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10 Of The Best Smartphone Apps To Help Keep You Organized 

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve all had to adjust to a new life of working from home, attending classes, and organizing our lives to adjust to this new normal of at-home living. Apps like Zoom, Slack, and Discord have made collaboration and remote work possible, but what about when it comes to personal productivity and lifestyle goals? Below are some of the most popular apps that individuals are using at-home right now to better organize their lives: 

FamilyWall: This App is Android and iOS friendly and is perfect for keeping in touch with your large family. The app itself connects you with your family members and allows you to share your weekly schedules with one another so that you can better coordinate when to do certain chores, errands and other family activities. 

Focus: This app is available for all Apple devices and is known for assisting users in managing their time. It structures your day into 25-minute working blocks with other small task/break times. You can use the app to further track the tasks you’ve already done around the house for a given week. 

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Kitche: Kitche is a great app for smartphone users who are teaching themselves the art of frugal cooking and working with pantry ingredients to create something delicious. Users can simply scan their supermarket receipts so the app knows what ingredients you have available. The app will then help you plan a meal based on what’s in your cabinets and can even warn you when certain products are about to expire.

Slidebox: Slidebox is an app that will help assist photo hoarders better organize their phone’s photo albums so that unnecessary/unwanted images are no longer taking up storage on your device. It scans through your device for duplicate images and random screenshots and will then give you options to delete certain pictures while providing album organization ideas. 

Evernote: Evernote has been one of the most popular note apps on all Android and Apple devices for years now. Now, the app is completely upgraded and is one of the easiest note-taking apps to navigate and use in 2020. 

Cardhop: Cardhop is an app that assists users who are used to doing a lot of networking. This app works as a second contact storage list for your phone, and lets users write down specific notes and attachments to certain contacts in their phones to make some more easily recognizable. 

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Smart Receipts: Smart Receipts is the best app for compiling your receipts digitally for the year so that when it’s time to file for your tax returns/need your tax information for employment purposes you’ll have it all in one place. The data from the receipts is collected and compiled into various spreadsheets that can be formatted to be exported across multiple devices. 

Any.Do: This app has been reviewed as the “swiss army knife of productivity apps” due to its part calendar, part to-do list format. The app uses smart features for syncing up with other apps on your device to make your life as easy and organized as possible. 

GoHenry: GoHenry is the app made for parents with kids who now have their own bank accounts. This app allows parents to easily manage and monitor their kids finances so that they can add or remove funds with the click of a button. This way if your child was out and needed some money quickly for a train ticket or what not, parents can easily send them the funds in less than a minute. 

Otter: Otter is an excellent tool for workers who either talk to themselves a lot, are involved in a lot of meetings, are responsible for transcribing, etc. The voice-recording app helps users transcribe the memos they take to make it easy for them to search through in the future.