Homeschooling Daughter

Tips For Homeschooling Your Child During A Pandemic

Working parents who are now adjusting to life at home, and having to wear many career hats at once throughout the day, are struggling to find a daily balance for all of it. One of the biggest struggles that many parents are experiencing amid the Covid-19 pandemic, besides trying to keep their entire family safe and healthy, is learning how to best home-school their child. 

Luckily, teachers and parents around the world who were already homeschooling their children are offering up their advice to all new parents who are learning what it means to be an academic educator, businessperson, parent, and doctor all at once. One of the biggest pieces of advice offered so far is to take a step back and create a schedule for yourself. 

Waking up everyday and taking on your daily tasks as they get thrown at you can get very overwhelming, very quickly. One moment you’re responding to emails and the next you have to help your son with his math homework and your daughter with her science project and cook dinner, disinfect your mail, etc. Take a moment to find a sense of direction and schedule out a general daily routine. It’ll be easier to make effective and clear-headed decisions throughout the day if you have a clear cut schedule for yourself and your kids. 

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Schedule out specific times for each meal that will occur around the same time everyday. For your kids, doing this with lunch will help keep them on a “school schedule” from home so that they know they have a specific amount of time in the morning and afternoon to get their daily work done. 

Along those same lines, schedule out weekly duties for yourself, and your kids in relation to the work you all need to get done. At the beginning of every week, map out what homework needs to be completed, projects worked on, Zoom calls listened to, etc. Afterwards, you can look at your general daily routines, as mentioned above, and write in when each task should be accomplished on which given day throughout the week. As you’re doing this, teach your kids that this should now become second nature so that they begin writing their own schedules at the beginning of each week. This will not only help your kids practice proper organizational/time-management habits, but it’s also one less thing for you to have to do. 

“For older kids, I found letting them create their own schedule was key to empowering them to feel they had control of their education. When my child failed to meet his own goal, I just kept asking ‘what do you think needs to happen to make it work?’ After weeks of dialing in on what works and what doesn’t work, he created his own schedule, and it made him feel in control and confident,” says homeschooling mom Victoria Lazar-Breault. 

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It can be very easy to get lazy when it comes to cooking or meal preparation during a pandemic. I think we all have already caught ourselves half-way through a family size bag of chips while binge-watching yet another reality TV show, however, it’s important to break those unhealthy habits. To make it a little easier on yourself, involve the kids in the process. When kids cook or prepare their meals with you, they’re acquiring cooking skills, learning how to do things for themselves, and are less likely to not want to eat their fruits and vegetables, because they were the ones who helped prepare it!

Finally, remember that you’re not alone in this! I guarantee every parent that you see online right now that seems like they have it all completely together and organized, are actually experiencing the opposite. As mentioned before, there’s countless online resources and advice from experts on how to deal with this specific homeschooling pandemic transition/situation. 

You should never feel like you’re not doing enough or aren’t equipped enough to handle this responsibility because the fact is no one was prepared for this so no one is equipped. We’re all doing our best, keeping ourselves healthy, and trying to avoid eating mac and cheese for the third day in a row, so cut yourself some slack.