7 Apps Everyone Must Have On Their Smartphone

Smartphone purchases always seem to increase around the holiday season. Whether you’re getting your child their very first smartphone for having a great first semester at school, or maybe finally treating yourself to a much needed upgrade after a tough year, many are reaching for a new iPhone or Android device this year. Current smartphone users already know that there’s a multitude of standard apps one should download on their device to keep their lives balanced and organized, here’s a list of seven of the most popular ones available for all iPhone and Android models:

Pzizz: This app is the sleep-schedule assistant you didn’t know you needed. If you’re the type of person who may suffer from insomnia, and depend on taking a daily power nap to get through the day, this app is perfect for you. You can simply choose what type of sleep you want to achieve, quick nap, sleeping through the night, etc., and then the app will offer a ton of features, sounds, or passages that will help you relax and drift into a peaceful slumber. 

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LastPass: You’ve likely heard of this app or one that’s similar to it. When we’re setting up a new device of any kind, it can be so tedious to have to log back into our multiple social media, email, and streaming accounts. LastPass cuts out the middleman and stores all your passwords in one place for easy access. The app is also packed with security features to ensure that no one besides you has access to it. 

DropBox: One of the most popular apps and services on the market is Dropbox. Dropbox acted like the cloud before the cloud even existed by granting universal access to all of your documents, photos, files, etc. on any device that has access to the internet. You could go to a random library five miles from your house and log into Dropbox and automatically have access to whatever you decide to store on there!

Authy: Authy is another password-protection app that can also store downloadable documents, photos, files, emails, etc. The app uses two-factor authentication which is thought to be the “best way to protect yourself online.” The cyber security app guarantees to protect your information from any hackers or outside parties that you wouldn’t want having access to your information. 

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Freedome VPN: Speaking of cyber security, VPN services have grown in popularity a lot within the past few years. These services basically protect your internet connection to guarantee that outside platforms and individuals don’t have access to what you’re doing on your device. The app runs easily in the background while you use your phone to protect it from any and all data breaching. 

Speedtest: This app is more a necessity for tech-lovers and individuals who are on their devices/internet constantly for business reasons. Speedtest easily can test the strength of any WiFi connection and can help you better manage what services are using the internet in the background of your device and potentially slowing it down as a result. 

Tile: Finally, one of the most popular innovative apps that’s on the market right now is Tile. Users simply buy these small tiles on Amazon and then place them in anything that they tend to lose. You can place it within your luggage, laptop bag, wallet, and backpack. When you lose something you can simply go to the app on your phone and it will automatically show you exactly where that tile is located.