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What You Need To Work On The Go

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s easier than ever to replicate many of the functions of the office on the go. Technological advancements mean that most, if not all of the tasks that knowledge workers engage in on a daily basis can be performed remotely, as high-speed internet becomes increasingly widespread and innovations in mobile computing enable greater productivity. If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that allows you to work remotely, or if you’re self-employed, you’ll need the right tools to help you get the job done. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of transitioning to mobile work is choosing the technology that’s most useful to you when on the go without breaking the bank. As such, this article offers several recommendations for the traveling employee.

An essential part of maintaining productivity, of course, is staying organized. This can be difficult when traveling, particularly when your job requires you to bring several different pieces of technology with you. As such, investing in a bespoke electronics organization system is essential. Depending on your budget, several options are available; if you’re not afraid to splurge, the Stow First-Class Leather Tech Set, which costs $545, enables a luxurious travel experience. For more budget-conscious consumers, the Brooklyn Tech Envelope offers similar functionality and style and is currently on sale for $89.99, and the bare-bones BAGSMART Electronic Organizer gets the job done while maintaining a suitably professional appearance for $23.99. All three of these bags are custom-built to carry your technology, taking much of the headache out of planning your work trips.

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Once you accumulate a certain number of mobile devices, keeping all of their batteries charged can quickly become a nightmare, as charging solutions for different products are often mutually incompatible. What’s worse, different countries use different electrical systems, often forcing consumers to purchase power adapters specific to the local they’re visiting. Thankfully, plenty of universal power adapters exist to alleviate the hassle. For $39.99, the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter enables compatibility with different types of outlets from around the world, featuring multiple USB ports to charge seven devices simultaneously. If you want to save some money, SLMASK’s Travel Adapter is half the price and offers similar functionality, though it can only charge five devices at once. For a nominal up-front cost, both of these options eliminate the hassle of managing several different charging systems for each of your devices.

Though smartphones and tablets have made substantial progress in incorporating productivity features, laptops are still the best way to get any serious work done on the go, as their built-in physical keyboards and precision input capabilities enable more complex interactions with computers. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, plenty of impressive and budget-friendly options have recently hit the market. While it’s not the cheapest option available, the $1,099 MacBook Air features a gorgeous design, brilliant display, and powerful specifications of the machine are of particular interest to people who depend upon MacOS-exclusive applications like Final Cut Pro for their work. If you can get away with using little more than a web browser, though, the comparatively inexpensive Google Pixelbook Go and Acer Chromebook 15, retailing for $650 and $350 respectively, present worthy alternatives. 

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If you’re someone who relies on making VoIP or video calls to coordinate with your colleagues, a quality portable audio system is valuable. Wireless headphones are becoming all the rage as of late, and higher-end models include microphones and noise-cancelling features, a bonus for frequent fliers for reducing annoying cabin noise. Over-ear wireless headphones offer superior battery life to wireless earbuds, and often offer superior audio quality as well. A good budget product offering these features is the TaoTronics TT-BH22 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. If you’re willing to spend more money for improved sound quality and premium design and materials, the Bose Headphones 700 for $399 and Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones for $349 offer a superior listening experience.

Your tech travel preparations wouldn’t be complete without an anti-theft backpack. Fortunately, several tech-friendly options exist on the market, such as the $199 Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack Charger, which features a solar panel to charge an internal battery which can power your devices. Cheaper options include the minimalistic Travelon Anti-theft Urban Incognito Backpack for $79.22 and the Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack for $31.99.

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How To Travel With Just A Backpack

Travelling can be one of the most rewarding experiences a human being can go through. Exploring the vast and changing world and seeing a life lived by many, but foreign to you, is enlightening. However, in order to properly travel, you need to get through the physical travelling part of it. Whether it be by car, plane, train, or bus, getting to your destination can be half the battle, especially if you’re like most individuals and struggle with packing. 

Packing for any sort of trip can be difficult, but it’s especially hard when you’re going to a place you’ve never been to before. You have to account for weather, what activities you’re planning on doing, places you’ll go, environmental conditions, etc. there’s just a lot to plan for. Even if you pack light and think you can fit everything into your personal bag and carry-on, the airport can still hit you with that pink tag indicating you need to check your bag due to overcrowding. Packing light is often the best way to travel, and really engulf yourself in your surroundings, so try to only pack a personal bag. You read that right, just pack the one single bag that can fit under your chair. It may seem impossible, but with some helpful tips, tools, sacrifices and space manipulation, anything is possible. 

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The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you have the right type of bag. According to Outside Online Magazine the best option for single-bag travelling is a backpack. A backpack will ensure that you have the most space, and is easier to hold than something like a purse or messenger bag. Backpacks often have many inner pockets that are perfect for making sure your smaller personal items are safe and secure and not loosely being knocked around. Look for something on the larger side and in a hiking category. While you may not be planning on taking any hikes during your travels, although if you are having a backpack is another perk, backpacks that are equipped for hiking normally have the most space and compartments to hold everything you need. Amazon and Target definitely have cheap options, especially if your shopping after all those “Back to school” promotions, however, don’t be afraid to spend more money for better quality. If this bag is going to follow you all throughout your future travels and potentially be your only travel bag, you want it to be good quality. 

Just because you have one big bag to accompany you on your travels, that doesn’t mean smaller bags are out of the question. Laptop holders and tech pouches are great safe options to guarantee your devices won’t be scuffed or damaged while inside of your bag. These bags can also hold any important travel documents, or any other important papers, which would also ensure that all your valuables are in the same place within your bag, and you won’t need to dig to find them. Additionally, a small make up bag for toiletries will help keep each compartment in your bag organized. Go on Amazon, or out to a local drug store, and pick up travel size containers for your shampoo, soap, moisturizing needs. You can purchase multi-packs of mini squeeze bottles online that are perfect for saving space and travelling with all your bathroom needs. Remember, you want to pack light, so if you’re going to stay somewhere that you know will have things like soap, towels, toothpaste, etc. then leave it at home, less is more!

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Now for the fun part, clothing. While it may seem impossible to fit an entire trips worth of clothing into a backpack, it is, if you’re willing to make it work. First of all, make sure the outfit you’re wearing on the day of your travels have pieces that you can get a lot of use out of. Wear a nice and standard jacket that you can use and rework to fit any occasion. A bomber or flannel could work, even a jean jacket could do the job. Make sure your pants are also just as versatile, and are also comfortable enough to leisure in for hours at a time. Versatility is key here, keep it generic with shirts and bring a spare or two only. Underwear is small enough that it can fit in those small compartments throughout your backpack, the same goes for socks. If you have access to a laundry machine, you really only need two outfits, the one you wear the day of, and an extra. This was you’ll always have one full outfit while the others being cleaned.

For optimal storage, roll your clothing instead of folding, the minimal surface area and cylinder shape will allow the clothes to fit together within the bag much easier. Place the clothing at the bottom of the bag first so you get the most important pieces packed. From this point on you can work with everything else you have to pack like pieces of a puzzle to make it all fit. While traveling with one single bag may not seem ideal, it will ensure that your trip is about one thing and one thing only, the experience. Chances are you’ll be able to buy more clothing and a duffel bag wherever you’re going to anyway, so don’t sweat it and focus on the journey.


The Best Budget-Friendly Travel Gear

Preparing for travel opportunities can seem like a prohibitively expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Savvy travelers have an abundance of resources at their disposal for limiting the cost of their journey, most notably on the Internet, where one can find heavily discounted and high-quality travel equipment like backpacks, luggage, and more.

For instance, the Venture Pal Lightweight Hiking Backpack, available on Amazon for $20.99, features an average customer rating of 4.4/5 stars and is celebrated for its spacious interior, durability, and portability. The backpack weighs less than a pound and can be folded into just a fraction of its size for convenience during transport and storage. While the backpack is marketed towards those who would use it while hiking, its large storage capacity and strong materials make it suitable for all sorts of travel, as the backpack can serve as a replacement for traditional luggage. What’s more, the backpack features a total of six separate compartments, making it easy to organize your things, and the nylon, elastic, and mesh material is both comfortable and water-resistant.

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One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to minimize the number of things you travel with, making the most of what you choose to bring with you. As such, you can save money and space by investing in multi-functional products. One such example is a multi-purpose travel towel, such as the Youphoria Outdoors Microfiber Travel Towel, available on Amazon for $9.99 – $19.99, depending on size, and available in a variety of colors. Like many travel towels, this towel is made of microfibers that can absorb more water than traditional towels and dry quickly, making them ideal for travel. Additionally, these towels come with a convenient carry bag for easy transportation, and can be used on the beach or on picnics, as it is designed to wick sand and debris. The towels can be used in the gym as well, making them a perfect companion for workouts during your travels.

One of the most important considerations while packing is your choice of clothing. While it is easy and convenient to pack your normal clothing, it may be a good idea to invest in clothing that is specifically meant for travel, as these clothes tend to be more compact and easy to clean. When travelling, it’s generally best to keep your wardrobe choices simple, as this not only reduces weight when packing but also allows you to mix and match your clothing items during your trip. It’s probably a good idea to avoid clothing made out of cotton, as this material tends to take a long time to dry, and will wick heat away from the body when wet. Instead, it’s often best to go for clothes made of wool, as wool is moisture-wicking and breathable, keeping you comfortable in both cold and hot weather. Brands like Merino Wool and Aviator manufacture clothes that are specifically designed for travel, featuring durable, lightweight, and stylish materials.

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Many of us like to take pictures during our travels, and thanks to advancements in technology, smartphone cameras can take photographs matching the quality of dedicated point-and-shoot devices. However, the handheld nature of smartphones means that photos can often come out blurry. As such, a cheap smartphone tripod can make for an excellent addition to your travel gear. Not only will a portable tripod allow you to produce images free of camera shake, but it will also allow you more flexibility in framing your shots and enable a longer shutter speed, improving the quality of pictures taken in poor lighting conditions. Portable tripods are also useful for self-portraits, as it may be unwise to hand your smartphone to a stranger to take a picture of you and the people you travel with. As it’s important to stay organized while travelling, it’s a good idea to pack a set of travel organizer cubes, which help you to separate and categorize your items for your trip.

When preparing to travel, it can be easy to over-pack, as you may include things in your luggage in the off-chance you may need them, which accumulate rapidly. As such, perhaps the most important consideration when packing is making sure you only bring what’s absolutely essential. By making informed choices about your travel gear, you can save both money and space by choosing products that are multifunctional and specifically designed for travel.