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Pet Safe Flowers To Brighten Up Your Garden This Summer 

As the summer quickly approaches, many of us are gearing up to beautify our gardens and homes with flowers. For those of us with pets, it’s important to know which flowers are safe to have around the house in case our furry friends decide to do what animals do best and eat something they shouldn’t. 

To ensure all the flowers you buy are non-toxic to your pets, it’s recommended to buy individual bouquets rather than the ones that are pre-assembled. Pre-made bouquets don’t normally have every flower in them listed when you purchase, so it can be hard to tell if everything is safe. 

Like most plants, if ingested, flowers can cause your dog or cat to have an upset stomach, so it’s important to know the least harmful ones you should be reaching for at the garden store. 

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Roses are a classic and safe option for both dogs and cats. Fallen petals that can be accidentally ingested by your pet won’t make them extremely sick, and they come in a wide variety of colors to brighten up any space. If your roses have thorns, try placing them in the least accessible place possible.

Gerber Daisies are some of the most popular flowers among pet-owners as they are both beautiful and safe to have around. Make sure that when you buy these flowers you’re purchasing Gerber Daisies specifically, as other flowers within the daisy family, like chrysanthemums or mums, can be toxic to pets. 

Sunflowers are a classic and safe option for summertime. If the petals or seeds are ingested by a dog or cat, it’s likely that they will experience mild stomach discomfort, but they won’t have any serious health issues. 

It’s vitally important to note that if you notice your pet has a habit of eating plants and/or flowers that you stop them immediately and try to reconfigure your space to give them little to no access to the flowers themselves. 

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Orchids are another beautiful option that pet owners can feel confident about having in their home. Like most flowers on this list, if your pet ingests a petal or leaf they’ll likely experience an upset stomach, but they’re non-toxic overall. 

Freesias are a tall and funnel-shaped flower, which makes it even harder for pets to reach if they’re in a vase. They are, however, lemon scented, which could be tempting for any furry friend. These flowers are non-toxic to dogs and cats though, so an upset stomach will be the biggest concern if they do ingest any part of the flower. 

Beyond the safe flowers, it’s important to know of the ones that you should absolutely never have around a dog or cat, as they’re toxic if ingested. 

These toxic flowers include lilies, mums, tulips, azaleas, daffodils, foxgloves, hydrangea, baby’s breath, peonias, iris’, lavender, and eucalyptus. To be absolutely safe, always do your research before bringing any sort of plant or flower into the home.

Home Gym

Easy ‘Five-Minute’ Home Improvement Projects To Brighten Up Your Space 

As we all continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are trying to figure out how we’re going to occupy our time during the next few months as temperatures drop, and socially distanced outdoor gatherings become obsolete. Many are turning to home improvement projects to not only give them something to do in their spare time, but also finally check some of the boxes off their growing to-do lists. Here are some easy home improvement project ideas that anyone can do:

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Decorate Your Walls With Frames: Framing personal photos and artwork can draw the eye to certain walls within your space, and are perfect accent pieces to really tie a space together and make it personal. Even if you just want to hang artwork on your walls, pick some pieces that not only match the rest of your design aesthetic, but also speak to your personality. You’re going to be looking at your walls everyday, so you want something to be on them that’ll make you feel good. Consider buying seasonal art as well to freshen up your space every few months. 

Create A Makeshift Gym: This is a great idea for fitness lovers everywhere, as well as those with young children who have a lot of energy to spare. Making your own home gym doesn’t have to break the bank either. If you have a spare room or area in your house, consider investing in some rubber mats and simple dumbbells to start, and then work your way to buying more equipment that you think will fit into your daily fitness routine.

Hang Up Some New Shelving: Just like hanging artwork or photographs on a wall can make a space more personal shelving can do the same. Shelves don’t just have to be used for placing your random tchotchkes, instead, consider adding a plant vase to heighten up your walls and ceilings by bringing the eye up. Candles, figurines, and frames themselves are also great for adding height and pops of color around your room. 

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A Bird Bath Fountain: Even though winter is approaching, for some parts of the world the weather stays warm year round. Bird feeders and bird baths are great ways of inviting the natural world to your property. Take a step further and get a fountain attachment that will make any bird bath come to life, and give your yard a secret garden type of vibe. 

Coat and Mask Hooks: If you’re tired of your family members throwing their coats and masks wherever they please when they get home, consider either investing in a coat rack, or hang up some simple command hooks right next to the front door for easy access. To make it feel like an even more cohesive storage space for your clothing, add a simple ground level shelf/rack to place your shoes. This is also beneficial in the winter months to prevent snow and mud from being tracked into your home. 

Lighting: Lamps of all kinds are amazing accent pieces for any space in your home. For dining rooms, consider getting a high-quality floor lamp that matches the same design aesthetic of that space. For rooms that are more prone to having side tables (living rooms, bedrooms, offices) simple table lamps can fill the empty space and warm up any room. Be conscious with the designs of the lamps you get as well, like artwork, lamps can be viewed as those perfect design touches that really tie a space together.