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Great Pandemic Gear To Improve Your Stay At Home Lifestyle This Winter 

As we all continue to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic into the winter season, many of us are trying to prepare for the next few months of cold weather and total isolation. Considering we’ve been enduring this pandemic for nine months, many of us have already found ways to occupy all the newfound free time we have. Here are some of the most popular “pandemic supplies” that individuals throughout the country are buying in preparation for the next phase of this pandemic: 

HEPA Air Purifier: HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and is also the quality many individuals look for in the face masks they buy to ensure they are receiving the greatest amount of protection and ventilation possible. These kinds of air purifiers have become very popular throughout the pandemic as they invisibly cleanse the air of any pollutants that we may not see (Covid-19). While an air purifier alone won’t stop the spread of the coronavirus, it will greatly improve the quality of the air in your home and decrease the likelihood that any foreign bodies are remaining in the air you’re breathing. 

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Indoor Garden: As the weather really cools down many individuals with green thumbs are opting to create an indoor garden as a project to keep the summer vibes alive. Companies like Aero Garden or Rise Gardens make it easy for you to start your own indoor garden. You simply buy one, or however many you want, of their bookcase freestanding style garden boxes and begin planting. Rise Gardens specifically makes it easy for beginners by providing a supporting app that one could download on their smartphone and monitor the progression of their garden. 

Auto Starter/Power Supply: Powerful, portable, and effective are the three words used to describe the Zeus Auto Starter. Auto starters and power supplies of any kind are a necessity especially for those of us living in parts of the country that are prone to cold weather that can cause our cars to need an extra jump every once in a while. The Zeus model is one of the most popular on the market due to its long-lasting charges (which can reportedly last for months), easy-to-use indicators, and flashlight capability which helps provide full accuracy. 

Fire Pit: Just because the weather is getting colder that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our backyard outdoor social distance gatherings. Investing in a small fire pit can keep all the barbecue, outdoor grilling, patio party vibes alive into the winter months. The best part is now there are a multitude of smaller fire pits on the market that allow for yards of almost any size to get a lot cozier in the winter months. 

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Indoor BBQ Grill: If you don’t have a yard space of any kind, but also want to keep the summer backyard barbecue vibes alive in the winter months, a nice and easy solution is investing in an indoor barbecue grill. While this may not be anywhere close to the actual experience of grilling on the back patio on a warm July afternoon, it’s pretty close. Many models include detachable pieces to make the clean up even easier as well. 

Wine Storage: For those of you who like to indulge in a glass of wine on a cold winter evening as the snow gently falls outside, isn’t it high time you get a storage system that will properly keep all your favorite beverages. Wine fridges or cabinets not only keep beverages of any kind perfectly cool, but they also add a sleek and modern design element to any space. If you’re not someone who likes to drink alcohol, buying a beverage fridge and displaying your favorite soft drink has also been a huge interior design trend in terms of adding a personal, and symmetrical, touch to your space. 

Sterilizer: We’ve all become all too familiar with using antibacterial/alcohol wipes, sprays, and sanitizers to keep ourselves, and the many surfaces throughout our homes that are touched constantly, clean. While current evidence shows that it’s unnecessary for us to wipe down every grocery or package we receive, it’s still important to make sure we’re wiping down the other areas in our home, even if it is just for our peace of mind. Electric/UV LED disinfection devices have grown a lot in popularity due to their simplicity and lack of chemicals. Using things like UV flashlights or boxes, individuals can quickly disinfect utensils, glassware, cellphones, towels, water bottles, and more!