China Gearing Up For Likely Covid-19 Surge As Travel For The Lunar New Year Begins

The Lunar New Year holidays, also referred to as the spring festival, officially begins on January 21st. Local media outlets have already been reporting massive spikes in Covid-related hospitalizations and deaths, along with supply and drug shortages to combat the spread.


Southwest Airlines States Normal Schedules To Resume After Eight Days Of Uncertainty

Southwest Airlines released a statement on Thursday stating that they’re set up to resume normal scheduling operations on Friday. This statement comes eight days after hundreds of thousands of passengers were delayed, stranded, and left uncertain regarding their luggage and ability to travel.


2022 Thanksgiving Travel Expected to Top Pre Pandemic Levels

Despite rising airfares due to inflation, many Americans are taking to the skies to spend the holidays with loved ones and celebrate the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. The number of travelers in just the few days leading up to this Thanksgiving has surpassed pre-pandemic levels.


The International Value Of The US Dollar Is Making Travel Cheaper For Americans

The US dollar has been moving upwards in value when compared to international currency, such as the Euro and British pound, which are typically much stronger than the US dollar, making travel much cheaper for Americans.


International And Domestic Air Travel Companies Coping With Staff Shortages During Busy Travel Season

A multitude of international and domestic airlines are struggling to keep up with recent travel demands as they cope with staff shortages, leading to thousands of delayed and canceled flights.


For Flyers, Double-Decker Seating Could Be The Next Travel Option

Designer Alejandro Núñez Vicente debuted his new airplane seat design at AIX 2022, intended for economy class. The seat’s concept allows passengers to stretch out their legs, an intriguing option for those that struggle to find comfort in typical seating aisles.

Uraiwan Srisuksai of Lemongrass Restaurant and Sake Bar

Thanks To Increased Travel And Tourists, Small Restaurants Are Seeing Their Pandemic Perseverance Rewarded | Uraiwan Srisuksai

With Covid-19 pandemic numbers on the downturn, travel has taken its spot on the top of many to-do lists. Those tourist booms can only be rewarding to eateries like Lemongrass Restaurant and Sake Bar, which — despite numerous challenges — has remained strong and prosperous.

With A Colorful New Look And Identity, Condor Airlines Reopens Routes To U.S.

Condor Airlines, which have caught the attention of the travel world due to it’s colorful rebranding, has announced the restoration of non-stop routes from the U.S., marking the first time this has happened since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Despite D.C. Tourism Drop During Pandemic, A Tour Guide’s Personal, Family-Oriented Business Still Thrives | Edward Davenport

Washington D.C., one of the most frequently-visited cities in the U.S., suffered heavily from the sudden stoppage of incoming tourists due to travel restrictions. The Capitol saw 22.8 million visitors in 2019, which dropped by 53% to just 11 million visitors in 2020.  For Edward “Eddie” Davenport, it challenged him to reinvent his touring company.

US To Ease Travel Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated International Visitors

Jeff Zients, White House Covid-19 response coordinator, said the new rules will take effect in November to give agencies and airlines enough time to prepare for the influx of travel that will likely come from these new standards.