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Texas And California Among States Reporting Single-Day Record Spikes In Covid-19 Cases, Again

Six states located in the Southern and Western parts of the US have reported one-day records for coronavirus deaths and new infections this past Tuesday. This is not the first time these states have beaten their own one-day records, as for the most part these states have been the ones reopening businesses and public gatherings, leading to a direct spike in cases. 

Texas recently passed 400,000 cases while California reported that Latinx individuals who are living in lower-income areas of the state are accounting for more than half of the cases. Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and Oregon were the other four states that beat their own single-day records for new cases and deaths; again, this is not the first time any of these states have surpassed their own previous records or overall records in the US for new case numbers/death rates. 

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This past Tuesday, the US experienced 1,300 Covid-19 related deaths, which is the biggest one-day increase since May. California specifically reported that 56% of all Covid-19 infections are found in Latinx individuals; they also account for 46% of the deaths. This is mainly due to the areas of the state that these individuals are living in and a major lack in resource distribution among the country. 

Florida reported 191 deaths within 24 hours on Tuesday and Texas added more than 6,000 new cases to their official numbers this Monday. Texas’ total number of infections is now 401,477 and counting; California, Florida, and New York are the only other states that have surpassed 400,000 cases, which makes sense considering those are the four most populated states in America. 

The debate over reopening schools in the fall has been a heated topic of discussion as September gets closer and closer. President Trump and members of his administration have been pushing for schools to reopen, while a majority of teachers, local officials, students, and parents agree that until there’s a vaccine, reopening schools is a bad idea. 

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Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers and recently spoke at the union’s virtual convention this past Tuesday to discuss how they’ll handle schools reopening in the fall if the administration goes through with their decision. 

“We will fight on all fronts for the safety of students and their educators. It’s the 11th hour; we need the resources now.” 

In Texas, the Texas Education Agency recently stated that they would deny funding to any school that delays in-person classes; a threat that a lot of schools around the country are experiencing. A decision that was surprising for Texans considering how badly they’re being impacted from the virus at the moment. 

Republican members of the US Senate also recently pushed back on a $1 trillion coronavirus relief proposal while Democratic members rejected a $3 trillion relief plan. Both sides claim that they didn’t want to spend trillions of dollars on a public health crisis, a decision that’s been heavily criticized considering the government just gave the Pentagon $738 billion for their 2020 budget.

While we continue to wait for updates from our government and healthcare professionals, it’s imperative that we all continue to listen to the health and safety guidelines that have been imposed within the past few months until this virus is no longer an issue.

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