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CDC Reports 22 Million Americans Have Now Been Vaccinated For Covid-19 Safely 

Early safety data from the first month of Covid-19 vaccinations in America has shown that the shots are just as safe as the studies have suggested. So far every individual who has experienced an allergic reaction to the vaccine has been successfully treated, and no other serious problems have appeared within the 22 million people who have now been vaccinated. 

The data has been collected from several different tracking systems throughout the nation. One of the voluntary programs lets patients easily text any symptoms they experience after being vaccinated directly to the researchers collecting the information. Another program specifically seeks out people who have had a negative reaction to the vaccine and the other collects reports from medical records.

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The CDC has claimed it’s nearly impossible to prove something is 100% safe, however, the data from these tracking systems is exactly what health officials need to see in order to continue with vaccination programs, as they only further prove what the trials already told them. These systems have also ensured healthcare officials already that the approved vaccines are not causing any dangerous or negative effects among large groups of people; meaning any negative symptom that has appeared so far has been due to the individuals personal immune response and isn’t an indication of a larger problem. 

As it currently stands more than 22 million Americans have received at least one of the two vaccine doses from either Pfizer or Moderna. Of those more than 70% reported pain, 33% fatigue, 30% headaches, 23% muscle pain, and about 11% chills, fever, swelling, or joint pain. The side effects were also the same among both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines, though people generally had a harder time recovering from the second dose than the first. 

According to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, “more than 9,000 people reported side effects after vaccination. The problems in slightly more than 1,000 of those reports were considered serious. The majority of complaints involved headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, chills, fever and pain.”

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One way that the CDC looks to see whether or not a vaccine is safe or not is to look at the number of individuals who have died within a few days of their vaccination, and compare it to the number of people expected to die over a given period of time. The reporting system showed 196 deaths after Covid-19 vaccinations, of those, 66% were residents of long-term care facilities; 1.3 million nursing home residents have been vaccinated within the past month. 

“In a group that large followed over that length of time, 11,440 people would be expected to die of all causes. That led the CDC to conclude the much lower number of nursing home deaths were not caused by vaccination,” according to Barbara Bardenheier of the Brown University School of Public Health. 

“Findings suggest that short-term mortality rates appear unrelated to vaccination for COVID-19 in skilled nursing facility residents,” according to a summary of the study’s results. The CDC is currently investigating whether or not individuals who have had Covid-19 in the past and have been vaccinated are more susceptible to an allergic response, however, no solid link has been found at this time.

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