Why Real Estate Shoppers Are Investing In Uruguay During The Pandemic 

With the current state of the world in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, many real estate shoppers are looking for properties to invest in that promote social distancing. Meaning spaces that aren’t in densely-packed districts and more so on large plots of land that isolate one from more crowded areas. 

Uruguay is a South American nation with 3.5 million residents. While Uruguay isn’t exactly close for investors living anywhere but South America, it checks a lot of the boxes that investors are looking for currently. One of the biggest luxury real estate trends of 2020 amid the pandemic is individuals looking for properties that allow them to live in close contact with nature with wide-open surroundings. For foreign buyers especially, these types of properties seem like the most secure investment to make. 

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Uruguay has also been an extremely popular location for Brazilian and Argentinian investors within the past few years, and North American/European investors have begun investing in the country more and more throughout the past year as well. The country offers a wide variety of properties such as beachfront apartments, ranch houses, country estates, and private communities all at a cheaper price when compared to major metropolitan areas in the world. 

The country is also known for being economically, socially, and politically stable, and welcomes all real estate investors to be a part of Uruguay’s vast culture. One of the most popular property options includes residential ranch lot developments that are perfectly placed near beaches, natural forests and more. 

One example of these residential developments includes Las Carcavas, which features two dozen ranch lots that are 2.5 acres each. These lots have space for up to 16 bungalows and range in price from $580,000 to $3 million when translated to US currency. The lot also includes ready-to-move-in bungalows that are priced at $1 million. 

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These spaces in particular, and many other lots just like it in the country, spread across 128 acres of land that are within close walking distance to exclusive beachfronts. There’s a wide-array of amenities included with the purchasing of these properties such as membership to a lagoon beach club, natural grass tennis court access, grill areas, fire pits, swimming pools, etc. 

Fernanda Prece is the commercial director for Las Carvas and recently spoke with Forbes magazine about sustainability trends in real estate that Uruguay has especially put a major focus on in their properties. 

“Sustainability and environmental impact are two concepts getting more attention nowadays, generating lots of interest from investors.”

Prece went on to explain her properties, along with others like it throughout the country, have established architectural guidelines to preserve the natural landscapes when building the ranches. Uruguay overall has a real estate market that is constantly growing and staying “on trend” in terms of what clients generally want; especially foreign investors. Sustainability being integrated into luxury private spaces that are distanced from the rest of the world is exactly what investors are looking at during a pandemic, hence the extreme increase in popularity.