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World Health Organization Reports Record-Number Of New Covid-19 Cases

The World Health Organization confirmed that this past Saturday the world reported a record number of new confirmed Covid-19 cases with more than 250,000 reported. This is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that single-day new infections exceeded a quarter of a million; the specific number of new cases was 259,848. 

The biggest increases came from the United States, Brazil, South Africa, and India in that order; all countries collectively reported more than one million cases as of this past Friday. The previous record for single-day increases in case numbers was 237,743 cases, and that record was set just one day before this new one. 

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The WHO also reported that the number of global deaths is reaching 600,000 as 7,360 new coronavirus-related deaths were recorded worldwide on Saturday, which is the biggest global daily rise since May. These staggering numbers also come at a time where citizens in countries such as America and Brazil are actively protesting against their governments lack of action when it comes to implementing proper health and safety measures that have been proven multiple times to curve the spread. 

Additionally, government bodies in countries that have been able to control their spread greatly, such as China, Italy, Japan, etc., are worried about the virus re-emerging, especially considering there’s no vaccine for the virus yet. In Hong Kong specifically, leader Carrie Lam spoke with the media in regard to the 100 new cases that the city saw appear last week. 

“The situation is critical and there’s no sign it’s being brought under control. Social distancing measures will be extended…and the justice department will be asked to consider extending the mandatory face mask requirement to include all indoor places.”

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In the mainland of China where the virus is initially believed to have spawn, 16 new coronavirus cases have been reported this past Saturday, causing the city to go into “wartime mode,” meaning there are now no mass gatherings allowed and all residential communities have been sealed off from entry or exit. 

Spain saw one of the worst initial outbreaks in Europe, and now the government and local authorities are urging every resident to stay home so that scientists can continue to track and measure the spread of the virus. Social gatherings of more than 10 individuals have been banned in the country indefinitely, and police in Barcelona have closed down access to the city’s most popular beaches after too many residents actively ignored social distancing rules. 

In Australia, every resident living in Melbourne, the country’s second-largest city, is now required to be wearing a facial covering every time they leave their home. Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria which houses 5 million residents, and has now been put under a partial six-week lockdown as a result of 393 new cases appearing this weekend. 

As of right now, there are multiple vaccines in the works, but what’s most important is that citizens continue to listen to their healthcare professionals and practice social distancing, wear a mask in public, and wash their hands as much as possible.