who are either elderly and can’t move around as well as they used to, or who maybe have some sort of physical disability that puts them at an increased risk of falling, won’t have to worry about getting help should they fall down. The lamp delivers 24/7 battery-free monitoring and will call for help immediately if it senses you’ve fallen over and are struggling to get back up. 

Ampere Power Bluetooth Shower Speaker: There are a ton of waterproof Bluetooth shower speakers on the market now, but little compared to Ampere’s newest shower speaker. Unlike most Bluetooth speakers on the market, Ampere’s doesn’t ever need to be charged. It attaches right onto your shower-head and is thus powered by running water, so it’s constantly recharging as you get yourself clean. 

Samsung Bot Handy Smart Home Robot: In terms of Utopian visions of the future, Samsung’s Smart Home Robot is about as innovative as you can get. The robot literally recognizes and picks up household objects that need to be cleaned up or are in the way, such as cups, bowls, trash, etc. It even can help you clean your room and put away the dishes.  

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