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Apple Is Thriving And It’s Not Just Because Of The New iPhone’s

Apple is one of the world’s biggest personal device companies and with good reason. Every year Apple releases the next generation of innovation within their slew of sleek devices, and smooth software systems. However, throughout the past few years Apple has been criticized by tech experts everywhere, claiming that they rely to much on their yearly iPhone upgrades to get them through sale periods. The claims have substantial evidence to back them, as the iPhone accounts for over half of Apple’s annual sales, according to CNN

The criticisms also came as a response to Apple’s overall sales taking a decline in the past, however, in the past few years the brand has been introducing more and more innovations to the tech world in an attempt to rebuild its image as more than just “the iPhone company,” and they’ve been successful. Air-pods are widely accepted as the new normal for headphone technology, so much so that companies such as Google, Amazon, Beats, etc. have all released their own wireless earbuds. Additionally, Apple has released a total of three generations of Airpods, all which have done amazingly sales wise. 

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Apple has also revolutionized the way people pay for things with their creation of Apple Pay. The app on everyone’s phone that allows you to attach your debit and credit cards digitally to your wallet account, so when you go to to pay at any retailer you can simply hold your phone over where you would normally insert your card and boom! You just bought a new shirt. 

Services such as Apple Pay are a huge part of the reason that Apple’s seen an increase in revenue. Apple Care for all Apple devices offers the best protection over any of your devices and ensures that if you have any sort of damage, internally or externally, done to your device you’ll be able to get it fixed at the cheapest price possible. Apple Music has also totally replaced iTunes and the iTunes Store. With this new subscription service, that’s reaching the same popularity level as other streaming services such as Spotify, Apple device users are able to access any and all music at any time from any device. According to CNN, quarterly sales from Apple’s services grew 18%, and their service division as a whole is now worth about $50 billion, not bad for a company only known for selling their phones. 

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Apple has also been one of the first major companies to take advantage of “wearable technology.” They revolutionized the smartwatch market with their Apple Watches. As previously stated, their Airpods are also one of the most popular wireless headphones on the market. CNN reported that all of Apple’s wearable technology has seen an increase in sales of 54%, growing their wearable division to the same size as their Mac division. 

Apple has also seen a major comeback in their iPad income. Tablets have seemed to take a backseat in the world of technology, as most companies, including Apple, have just been focusing on cell phones, or tech accessories like the Apple Watch. iPad sales reportedly have increased 17% this quarter (CNN). This most likely has to do with Apple releasing many different versions of the iPad, such as the mini and pro, all built with different software’s to ensure that anyone in the market for a new tablet can find the one best fit for them. 

A spokesperson for Apple recently discussed with CNN that while the company may be known to the greater public mainly for their iPhones, that doesn’t mean that every other aspect of their company isn’t thriving just as much. Additionally, their still beating out the competition. 

“Yes, there’s only so much Apple can do to improve the iPhone, and saturation of smartphones means Apple can no longer rely on iPhone sales to grow every quarter. But the big takeaway from Apple’s most recent quarter is all that talk about how Apple can’t innovate is a bunch of bologna.”