Electoral College

Electoral College To Make President-Elect Joe Biden’s 2020 Victory Official 

The Electoral College is all set to vote this Monday and make President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election against Donald Trump official. Electors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia will meet to cast their ballots and confirm Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States and California Senator Kamala Harris as the Vice President. 

Early attempts from Trump, his administration, and Republican lawmakers attempted to produce allegations and evidence in key swing states that a majority of the votes were fraudulent and Trump had actually won his reelection. The Supreme Court has since delivered several rebukes which found no evidence to any of these claims, and multiple state courts also refused to even see the cases because of how baseless the allegations were. 

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After the ballots are counted and cast by the end of the day Biden will likely have well over the 270 votes needed to officially win the presidency. Once the ballots are counted they’re transported to Washington D.C. where they will then be tallied by Congress on January 6th. 

Once the votes are officially cast, Biden plans to deliver a speech on prime time television about the resilience of US democracy in an effort to unite a nation that has been so ideologically divided within the past four years. Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana recently spoke on CNN’s State of the Union and claimed that “obviously, Biden is the President-elect. He has the 270 Electoral College Votes.” 

Since the election, Trump and his team have made a multitude of false claims that he won landslides in states that Biden won by thousands of votes, as well as tweets that simply claimed he won the presidency. Almost every tweet from Trump has a large warning on the bottom that states the information given in his tweets are false and don’t reflect the actual results of the 2020 election.

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Meanwhile, while the current president and his administration have spent the last month trying to reverse the results of the election, thousands of Americans have continued to die from Covid-19, and hundreds of thousands of new cases are appearing every day thanks to the complete lack of federal policy. The first Covid-19 vaccine has been officially approved for distribution in America, however, if strict lockdown measures, along with all other health and safety procedures, aren’t strictly implemented, case numbers and deaths will continue to rise exponentially.  

Beyond the pandemic, Trump’s consistent claims that the current President-elect won by illegal ballots and procedure is only further dividing the country. Never in the history of US elections has there ever been such a blatant and public effort from the current standing president to try to reverse the results of an election without any actual evidence whatsoever. His supporters see these constant claims that the American political system is “corrupt” and thus take to the streets in violent outrage. 

Members of the far-right Proud Boys group recently made headlines after violently clashing with an anti-Trump demonstration that up until that point had remained peaceful. Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander spoke with the media recently about how he hopes after Monday’s Electoral results that Trump will put the country first and really begin the peaceful transition of power: “We need to not lose one day in the transition in getting the vaccine out.”