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Companies with the Best Corporate Culture, According to Forbes

There are plenty of factors to consider when determining what makes for a good corporate culture, and it’s not as simple as it may seem to create an environment where workers are productive, satisfied, and motivated. As the Business Roundtable recently said that stakeholders, including employees and customers, should take precedence over shareholders, many business leaders are searching for ways to improve their companies’ cultures.

Fortunately, companies like Glassdoor have conducted research to determine the elements of a good corporate culture. In their study, Glassdoor found that there are three factors that strongly influence the quality of a company’s culture: the presence of a workplace where employees feel like they have a clear mission and social purpose; high-quality leaders who inspire and empathize with their employees; and clear opportunities for career advancement. In accordance with this research, Forbes conducted their yearly survey of the companies with the best corporate culture in 2019, giving its readers an insight into the most fulfilling companies to work for as well as providing leaders with references for improving the culture of their own businesses.

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In order to determine the top companies for corporate culture, Forbes looked at, a website where employees are invited to anonymously comment on various aspects of their workplace. Forbes included quotes from employees at the top 5 large companies, Microsoft, Zoom, ADP, Google, and Hubspot. Microsoft is well-known for having adopted a culture that encourages employees to pursue their passions and collaborate to solve problems, resulting in a high level of employee satisfaction. Google is also well-known for having a unique and fun employee culture; the employee quoted in the Forbes article cites their relationships with their coworkers as well as the number of opportunities available as a reason why the company makes the top 5 list yet again. Employees of Zoom, ADP, and Hubspot cite a good work-life balance, happy coworkers, and a belief in the company mission as reasons why they value their work environments.

Young workers in particular are more likely to be dissatisfied if they feel that their work does not contribute positively to society in some way

Forbes also took a look at the top 5 mid-small companies, whose employees had similar things to say about their jobs. An employee of Weave HQ said how much they love how the company makes employees feel comfortable and welcome, whereas a worker at HighSpot pointed to the employees’ excitement about their product. Employees at Greenhouse Software Inc. and Salesloft both highlight the spirit of collaboration in their workplaces, where employees are happy to work together to solve problems, hold each other accountable, and admit their mistakes.

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The author of the Forbes piece, Rachel Montanez, spoke with the CEO of Comparably, Jason Nazar, about the findings. Nazar pointed out that 2019 was one of the most competitive years he had seen, and this year’s list represents a more diverse set of companies than just the tech sector, which ranked prominently on prior years’ lists. He also stressed the importance of providing employees and job hunters with real opportunities for career growth, as doing so not only improves job satisfaction but prepares the leaders of the future to take on ever-more challenging and necessary roles.

Nazar argues that investing in company culture is a profitable move for companies in the long run, as it results in companies recruiting and keeping the best talent in their industries. A positive work culture, he says, includes good compensation and strong leadership, which motivates workers to do the best job they can. Young workers in particular are more likely to be dissatisfied if they feel that their work does not contribute positively to society in some way, increasing the risk of burn-out or leaving the job; as such, ensuring employees understand the value of their work pays off in the long run.