New Browser Extension Lets Users Take Virtual Vacation With The Click Of A Button 

The Covid-19 pandemic has truly thrown a wrench in any and all of our 2020 plans. Traveling and going on vacation seems like a fantasy world at this point, and the cultural institutions that make our world so unique and diverse have been indefinitely shut down for months now. However, thanks to the modern world of technology, there’s been a multitude of ways that individuals can itch that vacation scratch without actually leaving their homes and risking their life. 

Many tourism sectors and cultural institutions throughout the world have created virtual experiences that allow users to simply go on their computer and travel anywhere they please. These experiences include tours of some of the world’s most famous museums, national parks, hiking trails, mountain ranges, etc. 

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One of the biggest aspects of traveling that we all likely miss, however, is the unpredictability of going to a new place and discovering little pockets of the world we would’ve never even seen if we stayed home. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge had the same type of longing, and decided to create a browser extension that would hopefully bring back some of that fun unpredictability travelers have likely been craving. 

Tab With A View, as previously mentioned, is a Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extension that allows users to travel to a new part of the world every time they open a new tab on their browser. The browser extension works by randomly choosing a beautiful photo or video of a destination that has been uploaded to the internet. 

The extension uses photos and videos submitted by real people who either live in these locations, or have traveled there in the past to capture the images. The goal was to create an experience where users never know where they’ll end up when they open a new tab to search for something. 

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If you’re the type of person who typically has dozens of tabs open anyway, this extension is the perfect addition to your user experience everyday. Especially considering many of us are working remotely now, and on our computers for a majority of the day, think about what a nice breath of fresh air it would be to see a unique little area of the world every time you need to open a new tab to write an email, search for an article, etc. 

Beyond just the image or video, the extension also shows real-time flight information for the location shown. Additionally it also shows users actual Covid-19 statistics for the area, as well as what visa requirements one would need depending on their nationality. 

The images are described as a “wide range of photos and videos of destinations, including drone photography, every-day views from people’s windows, views from bars, restaurants, or hotels in certain places, and virtual video “walks,” tours, and hiking trips, as well as Google Earth and Google Street View photography.”Anyone can contribute to Tab With A View by uploading an image or video within the platform itself. If you’re interested in installing the browser extension on Chrome, simply go to the Chrome Web Store and click “Add To Chrome.” For Microsoft Edge users, visit the Edge Add Ons website and do the same.

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