Take A Virtual Vacation To Aruba While Quarantined

A tropical vacation to Aruba sounds perfect right about now. Thanks to the coronavirus, many of us won’t be traveling anytime soon, however, technology is allowing people all over the world to travel wherever they want without leaving their beds. Aruba is just one of many countries that is offering a multitude of virtual tourism attractions to keep everyone stuck at home a little more relaxed as we wait to be released from quarantine.

The Aruba Tourism Authority has created a number of ways for everyone to enjoy the culture and beauty of the island from the comfort of their own homes. On the official Aruba YouTube Page, a video titled “30 Minutes of Happiness from One Happy Island” is currently being viewed by thousands of individuals around the world as a way to relax and unwind.

This half-hour video brings the tranquility of Aruba’s white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters right into your living room. Relaxing nature sounds play in the background as scenic drone shots of vast beach landscapes and colorful tropical rainforests paint your screen. The video was designed to give off the same effects as ASMR videos, which are created with the intent to relax anyone who views them.

Aruba’s Tourism Authority has also uploaded virtual tours of some of the island’s most popular tourist attractions to their Facebook page. One of their more popular examples is a video where a local Aruban Shanti guides you through one of Aruba’s magical Butterfly farms that contains some of the world’s most rare species of butterfly.

To continue on with the theme of relaxation that the “30 minutes of Happiness” video is exuding, the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino has created an “Island Vibes” playlist on Spotify for users who want to listen to the sounds of vacationing on a tropical island while they send out their emails for the day.

Tired of eating pasta and chicken every day? Now, you can enjoy the fresh and delicious cuisine that comes from Aruba in your own home! The Aruba Tourism Authority has uploaded multiple food and cocktail recipes to their Instagram account. Their most popular post would be an at-home recipe for making pastechi, which is basically just a stuffed pastry that’s widely popular in Aruba.

Beyond that, the Divi and Tamarijn All Inclusive Resort in Aruba has uploaded the staple cocktail recipes for the drinks you would find at any resort on your vacation to the island. If you don’t drink alcohol, the resort has also provided a few mocktail recipes, so you can still feel your tropical vacation fantasy.

Finally, since the world is celebrating Earth Day this week, the Aruba Tourism Authority has uploaded a special video tour of the island of Dushi Tera. Within the video, you’ll hear an inspiring message delivered by 17 native Aruban voices, all between the ages of 9 and 90. The video not only emphasizes the beauty of the island and its natural resources, but also leaves viewers with a positive promise to future travelers, stating that the island will open its arms again soon, once it’s safe again, and it looks forward to seeing all of you very soon.