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Outdoor Projects To Liven Up Your Yard This Summer

Being stuck at home, many individuals have found themselves finally checking off every home project they’ve had on their lists for months now. Beyond that, many are beginning to get creative in the ways they decide to renovate and redo their living spaces. Now that we’re in the middle of summer with not a lot of places to go, many are looking to their own outdoor spaces to create an environment of summer fun during a global pandemic. So what are some fun projects you can do yourself this summer from home?

One of the most timeless ways to keep children entertained outdoors is chalk. Beyond just drawing in the driveway, creating an actual board/wall for your kids to draw on while standing up can be even more engaging. If your outdoor space has a blank wall space, consider painting over it with some chalkboard paint to make “drawing on the walls” an afternoon activity as opposed to a punishable offense. 

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Repurposing old things into new decorative pieces is one of the most creative projects you can do for your space. For example, turn old wine bottles into makeshift tiki torches by adding some scented oil and a wick down the bottle. Using citronella oil specifically will also help keep mosquitoes away. 

Repurposing an old bookshelf or dresser can be used as a vertical pallet garden for hanging plants. Stain the furniture to match your outdoor space and buy plants with long leaves/vines that will droop down and overlap one another to give your yard a real jungle feel. 

Older bookshelves and dressers can also be used for their intended purpose in an outdoor setting as well. This is another great yard addition if you have kids and not a large garage space. Buy a set of cheap plastic bins that can easily slide onto the shelves and store whatever outdoor toys or tools you may need!

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If you wanted to get a little creative with the way your specific address number is displayed in your front yard, consider making some customizable flower buckets. Steel buckets are the best material to use for painting your numbers directly onto the buckets. If your address is “453”, make a bucket for each number, however, if you have a single digit address, make a bucket for the house number and street name. For example, if your address was 5 Main Street, you could have a bucket for 5, main, and street. 

Mason jars are one of the most popular items to use for sprucing up a space because there’s so many possibilities! One of the most popular being filling them with twinkly lights at night to give the illusion of fairy dust jars. You could put any sort of battery operated light inside of the jars to give an ethereal glow to any area. Some like to buy multi-colored T-candle lights to put inside of them for random pops of color throughout their yard, and others attach rope to the top so they can hang the lights all throughout. 

Have an old outdoor rug that’s in good condition but just isn’t your style anymore? Change it up! Instead of buying a whole new rug, which can be extremely expensive, buy some fabric safe paint, painters tape, and create your own geometric design by taping off random lines and making shapes. Make sure to do this either in a garage or on a very sunny day to ensure your rug has enough time to dry. Wait until the next day, peel the tape, and boom! You have a whole new statement piece at the center of your whole space.