Thursday Morning Election Update: Final States Counting Their Ballots, Biden Still Leading In Electoral Votes

(9:13 a.m.) Two days after Election Day 2020 and ballots are still being counted in 6 key states that could give either presidential candidate a path to the White House. Joe Biden is currently leading in electoral votes with 253, while Trump has received 213. 

As of this morning, the race for the White House is still too close to call. Georgia, Nevada, and some officials from Arizona’s Maricopa County, the biggest in Arizona, all are expected to deliver press conferences today with news of their ballot counts. Georgia’s Secretary of State will be holding a conference at 10:30 a.m. ET.

Clark County, Nevada, which is where Las Vegas is located, is expected to deliver an update at Noon ET; the county has the largest number of votes in Nevada, Biden currently holds the lead in the state by 8,000 votes. Officials in Maricopa County are expected to deliver a conference at 9 p.m. ET, and tweeted that they had 275,000 ballots remaining overnight. 

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Democrats went to bed on Election Night with a bad feeling in their stomach but have been cautiously optimistic throughout the past two days as more and more absentee ballots began being counted and Biden’s numbers began to rise. However, both presidential candidates could still snag the presidency depending on how each state leans. Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are the main ones that party operatives have been paying the closest attention to. 

As previously mentioned Biden currently holds a lead in Arizona and Nevada, but the margins are narrow. Experts, however, still aren’t sure if those margins are narrow enough to give Trump all the votes he needs to pass Biden. 

Most of this “cautious optimism” comes from Pennsylvania, a state that initially looked like it would be going right to Trump on Election Day, but now has experts unsure. 10% of the votes in Pennsylvania are yet to be counted within three suburban counties in Southeast Pennsylvania that are typically known to vote blue. 

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In Philadelphia alone, there are around 140,000 ballots remaining to be counted, and thousands of other mail-in votes from areas around the city also being counted still. “I know there is enough out there in the state as long as those trends continue, I believe personally, a margin that will carry Pennsylvania for the Vice President,” said Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

Georgia, like Arizona and Nevada, has been continuously getting closer and closer in terms of who’s leading. As of 9:40 a.m. ET this morning Trump holds a 20,000 vote lead with around 50,000 votes left to be counted, according to spokesperson for the Secretary of State Walter Jones. For democrats, they’ll have to look at Fulton and Dekalb counties which are still being counted as those also traditionally vote blue. 

If one thing is certain, every vote will be meticulously counted as we enter day three of election “purgatory” if you will. Joe Biden tweeted this morning that “Every vote must be counted” with a short video showing a slew of diverse individuals who voted.